SILENT SIREN Release Live Video Performance For ‘Koi no Esper’

16.May.2019 | MUSIC

SILENT SIREN released their 6th and last album of the Heisei Era 31313 on May 13, 2019. The band just posted a live video for the song Koi no Esper taken from the album. The video features footage from various concerts across the band’s ongoing “31313” tour.

During the performances we see vocalist and guitarist Suu calling out “Stop!” as part of the song during which the crowd is to freeze as if time has stopped. When the band starts time again, fans burst forth once more with their pent-up excitement.

All tickets on the tour are sold out. Due to demand, an additional date was added at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo which is scheduled for June 10. Before the tour ends, SILENT SIREN are also set to go head to head against Poppin’Party to win over the crowd with a performance of NO GIRL NO CRY this week at MetLife Dome on May 18 and 19.