Sleep More Comfortably This Hot Summer With a Japanese Fundoshi

30.July.2019 | FASHION

The Japan Fundoshi Association (JFA) opened an official online shop for selling brand fundoshi on July 25. The website will be open for a limited time only.


The fundoshi is a traditional Japanese undergarment for males that has slowly begun to make its way back into modern usage over the past several years. They are made without elastic and so do not feel tight or obstruct blood or lymph circulation. They are airy, absorb sweat, and dry quickly. They can be used as a everyday underwear when you’re out and about, as something to slip into quickly after a bath, when you’re just relaxing―pretty much any scenario you can think of.

One of the reasons for their increase in popularity as sleepwear is because of the increase in female brands and the choice of forms and designs. No longer are fundoshi a male-exclusive item. Their relaxing effect comes from the fact that they are so airy, even when worn just for sleep.


But despite their surge in popularity, there still aren’t a lot of actual shops that sell them, which is where the JFA’s website comes into play. There are currently seven participating brands but there are plans to expand the range with more brands.


Enjoy an easier sleep during the hot summer nights by getting yourself your very own Japanese fundoshi.