Tokyo Disney Resort® Launches Disney SPORTS Clothing Line

10.May.2019 | FASHION

Tokyo Disney Resort® launched their new Disney SPORTS line on May 10, a collection of 17 original sports items and 8 produced in collaboration with adidas.


Each item in the original collection bears the official Disney SPORTS logo together with a silhouette of Mickey Mouse running. There are other Mickey Mouse pictograms too including a Mickey-shaped stopwatch, Mickey playing track and field, and more. All the designs are simple and sporty.


T-Shirt (110cm) ¥3,300 / (130cm) ¥3,600 / (S, M, L) ¥3,900 Each

The t-shirt has the Disney SPORTS logo on the front. It’s made from 100% polyester and feels soft on the skin. There is no tab on the back of the neck; instead, the size and other information is printed on to ensure that there is no rubbing on the skin when exercising. The t-shirts come in kids and adult sizes so can be enjoyed by families.


The 26.2 printed on the arm is the number of miles (42.195km) in a full marathon. “Smiling until you reach your goal” is the message Disney want to get across with this t-shirt.

Body bag ¥2,900 / Boston Bag ¥4,800 / Drink Bottle ¥1,600

The Boston bag is large and so is perfect for taking to the gym. The body bag is big enough to fit a 500ml bottle in so is ideal for walking, mountain climbing or when going to play in the park. There’s also a soft cap you can wear for running marathons, and a towel that cuts UV light and can cool you down when soaked in water and wrapped around you. This makes it perfect not just for working out but for going to the beach too.

Multi Bag <adidas> (Blue/Black/Red): ¥1,800 Each

adidas previously collaborated with Tokyo Disney Resort to celebrate their 35th anniversary by releasing a range of special items. They are teaming up with Tokyo Disney Resort once more to release 7 different items with Cinderella’s castle on them including a t-shirt, half pants, rucksack, cap, multi bag and more―all great for both sports and daily use.


Tokyo Disney Resort are also selling chocolate serial bars for pre/post workouts or as a light snack and other items too. Head to one of the stores listed below to see the full range and enjoy getting fit and healthy this summer!


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