Concert Review: SILENT SIREN & Poppin’Party Perform Live at Seibu Dome

20.May.2019 | MUSIC

SILENT SIREN, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, performed alongside Poppin’Party in a battle of the bands style concert titled NO GIRL NO CRY which was held at Seibu Dome in Saitama on May 18 and May 19.

An army of 30,000 fans gathered at the venue across both days for his historical show. In addition to the two main acts, Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN performed as opening acts for each day respectively.

An enormous stage was set up inside the dome which was equipped with fireworks, CO2 and other thrill-inducing devices. At one point, part of the glowing stage moved and flew around the room above the crowd’s head.

Both SILENT SIREN and Poppin’Party each performed 10 songs on both days. SILENT SIREN’s set list included numbers such as Fujiyama DiscoTenkaippin’s Theme, and the lead song track Koi no Esper from their latest album 31313. Poppin’Party’s list featured songs such as Kizuna Music♪, Tear Drops and their newest single Dreamers Go!.

At the end of the first night the two bands went on stage together to perform Cherry Bom while on the second day they wrapped up with NO GIRL NO CRY, a song the two acts collaborated on for this event. They also announced that this co-written track will receive a CD release.


The CD will include the title song as well as each band’s own version of the song. It will be coupled with a DVD featuring the title song’s music video as well as a special interview with both bands.

The two-day event ended in huge success with a very happy Sai Sai Family and Band Dreamers (the names given to each bands’ fan base).

SILENT SIREN are currently on tour to promote their 6th album 31313. All tickets on the tour are sold out. Due to demand, an additional date was added at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo which is scheduled for June 10.


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  • SILENT SIREN Drop Second Teaser For 31313 Tour DVD and Blu-ray

    18.October.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN just released a new teaser for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of their performance at Zepp DiverCity on June 9, 2019 which was part of their “31313 Tour.” The final two shows of the tour took place at the venue on June 9 and 10 respectively. The tour was held in promotion of their latest album 31313 which was released on March 13, 2019.


    The title of the album is a reference this as well as “SILENT SIREN Day” which is also on March 13 and Heisei 31 (aka the year 2018), the final year of the Heisei era in Japan.


    Check out the new teaser trailer below.

    The DVD and Blu-ray feature the full concert set as well as a collection of commercials featuring the members for their merchandise which played before the show started, and dance covers of their song Koi no Esper submitted by fans. It also features the band’s first ever performance of NO GIRL NO CRY (SILENT SIREN ver.)―made in collaboration with Poppin’Party―which took place the following day on June 10, a show which was added due to high demand.

    The release will drop in four editions, including two fan club editions and two limited editions.


    The fan club editions are coupled with a CD containing the live audio from the June 9 show as well as a visual commentary from the members, a 68-page book, and one of four possible A2 posters chosen randomly.

  • Concert Review: SILENT SIREN Wrap Up Their ‘31313’ Album Tour

    12.June.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN just wrapped up the final two shows of their Japan tour at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on June 9 and 10 respectively. The tour was held in promotion of their latest album 31313. The title of the album is a reference to both “SILENT SIREN Day” which is on March 13 and Heisei 31 (aka the year 2018), the final year of the Heisei era in Japan.

    The first night of the two-day Tokyo finales saw a giant curtain draped across the stage onto which visuals were projected. Once these visuals had finished showing, the venue was lit up in a gorgeous pink colour―a colour associated with SILENT SIREN―and out stepped the band members to a room of screaming fans. They began with a string of 4 upbeat songs: Mujuuryoku Dance, Go Way!merry-go-round and 19 summer note..

    Vocalist and guitarist Suu prefaced the band’s performance of Tenkaippin’s Theme with: “How are we doing, Tokyo tour finale? Let’s not waste even a minute or a second and have an amazing time!”


    After some MC from the members the show approached its middle section. Sai Sai performed several tracks from 31313 including LetterREBORN and Cream Soda. For Kawakanai Namida Suu provided her gentle voice to the sound of her acoustic guitar.

    “Today is the day of rock! Let’s head into the final part!” announces Suu. In the latter half of the concert, the band pull out live classics such as Fujiyama Disco and Hachigatsu no Yoru. They bring the tension back up with the final track of the main set: Koi no Esper, the lead track of 31313. The crowd sing along with the chorus and join in with shouting “Stop!” at the end of the track just as the instruments stop all of a sudden too.


    “We’ve put psychic abilities on the venue. We don’t want this to end just yet so I’d like to turn back time!” As Suu said this, the band performed the first track of the night once more: Mujuuryoku Dance.

    For the encore Sai Sai performed the 31313 bonus track Happy Song For You. DUring this they also surprised fans whose birthdays it was by writing their names on a whiteboard. The final track to wrap up the show was Cherry Bomb. At the end, the band announced that this show will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the future.

    For the second Tokyo show, the band performed a completely different set list from any other on the tour up to then. During Koi no Esper, the final track of the main set, Suu announced that she was going to turn everyone into animals using her psychic powers, which led to the other members and the crowd imitating gestures of different animals. She then said she was going to summon a lion, and sure enough, Japanese comedian Ōnishi Lion stepped onto stage.

    For the encore of the second night Sai Sai performed NO GIRL NO CRY, the theme song written for their concert with Poppin’Party held at MetLife Dome in May, before wrapping up with Cherry Bomb. At the end of this concert the band announced that their annual special New Year’s concert will be held at Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on December 30. Full details will be announced later in the year.


    Photography: Hajime Kamiiisaka
  • SILENT SIREN’s Annual Music Event ‘SAISAIFES’ to be Held on September 14

    22.May.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN performed alongside Poppin’Party at MetLife Dome over the weekend in a battle of the bands style concert titled NO GIRL NO CRY. Now, the band have announced that SAISAIFES 2019 will take place on at Shikiba Studio Coast on September 14.

    As the four-piece Japanese pop-rock band enter their 10th anniversary this year, this will also mark the 6th run of Sai Sai Fes.

    The annual music event is planned, organised and overseen by SILENT SIREN themselves. They are currently recruiting the guest acts they most want to join them this year. The first two artists announced so far are rock bands Frederic and Polkadot Stingray.

    The event’s official website is now up along with its key visual. It has also been announced that this year’s festival will include auditions to perform on the sub stage. Everyone is free to sign up regardless of age, music genre, and whether you’re a pro or amateur.

    More information on the event will be announced in the future.


    SILENT SIREN are currently on tour to promote their 6th album 31313. All tickets on the tour are sold out. Due to demand, an additional date was added at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo which is scheduled for June 10.

  • SILENT SIREN Release Live Video Performance For ‘Koi no Esper’

    16.May.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN released their 6th and last album of the Heisei Era 31313 on May 13, 2019. The band just posted a live video for the song Koi no Esper taken from the album. The video features footage from various concerts across the band’s ongoing “31313” tour.

    During the performances we see vocalist and guitarist Suu calling out “Stop!” as part of the song during which the crowd is to freeze as if time has stopped. When the band starts time again, fans burst forth once more with their pent-up excitement.

    All tickets on the tour are sold out. Due to demand, an additional date was added at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo which is scheduled for June 10. Before the tour ends, SILENT SIREN are also set to go head to head against Poppin’Party to win over the crowd with a performance of NO GIRL NO CRY this week at MetLife Dome on May 18 and 19.

  • Sai Sai Jaran Jaran #7: SILENT SIREN’s Yukarun Has Her First Afternoon Tea at Ginza’s ‘THE GRAND LOUNGE’

    13.May.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    Sai Sai Jaran Jaran is a featured series here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON from the members of the all-female band SILEN SIREN (aka Sai Sai) who visit various hot spots in Japan and experience different things, the Sai Sai way.


    Band keyboardist Yukarun has always wanted to try having afternoon tea. To make her dream come true, she took a visit to THE GRAND LOUNGE in Ginza.

    THE GRAND LOUNGE is a multipurpose lounge for adults located on the 13th floor of THE GRAND GINZA in GINZA SIX.

    Normally in restaurants afternoon tea is often reserved just for the afternoon but at THE GRAND LOUNGE you can enjoy it any time.

    *The afternoon tea set shown above is for 2 people.

    The afternoon tea set here costs ¥4,200 (before tax and service charge). It comes with 7 hors d’oeuvres, 7 sweets, strawberry mille-feuille, and a teapot with free black tea refills. Strawberries are the running theme until June, so the desserts and hors d’oeuvres are made using plenty of Japanese “tochiotome” strawberries. It’s a big tea set so can be enjoyed by couples or big eaters.

    Yukarun is very pleased with the afternoon tea set so much so that she must take a photo beforehand! There are so many strawberries sweets. “I feel happy just looking at this assortment♡” she says.

    The drinks in the set are made by San Francisco-based high tea brand Mighty Leaf. There are 11 types to choose from―9 hot and 2 iced―all of which Mighty Leaf have ensured are organic with only the best herbs chosen.

    You choose your favourite by smelling the fragrant aromas of each bottle. The one most popular with Yukarun was the “White Orchard.” White tea and green tea are used as the base in this drink which are blended with melon and peach fragrance. The fact you get free refills makes it a favourable service.

    Time to tuck in!

    The tasty line-up will have you wondering where to even begin eating from.

    It’s not just the sweets that are piled with strawberries but the light appetisers too. These appetisers include foie gras, salmon and more―all extravagant delectables.

    “Delicious!” says a satisfied Yukarun as she takes her first bite from the bottom row appetisers.

    The variety of sweets is diverse, from jelly to tarts, mousse and beyond. “The sweets come in cute mini sizes! And they’re all super delicious!” comments Yukarun.

    “The tea I chose is really tasty too! I don’t think I’ve ever had tea this good before!”

    Then it was time for the crowning jewel of the afternoon tea set: the strawberry mille-feuille. It is a recreation of the legendary mille-feuille sold at Maxim’s de Paris, a much-loved French restaurant in Ginza that closed in 2015. This sandwich-like dessert takes crunchy pie and stuffs fat strawberries and custard cream between them. It’s a popular dessert ordered by itself too. The version of it that comes with the afternoon tea is half-sized.

    “So good! This is true happiness♡” says Yukarun who is clearly enjoying herself. The mille-feuille can also be ordered for takeout.

    How was your first ever afternoon tea experience, Yukarun?


    “It felt elegant and sophisticated being in a place like this. There are lots of bite-sized appetisers and sweets so it’s fun to try them one by one. It’s fun thinking about where to eat from too, and I was really glad you get to choose your own tea. I definitely want to come here again in my own time! I want to dress up and come with my girlfriends.”

    The items that come with the afternoon teas at THE GRAND LOUNGE change with each season, and right now it’s all about strawberries. Head to THE GRAND LOUNGE yourself and treat yourself and others to a luxurious afternoon tea―at any time of the day.


    Model: Yukako Kurosaka(SILENT SIREN)

    Photographer: Haruka Yamamoto

    Writer: Sayoko Ishii

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga



    SILENT SIREN is a four-member all-female band consisting of vocalist & guitarist Sumire “Suu” Yoshida, drummer Hinako “Hinanchu” Umemura, bassist Aina “Ainyan” Yamauchi, keyboardist Yukako “Yukarun” Kurosaka. The band were founded in 2010 by Umemura and Yoshida who are former models. In 2015, they performed their first solo concert at Nippon Budokan, making them the fastest Japanese all-female band in history to perform there after their major debut. Their new album 31313 is now on sale. The band are currently on their “31313” tour in support of the album. An additional date was added to the tour which will take place on June 10 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo.


    Check their official website for the latest details:

  • SILENT SIREN Release Teaser Video for New Album ‘31313’

    10.March.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN have released a video teasing each song from their upcoming album 31313 set to hit shelves on March 13.

    March 13 is known as “SILENT SIREN Day” amongst fans and is also the birthday of drummer Hinanchu. The album even comes one year and three months since their last studio album GIRLS POWER. That’s a lot of coincidental 1’s and 3’s!


    The 13-track album features songs such as Koi no Esper which already received an early digital release, their singles from last year 19 summer note. and Go Way!, their popular track Tenkaippin no Theme which has become a staple festival song, Letter which was written together with fellow musician Hirose Hirose who provided MC and keyboard to the song, Mujuuryou Kadansu which the band performed for the first time at their New Year’s solo show, REBORN which was used as the ending theme for the Japanese film Ra, and more.

    Amazon Bonus Sticker Sample

    TSUTAYA Bonus Poster Sample

    When bought at certain chains the album comes coupled with various bonuses, such as a sticker from Amazon and a poster from TSUTAYA.

  • Lead song “Koi no Esper” from SILENT SIREN’s 6th album “31313” music video release + advanced streaming!

    19.February.2019 | MUSIC

    “Koi no Esper” is the main song on SILENT SIREN’s  6th album “31313 (Sai sai san)”. The album was released on Wednesday 13th March 2019. Koi no Esper is now being streamed on major streaming services and you can also preorder the song on iTunes! If you reserve the album “31313” on iTunes, you can download “Koi no Esper” without delay! Koi no Esper is a killer song which is perfect as the album’s main song because of its strong soprano melody. You can really feel the explosive emotion of the Sai sai characters in this song.


    Along with the advanced streaming release, they have released a music video short version for “Koi no Esper”. The music video pays its respects to anime and variety shows from the 90s by incorporating this theme. CG is used freely to create a psychedelic world of chaos. Agitation wells up within their fanbase as they are forced to wait for the release of the full video.


    SILENT SIREN ー “Koi no Esper” MUSIC VIDEO(Short ver.)

    There is also an album chain that fans can purchase separately. The main album chain includes a poster with a unique photo poster of the girls performing live (size A2), as well as the opportunity to get a specially designed sticker before anyone else can. Fans who order the chain will receive a postcard which advertises a lottery to take part in the meet and greet service the girls will offer at the end of each performance as part of their live tour in March called “SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2019 “31313” 〜 Sai Sai Kessei 10 Nen Datte yo 〜 supported by Tenkaippin”. (The meet and greet will take place at the performance venue and 10 lucky winners will be chosen per venue.) From here on out, the girls will continue to release new albums, tours and release promotion events.

    The album 31313 marks the last “Sai sai day” of the Heisei period of Japan. The album is christened with surprising content, including the birthday of leader Hinanchu (drums) and much more special content about all the band members.


    Besides “Koi no Esper”, the album also includes “19 summer note” and “Go Way!” which were released last year, and the theme song for ramen shop “Tenkaippin”, which they always perform at festivals! As well as these recent songs, there is also the song “Letter”, which was offered to the band by Hirosehirose (MC, keyboard) from the band “Friends”, who are close friends with SILENT SIREN Sai Sai members. The song “Mujyuryoku dance”, which is traditionally performed at concerts held at the end of the year, and the song “Attack”, which is a powerful song the band wrote for the Hokutonoken 35th Anniversary Album “Densho”, are also included on the album. There are 8 new songs. Including the bonus tracks, there are a total of 13 songs on the album.

  • Sai Sai Jaran Jaran #6: SILENT SIREN’s Hinanchu has her fill of Indonesian food in Tokyo

    15.February.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Sai Sai Jaran Jaran is a featured series here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON from the members of the all-female band SILEN SIREN (aka Sai Sai) who visit various hot spots in Japan and experience different things, the Sai Sai way.


    For the long-awaited 6th entry we take a trip with band leader Hinanchu. She lived in Indonesia for 10 years from the age of 5 to 15. She fancied a bite of nostalgia so she hit up an Indonesian restaurant in Tokyo. Indonesian cuisine isn’t a familiar taste to the people of Japan, but it seems like there are a lot of delicious options.


    Hinanchu visits “cabe” in Meguro for a bite of nostalgic Indonesian food

    The first place we visit is “cabe” in Meguro. The Indonesian Embassy is close by this restaurant. Over half the customers that dine there are from Indonesia. The restaurant is considerate of Islamic law and so provides authentic Indonesian cuisine that uses absolutely no pork or pig-derived ingredients. The head chef is a Javanese woman who has expert skills in creating major Indonesia dishes as well as food seldom handled in Japan.

    Hinanchu begins by ordering one Sate Ayam (¥220) and Fried Tempeh (¥500). Sate is famous dish from Indonesia of skewered meat. When made with chicken it’s called “sate ayam.” Tempeh is made from soy and used in place of meat for various dishes, making it popular with vegetarians and those on a macrobiotic diet.

    “Tempeh is a food that was always at street food stands. I used to eat it a lot as a snack when I was small! It’s a nostalgic flavour! It’s sort of like natto, but it doesn’t have a smell. It’s easy to eat.”

    The Soto Ayam (¥730) is a chicken soup made with vermicelli. It’s like Japanese miso soup and can be found in all regions of Indonesia. It has a turmeric colour and looks like curry soup but it’s chicken flavoured. It’s said that Sapporo soup curry took a hint from this dish.

    Mie Bakso (¥800) is an Indonesia meatball soup with noodles. cabe handmakes all of its meatballs so one of its characteristics is how large the meatballs are.

    “This is what I’ve been wanting to eat forever! I’m moved that I’m able to eat proper Indonesian food for the first time after coming back to Japan! The other [band] members love Indonesian food too so I want to come again with everyone.”

    The restaurant is spacious and comfortable. They also sell Indonesian ingredients and goods there too. You can try a lot of different flavours on the menu so we recommend visiting here if you’ve never tried Indonesian cuisine before.


    Merah Putih Cafe in Shin-Ōkubo

    Hinanchu’s next stop is Merah Putih Cafe in Shin-Ōkubo. It’s located inside a multi-purpose building that’s filled with a multicultural exotic mood that will have you wondering whether you’re still in Japan.


    The restaurant serves food from Padang, the capital of Indonesia’s West Sumatra province. This region is famous for its food which is distinct for its spices.

    The first dish Hinanchu picks is an assortment of Padang style food “Nasi Padang” (¥1,280). The assortment changes each day. On this day it came with fried omelette, fried chicken with coconut, salad and rice.

    “The chicken is spicy. It was delicious. I lived in Jakarta so it was refreshing trying Padang style food!”

    This restaurant has a lot of regulars including tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other East Asian countries. The people of Indonesia love rice so the restaurant serves it with spicy food, fried food and other types that go well with it. We recommend this place if you’re looking for an authentic taste.

    Having visited two Indonesian restaurants in Tokyo, Hinanchu made the following comment: “Since coming back to Japan I’ve been wanting to eat Indonesian food, but there’s a lot of restaurants here that serve Southeast Asian cuisine. I’m happy I was able to enjoy authentic meals today. I was sucked into the nostalgia, it was like being back over there.”


    Hinanchu also spoke Indonesian with the staff who were also from Indonesia and took a photo!


    Indonesian cuisine isn’t a familiar taste to the people of Japan, but there are many delicious things to choose from. If you’re in Japan why not try it for yourself?

  • SILENT SIREN celebrates last Sai Sai day with new album release!

    07.January.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN’s tradition of a year-end one-man-live took place on Sunday 30th December. The special live performance of 2018 was called “Heisei Saigo Dayo! Saifami Zenin Shugo!!” (Last performance of the Heisei period – calling together all fans!!” The live entertained more than 5,000 SILENT SIREN fans, who the girls refer to as “family”.

    As the opening of the show came to an end, the girls appeared on stage accompanied by 30 dancers. Their opening number was “BANG!BANG!BANG!” followed by “Go Way!” and “merry-go-round”.

    Halfway through the performance, all 5,000 fans took part in their special quiz that was based on a questionnaire they conducted earlier during the “Sai Sai Corner”, where the band members play games on stage in between performances.


    Band bassist Ainyan was the designated tour leader this time. She turned to the audience and said:

    “As a unit, next year will be our 10th anniversary. This year, we changed our record label, met some new faces and parted ways with others. However, all these feelings are not going to waste. These kinds of events will probably continue in the future, but one thing that will never change is that we will always stand together on stage as SILENT SIREN. Please continue to support us!”

    They ended the show with a stream of uptempo hits, such as “19 summer note.”, “Starmine”, “DanceMusiQ”,  and “What show is it?” This setlist wrapped up the girls’ original 2018 story.

    For the encore, the large screen bore the words “Important Announcement!” Followed by “13th March 2019 – NEW ALBUM RELEASE!” The album was revealed to be called “31313 Saisaisan”. This day marked the very last “Saisaisan” day of the year and the release of their 6th album, and with that, they celebrated the day’s highlights with a performance of one of the new tracks on the new album – “Mujuryoku Dance” (Zero-gravity dance).

    It has been one year and three months since the release of their last album. This album comes in three varieties – the first-run limited edition, standard edition and fan club edition. They have a total of 12 songs, including singles such as “19 summer note” and “Go Way!”, and eight more new songs such as “Mujuryoku Dance”. The first-run limited edition DVD contains the music videos for “19 summer note”, the promotion song for Tenkaippin ramen, and “Go Way!” amongst other music videos and “the making of” videos too! The fan club limited edition version comes with an original booklet and a limited edition product- namely, the “Saisai original Rucksack”.

    There will also be a live tour themed around the 31313 album called “SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2019 “31313” 〜 Sai Sai Kessei 10 Nen Datte yo 〜 supported by Tenkaippin”. This is scheduled to kick off on national holiday Thursday 21st March. The girls will be travelling throughout 15 regions of Japan and performing at 19 venues. 

    Don’t look away for a moment! SILENT SIREN will be continuing their sai sai action into 2019!

  • SILENT SIREN Members Release First-Ever Photo Book

    17.December.2018 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN released their first ever photo book Shashinshuu SILENT SIREN on December 14. The book features photographs of the members taken by Seiichi Uozumi. It made headlines when information about it was announced and has already shot up to No. 1 on Amazon in Japan.

    The book include individuals off-shots of the members as well as photos taken as a band from live shows.

    This project began in 2017 to showcase both sides of the members as individuals and as the all-female band SILENT SIREN. Fans can look forward to seeing live cuts from their performance at their 2017 Ōmisoka countdown event, their solo show at Shibuya for the new year, live cuts from their biggest tour to date―the “Girls will be Bears” tour―which saw them play 33 concerts across Japan, backstage photos and more.


    Uozumi took tens of thousands photos but only a carefully selected line-up has been picked for the book.


    SILENT SIREN will hold a talk show and signing session at HMV&BOOKS in Shibuya on December 23 to promote the release, so don’t miss out.

  • SILENT SIREN Release Original Shinkalion CD Cover for New Single ‘Go Way!’

    08.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN have released a teaser video for their upcoming new single Go Way! which is set for release on November 14, the same date as the band’s debut back in 2012 when they released their first single Sweet Pop!

    The song is being used as the ending theme for the ongoing TV anime series Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion. It features a punk rock beat atop a catchy melody with lyrics that paint a picture of the series.


    Sai Sai are known for releasing singles with coupled with several songs, and this time is no exception. As well as the title track the new record also feature Cream Soda, a song which has a sense of melancholy behind the cute title, and Melty, a perfect winter tune for the coming season. All three tracks can be heard in the teaser trailer below.

    A CD cover for first press versions of the single’s anime edition has also been unveiled featuring an original illustration of the four band members who have been transformed into anime characters and placed into the world of Shinkalion. This special cover can also be used as a sticker.

  • Sai Sai Jaran Jaran #5: SILENT SIREN’s Suu Makes Her Own Candles at ‘Candle Studio’ in Daikanyama

    05.November.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Sai Sai Jaran Jaran is a featured series here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON from the members of the all-female band SILEN SIREN (aka Sai Sai) who visit various hot spots in Japan and experience different things, the Sai Sai way.


    Today we follow the band’s vocalist – Suu! Suu is a huge candle lover and says that she has a lot of candles in her home. She’s always wanted to try candle-making, so she’s taken this opportunity to challenge herself to the task!

    Suu visited Candle Studio in Daikanyama and participated in a one-time candle-making lesson. You get to make one complete candle to take home.

    Candle Studio is an all-out candle-making school, offering everything from one-off lessons for beginners to a JCA-recognised candle craft course, candle artist course and instructor course. The location is visited by newcomers and pros alike.

    The one-time lesson Suu took cost ¥4,000. With that, you get to pick from a botanical candle and aroma wax sachet. You can either make 2 of the same type or 1 each. You get to pick different coloured and fragranced dried flowers to make your own personal candle. Suu was given special permission to make 2 of each.

    After putting on her apron it was time to get creating. “I’m nervous whether I’ll do it well or not but I’ll try my best!” said Suu.

    First up, the botanical candles. You start by picking the candle’s base colour. Suu went for blue and orange candles.

    After putting the candles in the silicone mould, you pick the flowers you want and fit them into the gap around the candle. They have a whole range of decorations prepared including dried flowers, preserved flowers, paper berries and so on. Choosing what to go in there is all part of the fun!

    Use pin sets while cutting the flowers of your choice with scissors and place them in. Arrange them around the outside of the flower with the sides you want to show. If you use thin flowers they will look transparent when you light the candle, so keep this in mind when choosing your flowers. The secret to success however is to not think about it too much and just go all in.

    Once you’ve placed all the flowers you want, pick a scent of your choice from the samples provided. Suu went with cranberry and rose.

    Melt the wax to 65℃-70℃ and add one spoon of your chosen fragrance.

    Heat the scented wax once more and pour into the silicon mould.

    After releasing the air from the center of the candle, arrange any flowers that have floated to the top and set aside to harden.

    Next on the list is to make the sachets. Like before, pick out a base colour from the colour samples provided. Suu chose a white base this time.

    Transparent wax is mixed in with the white colourant. To make the colour a little creamier mix in just a tiny bit of vanilla colourant before adding the fragrance. Suu picked plumeria and mango.

    Next is to position the dried flowers. With the sachets, you will add dried flowers on top after pouring the wax into the mould. So think about how you want them arranged first by positioning them in the mould first.

    Once you know what you want, add the wax into the mould.

    Once the wax has cooled slightly and skin has formed on the surface, arrange your dried flowers. Suu styled hers like a bouquet.

    She then added dried flowers and fruits to the other one. Now all that’s left is to wait!

    While Suu was making the sachet, the first candle she started on had hardened. She removes it by pushing it up out of the silicone mould.

    After curling the wick into a beautiful shape it’s complete!

    The sachet was ready now too so Suu removed it from the mould.

    Suu adds an eyelet and chooses a ribbon of her choice to complete the sachet.

    Her botanical candles and aroma wax sachets are complete!


    “It was a little hard as it was my first time, but I was able to fully concentrate. It was so much fun! The time that went by making them was very therapeutic. You can make all sorts of other candles too, so I want to come back ASAP!” explained Suu as she booked her next class right there and then. The class was a big success and Suu left super satisfied.

    Candle Studio Daikanyama are now holding classes to make snow dome and Ornament sachets for the Christmas season. It costs ¥5,000 to make one snow dome candle and three sachets with Christmas designs. They cater to all beginners too, so if you’re interested you can feel at ease if you visit. Try it yourself.