Tomohisa Yamashita – Star of Japanese drama “In Hand” releases opening theme song single CHANGE!

08.May.2019 | MUSIC

The opening theme song single for TBS Friday drama In Hand, which stars Tomohisa Yamashita, will be released on Wednesday 19th June. The new single CHANGE perfectly connects to the previous theme song, which was released five years ago.

A statement by Tomohisa Yamashita

I invite you to listen to my passion and the words of my heart and to keep faith without slowing down the momentum of the world. I believe that the song “CHANGE” has the potential to change the future for the better. I wrote this song to portray the heart and voice of the main character. I wholeheartedly composed this song with the hope that it will trigger aspiration in others. Please listen to the opening theme song CHANGE and enjoy the drama In Hand.


Yamashita’s live tour TOMOHISA YAMASHITA LIVE TOUR 2018 UNLEASHED –FEEL THE LOVE-  which was held on Wednesday 22nd May was a grand success, entertaining approximately 130,000 people. Now, you can purchase the live video of this concert to relive the moment. Yamashita is up to something new every day! We recommend you keep an eye on his work!