Taiwanese Cheese Tea Shop machi machi to Open New Branch in Laforet Harajuku

19.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Taiwan-based cheese tea specialists machi machi are set to open their very first Japanese branch in Laforet Harajuku on June 26, 2019.

machi machi’s cheese tea has been described as “godlike” in the Taiwanese news. Each cup of this frothy tea is carefully crafted one by one, containing a mix of delicious Taiwanese tea and rich and salty cream cheese. The tea chain even opened a branch this spring in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

In the run up to the grand opening of their first Japanese store, machi machi will first open a pop-up shop in Jiyūgaoka on May 22. It will have neon signs and stylish wall art.

Iron Buddha Oolong Cheese Tea: ¥480 (Before Tax)

The Iron Buddha tea contains refreshing Taiwanese oolong tea topped with a rich cheese cap. The tea has a full-bodied flavour but its aftertaste is sweet. The smell is sweet with honey notes throughout. This is machi machi’s best tea to go with cheese.


Wildberry Cheese Tea: ¥680 (Before Tax)

This frozen tea is a mix of berry and jasmine teas topped with rich and soft cream cheese.


Strawberry Milk Panna Cotta: ¥630 (Before Tax)

A mix of strawberry milk and panna cotta is poured into a cute bottle to create an Instagrammable two-layered beverage.


From May 22 to 25, if you follow the new branch on Instagram you can get 50% off all drinks sold at the pop-up shop.