Now You Can Grow Your Own Takara Tomy Doll

17.June.2019 | FASHION

Toy maker Takara Tomy Company will release a new surprise toy that you can actually grow yourself. Water your Blume Pot and from a sprouting bud, it will grow to a fully grown doll. The Blume Pot will be released on July 27, 2019 at toy stores, department stores, the toy section of volume retail stores, variety shops, online and from Takara Tomy’s official online shop Takara Tomy Mall.


Blume Pot (contains a surprise) ¥1,980 (before tax)

This toy is different to your usual surprise toy. Use the watering can to water the pot and suddenly, you will notice a small sprout. The doll will slowly grow and flower into a beautiful doll.


Flowers, sweets and crystals ー Each of the dolls have a different theme that makes them extra cute. Their long hair is made from fluffy and squishy material which is fun to play with.


There are 22 different doll designs and there is no way of knowing which doll you got until you water it! From the head to the clothes, bags and other accessories, these dolls are colourful and fashionable. You can mix and match the accessories of your doll with other dolls. Once your doll has started to grow, you can open the pot sideways to reveal a play set that you can play with, too.


Although this is a simple toy, growing your own toy by watering it is an undeniably creative surprise.




  • Capsule toys’ capsule becomes eye glasses! New party goods will be sold

    09.February.2018 | FASHION

    Qualia will sell “Capsule de Megane” from the 21st of February 2018 (Wed.) as a capsule toy.



    As a matter of course, a “capsule” is a necessary item when selling “capsule toys.” Capsule toy is a toy invented in Japan, now popular among not only Japanese people but also among many foreign tourists. But, the container of the toy, that is the capsule, is often thrown away. To solve this problem, they released a new series called “Capsule de Chikyugi (terrestrial globe) ver.Planet” on November 2017 and it gained much popularity. This time, a second version will be sold.


    In the second version, “Capsule de Megane” eyes are printed on the capsules and the frames for the eye glasses are included inside each capsule. It is possible to make a pair of eyeglasses by assembling the frames and the capsules. The capsule has small holes in it so that you can really see things when you wear these glasses. It is a funny item that will surely make you laugh.


    The “line-up” of this series include, “girls comic-like eyes” which will surely help you when asking somebody to make your wish come true,


    “heart-shaped eyes” which will express affection to somebody you like,


    “blue-colored eyes” that looks like the eyes of Westerners,


    “red eyes” which is you can use when you eat something hot,


    “slanted eyes” which will make everybody laugh,


    “drooping eyes” which is suited for someone who is always angry


    。and “sexy eyes” which is a standard item of funny toys.


    These eye glasses are very “eye-catching” and fun to wear! Why not get everybody’s attention by wearing these eye glasses.




    Product name: Capsule de Megane

    Release date: 2018/02/21 (Wed.)

    Price: 200 yen per capsule / 7 kinds



  • Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Focus’ features popular Japanese doll series Licca-chan in the Japanese version!

    25.March.2016 | MUSIC

    Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Focus’ from her long awaited 3rd album ‘Dangerous Woman’, which is set to be released worldwide on Friday 20th May 2016, has a special surprise in store for the Japanese version!


    The music video version to be released in Japan of ‘Focus’ is the result of a dream collaboration for Ariana Grande — accompanying her in her music video will be nationwide little star Licca-chan. Licca-chan (Licca Kayama) is a popular Japanese doll series, which has soaked in the same glory as Barbie has in the West.


    The admiration that Ariana Grande held for Licca-chan became her motivation for this collaboration and for Licca-chan, having collaboration with an overseas artist is also a unique first-time.



    On Licca-chan’s official Twitter, she wrote a comment about her appearance in the filming of the music video: “I made an appearance in our beloved Ariana Grande’s music video! I’m so happy! My heart was racing with excitement when I was filmed wearing adult clothing! ♪ Hehehe!♥”


    In the music video, Licca-chan sits in a bedroom and similar to the much admired Ariana Grande in her official music video, the story of stepping out into the world and being noticed was still maintained. Switching between 3 different patterns of costumes during the filming, the “Ariana Licca-chan” image was released to the world along with the dance for ‘Focus’.



    Ariana GrandeOfficial site: