Smartphone Game Trailer Reveals KANA-BOON’s New Song As Game’s Theme Song

05.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

It has been five years since KANA-BOON’s debut to stardom and to celebrate, they’re surging through their “5 season” plan of 5 live performances, 5 releases and 5 events to celebrate with their fans. However, as the end of season 5 approaches, they are releasing two songs at once on 12th June. Their new single Massara will be released as a coupling song along with FLYERS; a new song that will become the theme song for a brand new smartphone game called Kick-Flight. An anime game trailer is now available on YouTube.


Kick-Flight × KANA-BOON: FLYERS Animated Trailer

The making of the animation for the trailer was directed by MAPPA, who is responsible for many high quality anime such as Yuri!!! on Ice, BANANA FISH and much more. Munehisa Sakai, who has managed a number of famous anime such as ONE PIECE FILM: STRONG WORLD and Zombie Land Saga, was the overall director, created the storyboard and producer.


A light rock beat and speedy lyrics ー a classic KANA-BOON feel-good style. The high quality animation is something you should not miss out on either.

Statement by vocalist Maguro Taniguchi

“We have this crazy dream of kicking the life back into this idle world, so we made a song about it. This song is now the theme song for the upcoming game Kick-Flight. I am so happy we bumped into this opportunity. I am especially pleased that we even managed to find and create words that reflect us, which will be the key ingredient in our songs to come. After seeing the game trailer, I was so surprised at the quality ー it looks like it could be an anime. I’m so pleased with it! You can tell that it was made by a very passionate team of video makers. Now I’m even more excited to play the game. Please watch the video!”


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