A Master Ball To Capture the One You Love! U-TREASURE Releases Character Wedding Jewellery

31.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

When it comes to character-themed jewellery for adults, U-TREASURE pulls out all the stops. To celebrate the new brides of June, U-TREASURE is holding a wedding jewellery fair from Saturday June 1 to Sunday June 30 at the U-TREASURE store in Shinjuku and on the online shop.


Determined that you’ve found the Pikachu to your Ash? Those who purchase an engagement ring and wedding ring set will receive a master ball wedding ring box. (Limited number in stock)

The Master Ball wedding ring box is a handmade product that boasts the high quality of Japanese design, granting you the power to capture the one you love without fail! The outer case case is made of luxurious, glossy wood and is an accurate real life recreation. You will be charmed by its glossy shine. Thick shantung silk has been used for the inside. If you wanna be the very best without blasting off again, this is perfect to keep your Pokémon Jewellery safe and make your proposal even more special.


Two magnets inside the ball keep the bottom and top tightly shut together. There is also a magnet at the bottom of the ball so you can affix it to a metal stand and display it as an ornament. The cushion inside the master ball can be removed so you can use the space inside to store small items.


Whenever limited edition Pokémon jewellery appears in U-TREASURE, Pokémon fans will just wanna get ’em all!


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