Female Japanese rock band BAND-MAID announce America tour!

16.May.2019 | MUSIC

Female Japanese rock band BAND-MAID have announced their world tour that will take place at four locations in three countries. On top of that, they have just published the news that they will be travelling all over North America in late September for their America tour!!


Just recently, the band announced their collaboration with Live Nation; the worldwide event promotion company known for having worked with Madonna and Lady Gaga. Following this announcement, the band have already snapped up the opportunity to kick off a live tour in America!

BAND-MAID have finalised their plans for their tours in Japan and overseas and their participation in a rock festival. The girls’ theme for 2019 is turbulence, and to get fans to really get in the mood, they have been unveiling their thrilling entertainment plans for the year one after the other.  


There’s no end to BAND-MAID’s energy and passion. Make sure to give the girls all your attention because you can’t miss what they have in store for you!