Pick Up A Talking And Dancing Pikachu Light Or A Cute Desk-Cleaning Pikachu

05.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

The much anticipated Pokémon sequel film Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will premiere on July 12. The world’s love for Pokémon continues to grow. Speaking of which, Pokémon fans around the world will not be able to resist the Pikachu Puni Light and Pikachu Run Run Cleaner, which will be selling from the end of July. 


Pikachu Puni Light


This cute, soft Pikachu can dance, light up, and even talk. This looks like a real Pikachu and can sense and respond to your voice and touch. There is also a range of light brightnesses options you can choose from. As well as talking and singing, the Pikachu Puni Light will step in beat to songs it hears and even dance. Leave the Pikachu alone for a while and it will roar viciously, releasing electricity to light up again. 

You can activate Pikachu’s Dance Mode by holding down the volume switch for a long time. By activating Dance Mode, the Pikachu will react to music and sounds that it hears, lighting up and stepping from left to right in beat. This is a great regular light for your room. It comes with an AC power adaptor so you don’t have to worry about the power running out. Enjoy the gentle warmth of Pikachu from your bed as he glows next to your pillow, helping you to not bump into anything, or to find things in the dark. You can also turn the sound off by yourself or set the Pikachu to stop making noises between certain times. 

Tap the Pikachu on the head and with each tap, the brightness will change. There are a total of three different levels of brightness so you can choose to set it according to your mood. The Pikachu Puni Light is a completely new, interactive kind of interior light which is bound to brighten up your day as much as it does your room!


Pikachu Run Run Cleaner

Watch Pikachu whizz around your desk on a flat pokéball to clean surfaces. Activate the switch on the pokéball platform and the Pikachu will talk to you.

The mini desk vacuum cleaner is made even cuter with Pikachu sitting on top of it. It will move by itself, picking up dust with the brushes underneath. The Pikachu can also dodge obstacles and will even stop when it reaches the end of your desk. There is also an automatic feature which turns off the power after 5-minutes of being idle. Touch Pikachu’s forehead while it is on the move and it will start to speak and change direction. If you touch the Pikachu’s forehead for a whole second, the vacuum platform will begin to spin in a circle. Pikachu will get a little dizzy from the spinning, so Pikachu will stop moving. 


These useful and cute Pikachus are just what your house needs! Why don’t you pick up a Pikachu to become your companion?


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