BABYMETAL Announce New Album ‘METAL GALAXY’ & World Tour

02.July.2019 | MUSIC

BABYMETAL performed their first shows of 2019 at Yokohama Arena on June 28 and 29 for their concert “BABYMETAL AWAKENS – THE SUN ALSO RISES -“.

At the end of the first night, BABYMETAL unveiled that their third studio album is titled METAL GALAXY and will release on October 11. They also announced that they will head on a world tour from with dates in Japan, Europe, US and Russia. It will begin in early September and run into March 2020.

Su-Metal and Moametal were greeted to riotous applause as they stepped onto the illuminated stage, outfits glistening, on the first night at Yokohama Arena. Three dancers then appeared, one of which was singled out to lead out the Kami Band.

During the show, F.HERO joined BABYMETAL on stage to perform their new song PA PA YA!! for the first time, a track which features the popular Thai rapper. The one-and-a-half-hour spread out a set list of 14 songs with songs taken from BABYMETAL’s forthcoming album  METAL GALAXY.

METAL GALAXY will be the first album from BABYMETAL in three-and-a-half years and the first to not feature former member Yuimetal. As the title suggests, its theme centres around journeying through the metal galaxy.


After their second Yokohama Arena show, BABYMETAL headed straight to the UK to perform at Glastonbury on June 30. Catch them on their upcoming world tour – details below.


Photos by Tsukasa Miyoshi (Showcase)


  • Pompompurin Celebrates 24th Anniversary With Birthday Menu at the Pompompurin Cafe

    27.March.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Sanrio’s popular character Pompompurin is celebrating his 24th anniversary at three branches of the Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku, Yokohama, and Umeda with a special birthday menu that will be served for the whole month of April.


    A special celebratory menu for the floppy-eared golden retriever

    The official date for Pompompurin’s birthday is April 16. The birthday menu line-up includes two food items, a drink made in collaboration with popular Japanese picture book author Yukako Ohde, and some novelty gifts.


    Birthday Menu

    Happy Birthday Flower Bouquet Bisque – ¥1,590 (Before Tax)

    This cute bisque soup has Pompompurin and Muffin holding a colourful boquet made from broccoli and mashed potatoes made to look like roses. It has a rich but mild flavour, and is both adorable and filling.

    Happy Birthday Strawberry Mousse – ¥790 (Before Tax)

    The strawberry mousse has a fluffy texture and refreshing, sweet taste. It can be eaten as it is or drizzled with the accompanying raspberry sauce.

    Yukako Ohde x Pompompurin Lemonade – ¥550 (Before Tax)

    Take a sip from this delicious lemonade from a straw adorned with a cute, warm illustration of Pompompurin by Yukako Ohde.


    Exclusive Anniversary Novelty Gifts

    Lunch Mat Design

    Customers who dine at any of the three cafes during the anniversary celebration will receive a free lunch mat.

    Coaster Designs

    And those who order the lemonade will receive a coaster with designs illustrated by Yukako Ohde. The designs are different at each branch of the Pompompurin Cafe. You can also receive another special coaster if you spend over ¥1,000 each (tax included) at Pompompurin Cafe Umeda and KIDDY LAND Osaka Umeda. Simply show your receipts at the cafe.


    ©1996,2020 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S605291

  • BABYMETAL Release Trailer For Live DVD & Blu-ray of Their Performance at The Forum in Los Angeles

    12.March.2020 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL just dropped a trailer on their official YouTube channel for their upcoming live DVD & Blu-ray release LIVE AT THE FORUM which will hit shelves on May 13, 2020.

    LIVE AT THE FORUM features the full set of BABYMETAL’s concert “METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR LIVE AT THE FORUM” which took place at The Forum in Los Angeles on October 11, 2019. Their first US arena show to date, the show was part of their METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR to promote their third studio album METAL GALAXY which released three days prior to the show on October 8.


    The trailer features scenes and highlights of the exciting “Metal Galaxy” themed night at The Forum, a venue which has welcomed countless rock and pop acts, such as The Rolling Stones, The Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, and many more.




    A programme will air on WOWOW Live on March 15 at 21:00 (JST) entitled BABYMETAL Live Selection – Odyssey to the METAL GALAXY – which will feature a compilation of BABYMETAL’s live performances taken from the 8th chapter of the Metal Resistance. Their epic show at Makuhari Messe will also be shown in April and May.

  • Concert Review: BABYMETAL Send 50,000 Fans in Tokyo Into the Metal Galaxy at Makuhari Messe

    28.January.2020 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL’s first solo performance of 2020 took place over the weekend on January 25 and 26 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Tokyo. The two concerts were added as extra shows to the Japanese leg of their ongoing “METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR.” They performed for close to 50,000 fans across the two nights, which were filled with anticipation and excitement, and were a display to Japanese fans of the band’s honed performance skills as a result of playing around the world.


    BABYMETAL released their third studio album METAL GALAXY worldwide simultaneously on October 11, 2019 which they promoted with a US tour, their biggest to date with 20 concerts, which included a performance at The Forum in Los Angeles, USーtheir first arena show in America. They followed the promotion up in November last year with a Japanese leg to the tour, with the Makuhari Messe gigs which took place over the weekend being additions to that leg. Both days sold out all tickets.


    Today, we take a look at those two shows, which precede the upcoming European leg of their tour. BABYMETAL threw out the idea of a generic set list with these concerts, instead option for performing both discs from METAL GALAXY, one for each night respectively.

    Photo by Taku Fujii

    Photo by Taku Fujii

    On the first night, Saturday January 25, the theme of the concert was “Power of Light.” BABYMETAL’s set focused on the songs on the first disc of METAL GALAXY. The performance began with the album’s opening track, FUTURE METAL, which at the same time as it begin, the giant LED screens materialised visuals of a metal galaxy, pulling fans space-bound into the galactic world of BABYMETAL.


    This was followed by DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto) which saw the members finally step onto stage where they were met with a surge of applause and cheers from fans. They continued with hit tracks Elevator and Shanti Shanti Shanti. And for the first time ever, they performed Oh! MAJINAI (feat. Joakim Brodén) live, during which Sabaton vocalist Joakim Brodén appeared on the LED screens. This was a video made in collaboration with the Sabaton frontman, and served to send the crowd into even greater excitement.

    Photo by Takimoto “JON…” Yukihide

    Photo by Takimoto “JON…” Yukihide

    Other songs played live for the first time included Brand New Day (feat. Tim Henson and Scott LePage), during which the members’ silhouettes reflected onto screens as they danced, captivating the crowd, as well as Night Night Burn! which featured flamenco and samba-inspired choreography.


    As the gig sped towards its climactic conclusion, BABYMETAL performed the epic track THE ONE, which as the name of the song suggests had the band and the fans come together as one. A lore-packed video was shown during the performance which featured the Avengersーthe dancers who tour with BABYMETALーcoupled with the Kami Band and their thrilling sound. This saw the excitement in the room went from a kindled flame to an outright blaze, and subsequently a fiery eruption when they played Road of Resistance.

    Photo by Takimoto “JON…” Yukihide

    For night two, on January 26, the theme was “Power of Darkness,” which saw BABYMETAL perform 12 songs form the second disc of METAL GALAXY. Day one was supported by the “Eastern Kami Band,” but for the second day, fans were greeted by the heavy sound of the “Western Kami Band.” BABYMETAL and the Avengers came onto the stage across the flower-decorated floor, beginning the night with IN THE NAME OF.

    Photo by Takimoto “JON…” Yukihide

    During Distortion (feat. Alissa White-Gluz), the LED screen was dyed a bright-red yellow, and SU-METAL, saying nothing, gazed out into the crowd with a fierce gaze. It was an immersive experience like being in a movie.


    PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO) followed, which incorporated the use of a moving stage, sending the band towards the audience as fans swung their towels overhead. The Kami Band slowed things down with the flowing, chill groove of Kagerou, after which BABYMETAL performed BxMxC live for the first time which featured rapping parts, combining to create a metal-rap amalgamation.


    After playing Syncopation and Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!, BABYMETAL sent the crowd into quiet captivation with Starlight and some enchanting stage lights, as well as the beautiful ShineArkadia marked the move towards the final act of the show, just as the song serves as the final track of METAL GALAXY.

    Photo by Takimoto “JON…” Yukihide

    Some time was set aside to show the same story video as in day one featuring the three Avengers and the two Kami Bands. It was then that the intro to Ijime, Dame, Zettai rang in, and the crowd split into wall of death formation. Moa-metal and the Adventures performed their iconic dash, and then all five of them, with Su-metal included, took to the centre stage to jump together with the fans. Thus concluded the two light and dark-themed concerts performed over the course of two days, and the fans’ journey into the Metal Galaxy.

    Photo by Taku Fujii

    2020 marks the 10th anniversary since the band formed. Be sure to catch them on the road in a city near you as the European leg of the METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR begins in early February. Check the dates below.

  • BABYMETAL To Release Their First Arena Performance in North America on Blu-Ray and DVD

    27.January.2020 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL’s first one-band world tour of 2020 is sky-rocketing onwards. They just performed at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on January 25 and 26, which were extra performances added to the Japan leg of their tour. BABYMETAL have now surprised fans with the announcement of a full live video of their performance METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR LIVE AT THE FORUM at Los Angeles which took place on October 11, 2019. The concert took place at the same time as the release of their third album METAL GALAXY and marked their first ever arena performance in North America.

    The sound of rock and pop music has been resonating through the walls of The Forum for many years. With a capacity of approximately 17,500 people, it is here that the metal sound waves of BABYMETAL’s sold out live performance broke the sound barrier.


    BABYMETAL reigned over the stage before the excited audience, performing a total of 15 songs starting with DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto), for which the music video was released just last year. They also performed other big hits such as Shanti Shanti Shanti and PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO). BABYMETAL are making history. If you’re a fan who couldn’t see them live, this is your chance.

  • Haikyu!! Season 4 To The Top Fair to be Held at Animate Stores Across Japan

    21.January.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Animateーa chain of anime and manga related merchandise storesーhas announced that it will hold a fair to promote season four of the ongoing TV anime series Haikyu!! from February 15.


    Haikyu!! is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate and serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump. The series has spawned an anime series and stage adaptation. The fourth season of the anime series began airing on January 10 this year.

    The event will be held at Animate stores from February 15 to March 8 where fans of the series can get their hands on exclusive merchandise. Those who purchase or pre-order items will receive one of 8 possible postcards as pictured above featuring the cast of characters.

    A special pop-up shop at the Sendai and Yokohama Vivre branches of Animate will also be open from February 15 to March 1, which will include not only merchandise, but a chance for fans to deepen their love of the series even more. Those who purchase any of the items at those shops will receive one of the above-pictured postcards. Exclusive big-size badges will also be sold in Sendai and Yokohama, so don’t miss out.


    ©Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha・”Haikyu!!” Production Committee・MBS

  • BABYMETAL Release ‘DA DA DANCE’ Music Video Compiling World Tour Footage

    17.December.2019 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL just dropped a music video for DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto) which is taken from their third studio album METAL GALAXY.


    The video features live footage taken from two concerts: their first US arena show at The Forum in Los Angelesーwhich took place on the same day that METAL GALAXY hit shelves on October 11, 2019ーand their live shows in Japan this month for the Japan leg of their world tour.


    BABYMETAL – DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto) (OFFICIAL)

    METAL GALAXY dominated the international music charts when it was released. It made it to 13th place on the Billboard Top 200 in the US, and on the same day, BABYMETAL also reached No. 1 on Billboard Top Rock Albums, making them the first Japanese act to do so. METAL GALAXY also stands as the band’s second album to make it into the Top 20 of the UK’s Official Charts for Rock & Metal Albums, coming in at No. 1, beating their own record and setting the record for Japanese artists. The album debuted at No. 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart in Japan and dominated the iTunes charts in Japan, the UK, US, and elsewhere around the world.

    BABYMETAL are knee-deep in their world tour, with two shows entitled “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY / METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR EXTRA SHOW” also planned in Japan to take place at the famous Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on January 25 and 26 next year.


    They will embark on the Asia and European legs of their tour in February which will include appearances at multiple rock festivals. The full tour schedule can be found below.

  • Artist FUKI Collaborates with LINE MUSIC to Make Romantic Bubble Tea at Tai Parfait Cafe

    11.December.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

    LINE MUSIC-Bu is LINE MUSIC’s research team that studies popular music trends among teen girls. LINE MUSIC-Bu teamed up with love song-writer FUKI, who is releasing one love per month for 12 months, in order to produce a new bubble tea drink and tapioca dessert especially for couples. The drink and dessert is being sold at Tai Parfait Cafe, Yokohama World Porters. FUKI will also perform at a free live gig at Yokohama World Porters on December 25, which is the last day of collaboration drink and tapioca dessert sales. 

    The collaboration pair-tapi contains two different drinks in a twin split cup. One side of the cup is filled with cafe au lait and the other with a strawberry-flavoured drink. Both sides are stuffed with yummy tapioca pearls and are topped with a mountain of cream. This cute drink sees the perfect opportunity to get closer to your partner. 


    The second collaboration treat is the Tai Parfait Tapi which is stuffed with strawberries and tapioca pearls. The adorable tai fish is made from sweet dough – and it has cute eyelashes too. The fish’s enormously wide mouth can be seen chomping down on the delicious dessert. 

    Enjoy a romantic bubble tea and make sure to check out FUKI’s love song LOVE and CRY, which is based on a true story. The song is currently available on a number of digital music services. 


    Teen girls full of love problems find FUKI’S songs highly relatable. As Yokohama World Porters will be lit up for Christmas, you just can’t miss FUKI’s performance on December 25.

  • Pompompurin Cafe Reveals Christmas Menu For Harajuku, Yokohama & Umeda Branches

    27.November.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    The Harajuku, Yokohama and Umeda branches of the Pompompurin Cafeーthe cafe chain centred on Sanrio’s popular character Pompompurinーis serving up two cute Christmas menu items this year from December 1 to 25.

    *Food names below are translated from Japanese

    Hurry Up Santa – Pompompurin Cheese Keema Curry – ¥1,290 (Before Tax)

    This rich and spicy keema curry is made with Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and natural cheese. The colourful stars are made from carrot and paprika, while the spiralled Christmas cheese is a combination of spinach and mashed potato. Purin is made of rice and is waiting in anticipation for Santa to deliver his present. You’ll see he’s holding a stocking which is a made from bread and walleye pollack mayo. A hearty dish that is both delicious and adorable

    Snowman Pompompurin – Snow Covered Chocolate Tart ¥1,190 (Before Tax)

    Pompompurin has turned into a vanilla ice cream snowman and is standing next to a pistachio cream Christmas tree. They are both atop a rich chocolate tart. This cute dessert is like a Christmas garden straight out of a children’s picture book.

    If you decide you want to spend your Christmas with Pompompurin this year, then you’ll receive a free lunch mat when you order food and a free coaster when you get a drink. These are both limited in quantity, so don’t miss out!


    ©1996, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S603310

  • Concert Review: BABYMETAL Return to Japan After US Tour With an Exhilarating Show

    18.November.2019 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL returned to Japan for two nights on November 16 and 17 at Saitama Super Arena after their 20-date US tour which included their first-ever arena show in the States at The Forum in Los Angeles. Joining them for the Japan leg of their world tour, entitled “METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR IN JAPAN,” were British rock band Bring Me The Horizon, who served to make the show that much more electrifying.

    BABYMETAL kicked off their set with FUTURE METAL, the lead track to their latest album, METAL GALAXY. Su-metal, Moametal, and one of their Avengersーthe name given to a trio of backup dancers rotating in place of Yuimetal who departed from the band last yearーstood atop a triangular stage, with a giant LED screen behind them and drowned in mesmerising lighting. With each song, the members pulled fans further and further into the Metal Galaxy.

    It was clear for Japanese fans to see how much Su-metal and Moametal have grown in strength and confidence in their performances, having just completed their biggest US tour to date. The crowd in turn reacted with a surging excitement at the band’s behemoth performance.

    They continued with more songs from the new record, including DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto) and PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO), for a thrilling set that lasted an hour and a half.

    BABYMETAL dropped their third studio album METAL GALAXY on October 11 and made it to 13th place on the Billboard Top 200 in the US. On the same day, BABYMETAL also reached No. 1 on Billboard Top Rock Albums, making them the first Japanese act to do so. METAL GALAXY also stands as the band’s second album to make it into the Top 20 of the UK’s Official Charts for Rock & Metal Albums, coming in at No. 1, beating their own record and setting the record for Japanese artists. The album debuted at No. 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart in Japan and dominated the iTunes charts in Japan, the UK, US, and elsewhere around the world.

    BABYMETAL recently added extra shows to the Japan leg of the tour. The additional concerts will take place at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on January 25 and 26 next year.


    Credit: Taku Fujii

  • Mickey Mouse Will Throw a Magical Birthday Celebration at Yokohama World Porters

    08.November.2019 | SPOT

    Mickey Mouse will be celebrating his birthday with a special event called HAPPY&MAGIC at Yokohama World Porters. The event will run for a limited period starting from November 18.

    David Willardson《DREAMERS》(Original) ©Disney

    The event will feature a range of artistic pictures, famous works and original images of Mickey Mouse which were created by officially licensed Disney artists.

    Original Clear File(Not for Sale) ©Disney

    There will also be a photo spot at the event venue where you can take a photo with Mickey Mouse. If you reserve a spot at the event online, you will receive an original clear file so don’t miss out.

    *The clear file cannot be purchased.

  • BABYMETAL Collaborates On Fashion Designer Yohji Yamamoto’s Ground Y Collection

    08.November.2019 | FASHION / MUSIC / Uncategorized

    2019 is the year of BABYMETAL, with their latest album METAL GALAXY having dropped in October and making them the highest Japanese group/artist to place on the Billboard Top 200 in the US in 56 years. As they continue knee-deep in their ongoing world tour, you might be wondering what else they have in the pipeline.


    Well, we can confirm that for you right here and now: they have teamed up with internationally-lauded Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto on his revolutionary Ground Y collection which boasts a genderless and ageless style.

    Pre-sales of the collection will take place at the new Shibuya PARCO which is set to open on November 22. This will be followed by sales at GINZA SIX, Laforet Harajuku, and the online store THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO.

    The collection will bring together the unique world of BABYMETALーa band which has won love the world over and has featured as guest acts on many tours of international artistsーand Yohji Yamamoto, a rebel and innovator in the fashion industry whose DNA is woven into the Ground Y line. The inspiration for this jet black collaborative collection is “galaxy,” an homage to BABYMETAL’s latest record METAL GALAXY.

    There are numerous items in the collection, including a jumbo cut and sewn embroidered with both the BMD FOX APPAREL logoーBABYMETAL’s official apparel brandーand the Ground Y logo. There’s also a big hoodie featuring a 360° print and BABYMETAL’s logo, a draped silk satin long shirt, and more.


    MASATOSHI YAMASHIRO snapped the photos in this photoshoot, a Tokyo-based photographer who started his career in LA and New York and works with fashion magazines, advertisements, and more.

  • BABYMETAL’s ‘METAL GALAXY’ Dominates International Music Charts

    25.October.2019 | MUSIC

    BABYMETAL dropped their third studio album METAL GALAXY on October 11, which it was revealed on Monday to have made it to 13th place on the Billboard Top 200 in the US. The ranking marks BABYMETAL as the highest Japanese group/artist to place on the charts in 56 years, beating Kyu Sakamoto’s 14th place back in 1969, and also makes them the highest-ever charting Japanese female group/artist on the list. On the same day, BABYMETAL also reached No. 1 on Billboard Top Rock Albums, making them the first Japanese act to do so. 

    BABYMETAL’s great charting success dates back to 2016 when they dropped their second album METAL RESISTANCE, which placed No. 39 on Billboard’s year-end US Top Hard Rock Albums charts, again marking 53 years since Ryu Sakamoto made it into the Top 40. But METAL GALAXY has beaten that record by a mile.

    METAL GALAXY also stands as the band’s second album to make it into the Top 20 of the UK’s Official Charts for Rock & Metal Albums, coming in at No. 1, beating their own record and setting the record for Japanese artists. The album debuted at No. 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart in Japan and dominated the iTunes charts in Japan, the UK, US, and elsewhere around the world.

    BABYMETAL recently performed an electrifying show at The Forum in Los Angeles on the day the album was released, their first-ever US arena concert.

    BABYMETAL will perform in Japan this November as part of the Metal Galaxy World Tour, with shows at Saitama Super Arena on the 16th and 17th and at Osaka-jo Hall on the 20th and 21st. They will be joined by British rock act Bring Me The Horizon who will perform as special guests at the already sold-out shows.


    BABYMETAL recently added extra shows to the Japan leg of the tour. The additional concerts will take place at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on January 25 and 26 next year.