Two new luxurious winter ice-cream bars from the Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon

18.December.2016 | FOOD

Get your hands on two new premium ice-cream bars available for a limited time only at selected Seven Eleven stores throughout Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki. These luxurious treats went on sale from December 13th and are available in two scrumptious flavours: “Joël Robuchon Chocolat ~Orange & Condensed Milk Sauce” and “Joël Robuchon Strawberry ~Tahitian Vanilla & White Chocolate.”



These tasty ice-cream bars are now available after a two-year long arrangement with Joël Robuchon. The product utilises new methods of mixing ingredients and the sauce together to make a “marble-like” formation. These ice-cream bars are “Like a dessert, with an assortment of flavours and textures that gush inside your mouth like the waves.”

The bars use  “uncompromising ingredients” that include the highest quality chocolate made in France and a vanilla paste made from 100% Tahitian vanilla beans, as well as cocoa beans and freeze-dried strawberries to create an “accentuated texture.” They are the perfect and a rewarding treat for Christmas and New Years, so pick one up from your closest Seven Eleven to feel true happiness in your palms… ♡

These are the kind of treats made possible only by Joël Robuchon and his perfection and originality. Try one yourself this winter.


“Joël Robuchon Chocolat ~Orange & Condensed Milk Sauce”

“Joël Robuchon Strawberry ~Tahitian Vanilla & White Chocolate”

Price: ¥300 (+ tax)

Release Date: December 13th, 20162016年12月13日(火)

Available: At selected stores around the regions of Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki



■関連記事:秋の味覚・スイートポテトが雪見だいふくに!10月31日『雪見だいふく クリーミースイートポテト』全国で発売開始


  • Popular Ice Cream Sandwich Gets Spy x Family Makeover with New Illustrations and Campaign

    11.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Starting October 10, the popular ice cream sandwich Biscuit Sandwich will begin a collaboration with the popular anime and manga series Spy x Family. The second season began on October 1.


    The collaboration will introduce limited-edition packaging in three styles featuring close-ups of the three main characters–Loid, Yor, and Anya. Two of the designs were newly drawn for this collaboration.

    While the main characters are featured on the front, the back shows Franky, Becky, and Henry Henderson. Customers will also want to search for a hidden Anya somewhere on the packaging.


    Along with this special packaging, three different campaigns will be underway featuring an original QUO card, a USB featuring original voice recordings, and a cooler bag shaped like the penguin that appears in the series. For those snagging the USB, you’ll be able to hear Anya begging for ice cream and some other cute lines. This USB will be delivered in a case made to look like an ice cream sandwich, and fans won’t want to miss out on their chance to add it to their collection!

  • Luxury Inn ICHIJO with only Six Rooms Opens In Kami, Hyogo Prefecture

    30.September.2021 | SPOT

    Accommodation and restaurant company Saika opened ICHIJO, a luxury inn with six rooms, on September 22 2021.


    Restaurant Monomi Yuyama


    ICHIJO Jigokumushi


    ICHIJO Jigokumushi Matsuba Crab


    Guest Room ‘Miyabi (elegant)’


    Guest Room ‘Soso (graceful)’


    Private Bath ‘SANKEI (mountain view)’


    Private Bath ‘KAI (sea)’

    Open Lounge ‘ISARIBI’


    Meditation Room ‘MU’


    Smoothie & Soup Shop ‘mellow’


    A buffet is available offering wonderfully fresh and seasonal seafood, Tajima beef, Yaka pork, and a selection of local vegetables. Saika have made the most of the inn’s location in a town known for its fish, offering a delicious all-you-can-eat menu. In addition, local brand crabs such as Kasumi and Matsuba will be added to the butter throughout the autumn and winter seasons. You can also enjoy a bowl of Takikomi rice with seasonal soup stock, fresh sashimi, and even charcoal-grilled dried fish.

    The ICHIJO Jigokumushi is a fascinating area where a large amount of steam can be seen rising from the ground. The area can be used as a lounge, workspace, and reading area outside of meal times. The hall is all-inclusive, meaning you can make the most of the variety of local sake, draft beer, soft drinks, and snacks at no additional charge. 


    You can relax in the two private baths, which both boast water from the Kasumi hot springs. The ‘KAI’ bath has an infrared sauna installed, while the SANKEI features a mist sauna, allowing you to chill out while enjoying the fresh hot springs. 

    The inn also provides a large communal bath with open air facilities through the Sadasuke sister inn, which is adjacent to ICHIJO.

    If you’re looking to heal both body and heart, why not try the meditation room?


    Smoothie and soup shop ‘mellow’ will be opening at the same time as ICHIJO. Guests staying at the inn will be able to purchase food and drink from inside the store, while general customers can use the takeout window. The delicious fruit and vegetables used in the food were grown in the San’in region by Saika, who are experienced in agriculture production.


    Relax your body and soul with the new ICHIJO inn!

  • Coisof Releases Rain Ice Cream With Rainy Day Surprise and Resurrects Goth Ice Cream

    04.June.2019 | FOOD

    Ice creams that will show you the meaning of true love! Coisof  will release a June-limited menu of soft serve ice creams. This includes a rain-themed ice cream that comes with a campaign that only runs on rainy days! Furthermore, the goth ice cream that was popular before the renovation of the shop is making a comeback!

    Rain Ice Cream (Ame iro soft) 

    With a drizzle of rainy magic, Coisof’s popular milky and rich-flavoured ice cream has been transformed into a yumekawa (dreamy and cute) ice cream! ♡ The beautiful gradation of the blue lychee syrup and blue sugar pearls make it a perfect treat for the rainy season.


    I bet you’re dying to blow away the clouds that are hiding the June rainy day secret campaign! All you have to do is order the Rain Ice Cream on a rainy day during the June campaign period and your ice cream will be upgraded to the Rain Coi Soft (Ame iro coi soft) which is sprinkled with soft oiri candy toppings! This upgrade is absolutely free as long as it’s raining! It looks so refreshing and cool! It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself in this humid season!

    Goth Soft 

    Before the shop renewal, the Goth Soft ice cream was incredibly popular. Now, post renewal, it has been resurrected! Black as midnight, the goth soft is no doubt Instagram-worthy. There’s also the Goth Soft Mix which is a mix of the dark goth soft and the pure milk soft ice cream so you can enjoy both flavours at once!


    Don’t be glum during the rainy season! Shower yourself in love with these delicious Coisof ice creams! 

  • These Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice Desserts at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Have Our Mouths Watering

    28.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Museum hotel Hotel Gajoen Tokyo’s Cafe & Bar Yuian, is bringing back its popular shaved ice desserts from last year! This year, a limited number of melon and pineapple shaved ice desserts containing rich-flavored shaved ice are being served up! 

    Rich Shaved Ice Melon ¥2,300 (+ tax & service charge)

     Rich Shaved Ice Melon & glass of champagne set    ¥3,800 (+ tax & service charge)

    The king of the summer fruits; a melon, in a luxurious form. A fresh, high quality and sweet melon is filled with milk-flavoured shaved ice. Deep-flavoured, melt-in-the-mouth melon fruit pieces and melon foam garnish the bowl.

    Rich Shaved Ice Pineapple  ¥1,800  (+ tax & service charge)

    Rich Shaved Ice Pineapple & glass of champagne set ¥3,200  (+ tax & service charge)

    The pineapple: a popular tropical fruit famous for improving your skin quality and help to ward off fatigue. The moderate sweet yet sour fruit pieces make for a good match with the mildly sweet milk-flavoured shaved ice. Tapioca pearls are used for the garnish.


    For the perfect sophisticated dessert experience, there is also the option to add a glass of champagne as a set to either of the desserts. To really enjoy the fruity flavours, Lanson Black Label Brut champagne has been specifically chosen for the meal set as it brings out the aroma of ripe tropical fruit.

  • Häagen-Dazs uses first tea pick of the season to make luxurious matcha and hojicha tea ice creams!

    24.May.2019 | FOOD

    Häagen-Dazs Japan is releasing the matcha-flavoured crispy sandwich ice cream Green Tea Crème brûlée and a Japanese tea-flavoured latte ice cream in a mini cup called Hojicha latte. These two new ice cream flavours will be released on Tuesday 21st May countrywide at the same time for a limited period.

    Green Tea Crème brûlée crispy sandwich ice cream (for a limited time only ) ¥272 (RRP before tax) 

    The matcha crème brûlée made from matcha custard and caramel is the perfect flavour combination. This is encased in two crispy wafers. The rich aroma of matcha and the high quality sweetness is complemented with the creamy custard of the crème brûlée and provides a rich flavour for you to enjoy. A generous amount of caramel powder is used to create a deep-flavoured crème brûlée caramel. After biting through the crispy, fragrant wafer you will reach the subtle bitter flavour of the caramel.



    Mini Cup Hojicha latte (for a limited time only ) ¥272  (RRP before tax) 

    Two types of hojicha tea latte swirl together with a maple finish. You can enjoy the real taste of tea leaves and their delicious aromatic flavour. This ice cream became very popular when it was sold in 2017. It was made using leaves from the first pick of the tea season. These leaves are less bitter and less acidic, so you can enjoy the elegance of the tea along with the luxurious flavour of the milk. Both of these combined create an exquisite flavour. The temperature of the water in which the tea is brewed and the time it is brewed for has been carefully managed to produce a clear, refreshing aftertaste whilst maintaining the highly aromatic hojicha fragrance.  


    Indulge in these two exquisite  Häagen-Dazs ice creams filled with carefully balanced flavours.


  • Choose a cupcake from N.Y. Cupcakes and get it turned into an Instagram-worthy ice cream cupcake! ♡

    22.May.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    Hey everyone! This is Midori from MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON’s Editorial Department!

    Summer is almost here and it’s not summer without ice cream! Rather than normal ice cream, ice creams with beautiful toppings are no.1 trending right now!

    That’s why I took a trip down to N.Y. Cupcakes; a specialist cupcake shop in Shimokitazawa.

    N.Y.Cupcakes is just a four-minute walk from Shimokitazawa station. Look out for the pretty pink store sign. Look at all the rows of cute cupcakes!

    These would make perfect gifts, and are perfect for weddings, too!

    Purchase a N.Y Cupcake and then it’s just an extra ¥210 to get it turned into an ice cream cupcake!

    Today I’m getting the cookie & cream cupcake with the silly face turned into an ice cream cupcake! Once I finish my order, the baker gets to work in the kitchen, crafting my cupcake ice cream by hand!

    After a short wait…

    So cute!!!

    The cookie & cream cupcake I chose  has been transformed into an ice cream!
    Of course, the silly face remains!

    There’s also some frozen fruit topping too.

    The top half of the cupcake rests on top of vanilla ice cream.

    I took a bite. The combination of the spongey cupcake and cold ice cream was very interesting and the overall sweetness level was just right!

    I ate my way down the cone to discover the rest of the spongey cupcake!

    The bottom part of the ice cream contained blueberries. From the start to the very end, this was very delicious!


    A cupcake transformed into an ice cream ー this new invention is no doubt getting a lot of attention! The appearance is just too cute so you have to check it out!

  • Celebrate the summer with these gorgeous Lindt treats! ♡

    11.May.2019 | FOOD

    Swiss chocolate brand Lindt has held a strong reputation for many years. From Saturday 1st June to Sunday 1st September, Lindt is going to celebrate summer with the opening of the summer-limited Summer Chocolate Festival to be held at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe.


    Lindt has combined chocolate with summer fruits to create three different treats; Lindt Soft Cream Chocolate, Lindt Ice Chocolate Drink and Lindt Chocolate Parfait. A new base flavour will be used for each month. The chosen flavour will reflect the flavours of that month. From 1st June, the flavour will be cherry. From July, it will be lemon, and tropical will be the base flavour for August!


    The ice cream that will be used to make these treats is the Lint Soft Cream Chocolate, which is made using a generous amount of high-grade chocolate. The cafe’s chocolate ice creams are extremely popular and are a perfect match with the premium chocolate waffle cone, which is made using 70% cacao dark chocolate sourced from Lindt’s provider in Ecuador. The summer-limited Lindt Soft Cream Chocolate will be the cafe’s first ever white chocolate fruit-flavoured soft serve ice cream.

    Lindt soft cream chocolate: cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥699 (price including tax)

    Indulge in the smooth, melt-in-the-mouth, rich, juicy fruit and chocolate soft cream. Amongst Lindt’s milky, mild and sweet white chocolate, you will discover a luxurious fruity puree that will catch you off guard. The two are blended perfectly, and the strong fruity flavour is the perfect accent for the milk chocolate. Come enjoy this dual flavour!

    Lindt ice chocolate drink: Cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥772  Ginza branch price: ¥,1388 (prices include tax)

    This ice chocolate drink includes fresh fruity pieces that spread throughout the drink, leaving you refreshed with every mouthful. The mild Lindt white chocolate and strong fruity flavour work together in harmony, balancing out to create a divine flavour. Each cup is carefully decorated with the pattern of fruity chocolate spilling over the cup and crunchy-textured chocolate. From the flavour to its presentation, this cup is overflowing with enjoyment! This is a combination of refreshing cool frozen fruitiness and light and rejuvenating whipped cream. What a perfect dessert!

    Lindt chocolate parfait: cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥980 Ginza branch price: ¥1,780 (prices include tax)

    A rich fruity flavour served up with soft serve chocolate ice cream and topped generously with frozen fruit and fruit sauce to create one very fruity parfait! Starting from the strong yet sweet fruity flavour, you will soon arrive at the accented milk chocolate soft cream, followed by the rich chocolate sauce. Enjoy the harmonious interweaving flavours between the layers of chocolate! Chocolate copo, macaron cakes, almond nougatine and crispy almond croustillant will add texture to your dessert!

    Lindt Délice: Cherry/ lemon/ tropical ¥302 (price including tax) 

    A crispy shell filled with melt-in-the-mouth fruity ganache. Lindt white chocolate is infused with fruit puree for a strong, sweet fruity flavour that you can enjoy as a light treat. The vibrant vitamin colours are perfect for those summer vibes! This would make for the perfect gift!


    These desserts just look so gorgeous! This is how you celebrate summer!

  • Häagen-Dazs matcha salon opens in Roppongi offering a course full of matcha ice cream treats!

    27.April.2019 | FOOD

    It has been 35 years since Häagen-Dazs ice cream arrived in Japan in 1984. This year, Japan is also celebrating the arrival of a brand new era! That’s why Häagen-Dazs is celebrating with the release of a new course menu that you can enjoy with all five of your senses. The menu is currently available at the Häagen-Dazs MATCHA SALON which is open for a limited period only from Thursday 24th April to Sunday 5th May 2019. The salon is located at Hills Cafe/ Space in Roppongi Hills.

    The supervisor for this salon is Daisuke Kaneko, who is also the owner and chef of the famous French restaurant L’AS. The main concept of the matcha salon is to enjoy Häagen-Dazs’ specially-made matcha in all kinds of ways. There is a six-piece course overflowing with entertaining features for you to enjoy.

    Green tea and lime non-alcoholic cocktail

     This welcome drink is made by combining carefully-made matcha with carbonated water. Rich matcha is added to refreshing lime so you can feel rejuvenated as you enter the world of matcha.

    Matcha jelly made from matcha leaves grown in the dark! 

    The leaves used for the Häagen-Dazs green tea maintain their fresh colour and flavour from being grown in a covered area. The smooth and juicy matcha jelly and the sweet and sour fresh fruits bring about a delicious flavour. These flavours taste better together than one might imagine. All that’s left is to light the fire at the table and it’s complete!

    Matcha tiramisu made from three different strengths of matcha

    Matcha sponge cake cream is smashed up and topped with mascarpone mousse and matcha powder. There are three different matcha strengths of tiramisu so you can enjoy the changing flavours!

    Supreme bliss Häagen-Dazs green tea

    -5°C is the best temperature to enjoy Häagen-Dazs ice cream. This ice cream just melts gently in your mouth with a wonderful new texture. Allow yourself to drift away with the scent of matcha surrounding you as the matcha flavour on your tongue spreads in your mouth!

    You can even enjoy the sound of Häagen-Dazs ice cream! Immerse all of your senses in this range of Häagen-Dazs matcha ice cream treats with this special course!

  • I tried a ¥1000 soft serve ice cream ♡ My trip to the CREMIA pop up shop!

    23.March.2019 | FOOD

    Hello, this is Midori from Moshi Moshi Nippon’s Editorial Department.


    Now we’ve plunged right into spring, the weather is perfect for soft serve ice cream! A limited edition pop up shop called “CREMIA” selling ice cream to fit that perky spring feeling has just opened in Omotesando!

    This may be slightly more expensive than other soft serve ice cream places but it is popular because it is so tasty. Some of you reading this are probably already familiar with CREMIA. This pop up shop sells an upgraded version of their delicious ice cream which is even more luxurious! CREMIA is already a rich-flavoured ice cream and I was wondering just how you could possibly make it even tastier so I dashed over there to uncover the mystery!

    I escaped Harajuku, which is full of people during this season, and headed for Omotesando which is relaxing and peaceful. It’s a nice idea to enjoy the nice weather and eat your ice cream while taking a stroll but CREMIA melts particularly fast so I recommend enjoying it on the second floor.

    CREMIA the rich ¥1000 (price including tax) 


    This is the legendary ultimate “CREMIA the rich”… and it’s ¥1000! It’s quite expensive for a soft serve ice cream so I was a bit on edge!


    It was just like the ice cream you can get on a farm! It was very smooth and rich but not sickening and it wasn’t too sweet either. I was sat on the chair enjoying my ice cream and it was perfect. 


    There are also other items on the pop up shop limited edition menu so I tried them for you too!

    CREMIA the rich Matcha ¥1000  (price including tax)


    CREMIA the rich Matcha is the most luxurious matcha ice cream! It is popular among adults. This is a rich ice cream but with just one lick the matcha flavour drifts and spreads through your mouth. This is the longest lingering matcha-flavoured ice cream I have ever eaten!

    CREMIA the Custard  ¥540  (price including tax)


    CREMIA the Custard is custard flavoured (as implied by the name). If you look closely at the cone, you’ll notice it’s pink ー how cute! This is a raspberry cone. You can only taste the raspberry flavour of this luxury cone just enough to recognise that it’s raspberry -flavoured. This is very appropriate for spring and is goes perfectly with the custard soft cream.

    CREMIA the Caramel  ¥540  (price including tax)


    CREMIA the Caramel is a caramel soft serve ice cream. It is sweet yet slightly bitter which is a very adult-like flavour. The saltiness of the hidden rock salt makes for a sophisticated flavour. This is a very stylish ice cream!

    This is the most luxurious CREMIA ice cream and for that reason it may be a bit expensive, but you will definitely be satisfied. This is a great way to reward yourself for accomplishing something, or perhaps you could go for a special date there with somebody? Of course, you can also eat it on an average day….or to add some luxury to your average day ー it’s just the best!

  • Authentic Uji Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream Released at MINISTOP in Japan

    04.November.2018 | FOOD

    MINISTOP convenience stores across Japan released two new matcha soft service ice creams on November 2: the Uji Matcha Soft and the Premium Adzuki Matcha Soft.


    MINISTOP has served a range of Premium Soft ice cream products made with top quality ingredients since 2015 including their Premium Belgium Chocolate Soft and Premium Chestnut Mont Blanc Soft. This year’s ingredient is matcha, the hugely popular tea flavour loved both in Japan and overseas.

    Uji Matcha Soft / Uji Matcha Mix Soft: ¥270 Each (Tax Included)

    Premium Azuki Matcha Soft / Premium Azuki Matcha Mix Soft: ¥300 Each (Tax Included)

    The soft serves are made with full-bodied matcha carefully selected by the tea experts of Hokodo, a long-standing Uji tea shop. You can choose from the regular Uji Matcha Soft or go the full mile and get the Premium Azuki Matcha Soft which comes topped with adzuki red bean sauce and soybean mochi pieces.

    The cones are also made in the image of a matcha teacup. Their colour comes from brown sugar syrup which uses brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture, offering a sweet sugary addition to the bitter flavour of the matcha.


    These ice creams are available for a limited time only so head to a MINISTOP convenience store while you can and try them yourself!

  • Tuck Into the Tiramisu-Like Dorayaki Gelato From Nakao Seigetsudou

    19.August.2018 | FOOD

    Nakao Seigetsudou was first established in 1870. They specialise in making dorayaki, a type of Japanese confection that takes the form of two small pancakes filled with sweet Adzuki red bean paste.


    The company released a new product called ‘Dorayaki Gelato’ on July 9 at its three stores and online shop which uses whole pieces of dorayaki. It’s made in collaboration with Malga Gelato which is spearheaded by international gelato master Taizo Shibano. It’s a hugely popular product that sells out all the time.

    Dorayaki Gelato

    Price: ¥390 (Tax Included)

    The Dorayaki Gelto is made with Nakao Seigetsudou’s fantastic bean paste with the outside made of dorayaki which is cooked round like real dorayaki. It’s also made with coffee syrup and mascarpone cheese, making it like a tiramisu while having a Japanese-style flavour. The product is also frozen so it can be shipped anywhere around Japan.


    Toyama Prefecture where Nakao Seigetsudou is based and Ishikawa Prefecture where Malga Gelato is based ranked as the biggest consumers of ice cream in Japan in 2016 and 2017.


    Try the Dorayaki Gelato yourself as made by Japan’s ice cream loving prefectures



    Nakao Seigetsudou


    Takaoka Branch

    Address: 2-1 Miyatamachi, Takaoka-shi, Toyama Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 8:00am-7:00pm

    Closed: Wednesdays

    TEL: 0766-25-0514



    Nomura Branch

    Address: 533-3 Nomura, Takaoka-shi, Toyama Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 9:00am-7:00pm

    Closed: Wednesdays

    TEL: 0766-29-0514



    Toyama Branch

    Address: 1-4-7 Oizumihonmachi, Toyama-shi, Toyama Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 8:30am-7:00pm

    Closed: Wednesdays

    TEL: 076-491-1255



    Online Shop:


  • Ice Cream Shop Panapp Opens in Harajuku for a Limited Time

    29.July.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Panapp is an ice cream made by Glico which turned 40-years-old this year. To celebrate, the Panapp Parfait Shop has opened at BOK Gallery on Takeshita Street for a limited time and will remain open until August 19.

    Panapp is described as the perfect bonding treat for parents and children. The shop was created under the concept of kids and their parents talking together while enjoying Panapp ice cream.

    There are 7 fruit sauces to choose from: grape, strawberry, melon, white peach, mango, lemon and orange.

    Choose your favourite sauce and drizzle it onto freshly-made ice cream to create a colourful panapp. There’s also a photo spot in the shop to take a commemorative picture.

    Cool down this summer with your own original panapp whether you’re going with the kids, friends or that special someone!



    Panapp Parfait Shop

    Running: July 27, 2018 – August 19, 2018

    Opening Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm

    Location: BOK Gallery Takeshita Street (Tousen Harajuku 1F, 1-16-6 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo)

    Menu: Original Ice Cream – ¥350 (Tax Included)

    ・3 Fruit Sauces

    (Choose up to 3 fruit sauces from 7 flavours)