A new brand packed with cuteness hits PLAZA stores across the country ー get ready for “Elway”!

12.December.2016 | FASHION

“PLAZA” is a general goods store with branches all over Japan. Now, PLAZA is selling a new brand of goods called “Elway”!


“Elway” is a fusion of the Japanese word “egao” which means “smile” and the English word “always”. Therefore, Elway products wish that the user has a smile on their face every single day! Famous illustrator Haruna Yamakawa was the editorial supervisor for the design of this band.

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Designs which are both cute and edgy ー Yamakawa has themed pouch and room accessories with the colours of her world ー you would want to take her products everywhere with you! Power up the kawaii levels inside your bag with a complete set of cute accessories! This lineup of goods is filled with Japanese pop culture-goodness, making the perfect souvenir gift for a foreign friend!





PLAZA official website: https://www.plazastyle.com/sp/



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