Official Final Fantasy XIV-Themed Weddings Now Available in Japan

25.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME

In the hugely popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, players are able to participate in a marriage system called the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding in which they can get married in game. But Square Enix are about to take it to the next level as they team up with Bridal Heart to offer real-life, official FFXIV-themed weddings.


Registrations for the wedding plan opened on May 22 in which people can look forward to professional wedding photography, gourmet cuisine, decorations and much more.

A giant 4K screen will project immersive visuals of the gorgeous world of XIV, sounds and music will play to make it feel like you are in the game, a performance LED lights will be carried out by guests. The venue it is held at has been completely redeveloped and redesigned for the purpose of Final Fantasy XIV weddings.

The banquet table will be adorned with an original wedding cake and Eternal Chocobo, music will chime, and there will be weapons carefully and elaborately recreated from the game. The immersive atmosphere is sure to make your wedding an emotional and memorable one.

Of course, we mustn’t forget the gourmet menu line-up which is a mix of both Japanese and Western-style cuisine. It includes a full course as well as drinks, cakes, and more.


This is the kind of wedding any fan of Final Fantasy XIV is going to want to have.


  • FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Exclusive Tokyo Skytree Video Now Streaming On YouTube

    22.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    To celebrate the launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Tokyo Skytree launched an event titled “SKYTREE® in MIDGAR FINAL FANTASY Ⅶ REMAKE.” However, due to the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the event and tower had to close on March 1, 2020.

    But Tokyo Skytree still wants people to enjoy the event in some way, and so they have decided on something super special that is sure to please fans. Originally, there was an original FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE video created exclusively for Tokyo Skytree which was being shown up in the tower’s TEMBO DECK, 350 meters in the air. It’s called FINAL FANTASY VII PREMIUM ROUND THEATER, and you can now watch it over on Tokyo Skytree’s official YouTube channel. It’s available to watch until June 1, 2020 at 11:00 (JST).


    Have you played FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE yet? Be sure to check out this exclusive content before you have to travel to Tokyo to see it!


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  • Junpaku no Mori Night Museum: Japan’s Wedding Facilities Turned Into Pure White Forests

    26.May.2019 | SPOT

    Japanese wedding company NOVARESE Inc. is set to open 19 of its marriage ceremony facilities as museums for a limited time this year. The theme of this art event is “Pure White Forest” and will showcasing tree-inspired objet d’art, candles and more, and projection mapping will also be used.


    This event will run from June 7, 2019 to February 20, 2020 and will roll out from different dates at each venue. Venues in Chiba, Atsugi, Kyoto, Ashiya, Gifu and Aomori will open on Friday June 7 and will be open until Saturday June 8. Entry is free and there are no age restrictions.

    To create the Pure White Forest, the banquet table of each main venue will give way to 14 huge white trees decorated in glitter and hanging decorations. Tables and the floor will be lined with white lace reminiscent of leaves and flowers. The walls and ceilings will transport guests into a wonderful white world using projection mapping. Flower-shaped interior lights will also be dotted around  with white LED lights to brighten the room. Once the doors open, you are transported into the dazzling world of the Pure White Forest.

    150 enchanting floating candles of various sizes will bob by the wedding aisle of the chapel.

    There will also be a 1.94m x 1.3m tall white canvas where a living painting session will be carried out. Expect to take lots of photos too at the “Flower Walls” that adorn each venue as well as herbariums made from dried flowers and preserved in glass bottles.

    If you’re in Japan, have your camera in hand and head to one of the wedding venues to see the forest for yourself.

  • Pokémon Bridal Fair Offers a New Kind of Wedding Plan With Pikachu

    28.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Bridal service company ESCRIT INC is now taking reservations for a new Pokémon themed wedding plan: the Pokémon Bridal Fair which offers free wedding consultation.


    The plan comes with an original Pokémon wedding registration sheet and paper bag. Newly wed couples will also be gifted Pikachu Welcome Boards for signing their marriage contract.

    Other goodies include a Pikachu wedding cake, French full course, a range of decorative paper items, a baumkuchen cake, green tea, and best of all – a visit from two Pikachus. There will also be wedding gifts for guests.


    Enjoy a very special and memorable wedding together with Pikachu.

  • Hotel Hankyu International Introduces Bride & Groom and Photo Opportunity for Foreign Guests

    10.December.2018 | SPOT

    Hotel Hankyu International is introducing a new accommodation plan for non-Japanese guests on December 10.


    The hotel has taken on board the change in consumption trends of inbound foreign visitors Japan in wanting to “do” rather than “buy.” The hotel will offer hair, makeup and styling services run by professionals have photos taken in the style of a Japanese wedding ceremony.


    Photos will be taken wearing traditional Japanese outfits. Hair and makeup will be carried out at the Shiseido salon in the hotel.

  • ‘Final Fantasy and the World of Yoshitaka Amano’ Exhibition Taking Place at Ikebukuro Sunshine City

    12.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    An exhibition opened in Ikebukuro Sunshine City on August 10 which is celebrating Yoshitaka Amano’s famous and instantly recognizable works on the Final Fantasy series. A special opening ceremony and private viewing was also held on August 9.

    Yoshitaka Amano was present at the ceremony. “There are works more than 30 years old that are even nostalgic to me. My techniques have changed over the course of my 50+ year career, but what I express hasn’t. It’s not often I get the chance to showcase the original pieces, so please enjoy.” he commented.

    There are close to 150 illustrations at the exhibition drawn by Amano for Final Fantasy as well as new pieces that are being shown for the first time for a total of around 200 works. The ‘Fantasy Corridor’ is one to look out for, an interactive piece that combines fantasy with technology. His works appear one after the other in a space with lights fluttering about. People are also invited to experience the colourful world of Amano with his latest work Candy Girl.

    Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get up close to original drawings from the Final Fantasy series.



    Final Fantasy and the World of Yoshitaka Amano

    Running: August 10, 2018 – September 2, 2018 (*No closures)

    Time: 11:00am-6:00pm (Last Entries 5:30pm)

    Location: Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Bunka Kaikan 3F Exhibition Hall C

    Price: General ¥2,000 / Children (15 and below) ¥1,000 *Free for those aged 3 and under

    TEL: 03-5777-8600


  • Needs some inspiration for your special day? How about a natural Kapibarasan-themed wedding at Anniversaire Hills Yokohama?

    18.September.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

    From Friday 15th September 2017, Tokyu Hands Inc., is selling the wedding plan “Kapibarasan to Issho Natural Wedding” – a wedding plan where a couple can experience nature with cute character Kapibarasan. The plan has named Anniversaire Hills Yokohama as the venue.




    “Kapibarasan to Issho Natural Wedding” incorporates Kapibarasan© TRYWORKS’ new, natural and organic design “OTONAKAPIBARASAN” (Adult kapibarasan) into an official wedding plan. The wedding plan also includes limited edition paper craft items, a special food menu, and much more in order to thoroughly represent the world of Kapibarasan. The newlywed couple will also receive a blessing from Kapibarasan.




    Anniversaire Hills Yokohama is full of flowers and greenery. The combination of nature with the cosy atmosphere of Kapibarasan’s world is a perfect match, which is why this collaboration was created.




    Feel the warmth of nature at Anniversaire Hills Yokohama and receive blessings from not only the guests, but also Kapibarasan! If your special day is approaching, how about suggesting this to your partner?




    “Kapibarasan to Issho Natural Wedding

    Planning fee:40 adult guests(including bride and groom)¥2.5 million(price without tax)

    ※ There may be additional content fees

    Application website:


    Venue:Anniversaire Hills Yokohama

    Address:4-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

    TEL: 045-949-0888




  • The greatest “Cool Japan” in USJ history will include Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon and much more!

    16.September.2017 | SPOT

    Each year, Universal Studios Japan’s “Universal Cool Japan” sparks a universal craze – now Universal Studios Japan will be launching this event once again!


    This will be the fourth year of “Universal Cool Japan”. For this event, the most popular manga, anime, games and brands from all over the world are specially selected and packed into one venue. To turn up the hype for fans even more, 2018 will be the year of history’s best “Cool Japan” event!

    “Universal Cool Japan” allows Japan to boast to the rest of the world about her cool entertainment brands. Each year, “Universal Cool Japan”  makes the most out of Japan’s creativity in order to deliver fans something they will only ever experience at the park! The overwhelming scale of this event and its high quality is something you can only experience here.

    “Case Closed” (Detective Conan) and “Monster Hunter” have already made an appearance at Cool Japan in the past. In response to their popularity, they will featured again in 2018, but this time with an upgrade! “Sailor Moon” and “Final Fantasy” are just two examples of the new members of the Cool Japan team – there’s so much that’s going to make this the best Cool Japan in history.

    Universal Cool Japan 2018 – The best lineup in history!
    【Part 1】19th January 2018 (Friday)~ 24th June 2018(Sunday)


    ① Final Fantasy

    Worldwide popularity fell into the hands of the Final Fantasy series for its cutting-edge graphics, unique outlook onto the world, and thrilling storyline. The series made the Guinness world record for the “most prolific role-playing game series”, representing Japan as a forerunner in role-playing games . The series will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


    ② Case Closed (Detective Conan)

    In the year 2017, manga artist Gosho Aoyama single handedly sold over 2 million copies of his manga worldwide. The movie that was released in spring this year sparkled as the top movie of the first half of 2017. Its popularity stretches to over 20 countries worldwide.


    ③ Monster Hunter

    Since the launch of the “Monster Hunter” series, the hunting action game has become popular all over the world, earning the reputation as a “monster phenomenon” and as a sensational game for adults. “Monster Hunter: World” is an upcoming game which will be launched at the beginning of 2018. Fans cannot contain their excitement as they wait.

    【Part 2】Limited edition event from spring 2018

    ④ Sailor Moon
    The monthly magazine “Nakayoshi” will feature the manga artist of Naoko Takeuchi as she commemorates the 25th anniversary of her manga Sailor Moon. As well as an animation series that has been a sensation in more than 40 countries, a manga series, musicals and numerous collaborations, the fame just keeps on coming!

    Further information on the atractions and opening days will be released on a later date. For now, all we can do is wait for more updates!




    Universal Cool Japan 2018
    Event period:
    【Part 1】19th January 2018(Friday)~ 24th June 2018(Sunday)
    【Part 2】Limited period event from spring 2018

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