3 ways you can customise your Starbucks Pudding Almond Frappuccino® in Japan!

26.May.2019 | FOOD

From Weds 15/05 ー Tues 18/06/2019, the Barista no Kimagure Pudding will be implemented at most Starbucks cafés across Japan and with it comes many options to customise your drink and maximise your experience!


To introduce some customisation ideas, here are three ways you can customise the Pudding Almond Frappuccino® !

Recommendation 1: With coffee (+ ¥50, price before tax) 

This creates a bittersweet flavour. It’s like eating coffee pudding!

Recommendation 2: With chocolate sauce (free!)

This really feels like a dessert! The flavour will make you feel like you’re eating chocolate pudding.

Recommendation 3: With citrus fruit pieces (+ ¥100, price before tax)

Add a burst of fruit! This is a dash of vibrant colour and refreshing flavour to compliment the almond pudding.


Explore the different ways to customise your drink and find your favorite flavour!