Snooze in Style With These Hamtaro-Themed Adult Pyjamas And More

15.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

BANDAI’s online shop PREMIUM BANDAI is releasing six new Hamtaro-themed apparel items. The lineup is themed around popular characters from the anime such as Bijou and Hamtaro himself. Reservations for these cute items are now being accepted.


How about wearing some Hamtaro, Bijou and Snoozer-themed clothing and accessories? Finally, items from our favourite childhood anime have been revived in the form of cute pjamas, dresses and accessories for adults.

Hamtaro Pyjamas ¥14,040 (after tax, shipping/handling fees not included)

The Hamtaro Pyjamas even come with a Hamtaro Eye mask which has cute Hamtaro ears. The stripy pyjamas come come in a Hamtaro orange colour theme and are decorated with Hamtaro’s favourite snack; sunflower seeds.

Bijou Pyjamas ¥14,040 (after tax, shipping/handling fees not included)

The Bijou pyjamas are a Bijou light blue and come with two blue hair ribbon scrunchies. Fully transform into the adorable Bijou with this pyjama and scrunchie ribbon set!

Snoozer Pyjamas ¥14,040 (after tax, shipping/handling fees not included)

The dot pattern on Snoozer’s sleeping bag sock is a very popular design. Now, this pattern has been used for the Snoozer pyjamas. Notice that Snoozer has been embroidered on the breast. Fans of Snoozer just won’t be able to resist!

Hamtaro Dress ¥8,900 each  (after tax, shipping/handling fees not included)

There are a total of three different dress designs that feature the members of the Ham-Ham Gang. One features a general design that includes the 15 Ham-Hams (available in white and navy). Another has a print of the Ham-Hams smooshing themselves into a delicious cake. There are also strawberry and cream cake prints on the sleeves, too. These dresses are perfect for a relaxing day. They are long, making them perfect for a day trip as well as relaxing at home.


This Hamtaro apparel is just too cute to miss out on!


© Ritsuko Kawai/ Shogakukan