Papabubble’s special New Year’s candy is the perfect way to wish someone a happy New Year!

26.December.2016 | FOOD

“Papabubble” is a delicious candy treat originating from Barcelona, Spain. Japan’s “Papabubble” incorporates traditional Japanese candy craftsmanship to create the famous art candy shop that we know today! Now, Japan’s Papabubble is getting ready to celebrate the year of the Rooster in 2017 with the “Shōgatsu Mix” (New Year’s mix). Whether you purchase it or receive it, you are guaranteed to be filled with excitement!


The Shōgatsu Mix includes candy decorated with different patterns to wish you a good year’s start. These include 3 patterns to represent “Hatsuyume” ー in Japanese traditional culture, it is considered very lucky to dream of Mt.Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant on 1st January, granting you luck for the entire year. Therefore, the candy patterns are themed around these images. There is also candy decorated with a rooster pattern. This carefully designed candy makes for the perfect new year’s gift to wish someone a happy new year! These special candy packs are available for purchase from Sunday 25th December 2016.


Additionally, you can purchase lucky dip bags for the upcoming New Year. Hidden inside these lucky bags include limited edition goods that cannot be obtained in any other way, advanced goods for valentine’s day and long candy which is a sign of good fortune ー what will you receive? The ¥3000 lucky dip bags include limited edition candy that cannot usually be bought and can only be purchased from that region!


Get your hands on some celebratory candy as we plunge into our next year!






Limited period:25th December 2016 (Sunday) ~ 9th January 2017 (Monday)


Lucky dip bags (福袋)

Price for each variety:¥1500, ¥3000, ¥5000
Where to purchase:¥1500 &¥3000 bags – from all Papabubble stores

¥5000 bag ー Daimaru department stores (Tokyo) LUCUA (Osaka), SENDAI PARCO 2

Each product will sell starting from the business hours of each store in the New Year. Each product will stop selling once stock has run out.



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  • Hello everyone! This is Midori from MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


    Candy apples are the staple food of summer festivals. A crunchy candy coating and a sweet, fruity apple is such a divine combination. It can be quite difficult to find candy apples outside of festivals. That’s where Candy Apple steps in. This is a brand new shop on the block that specialises in candy apples!


    This is located just a five-minute walk from Shibuya Station’s west exit. If you check out their saved Instagram story, you probably won’t get lost. During the weekdays and on Saturdays, this is an Italian restaurant called Buonappetito. On Sundays, when the restaurant is closed, it transforms into a candy apple shop.


    The shop interior is gorgeous.

    Plain: ¥600

    I ordered the plain apple without wasting any time. This is much larger than what you would usually get at a festival. Although these are usually eaten by immediately sinking your teeth in and biting out a big chunk, you can cut your apple here and enjoy it at your own pace. 

    After taking your first bite, you will realise just how different this is to your normal candy apple. The apple is coated in a thin layer of candy, creating a delicious crunch. The apple is fresh, juicy and sweet. Some candy apples are made with mushy apples that are not fresh, however these apples are extremely fresh and delicious right to the last bite. 

    These candy apples are full of a variety of flavours.

    Cinnamon Sugar: ¥600

    The apple with the dusting of beige-coloured powder is cinnamon-flavoured. The sweet cinnamon scent spreads everywhere as soon as you set it on the table. The sweet flavour of the apple and the fragrant cinnamon is a match made in heaven. 

    Cocoa: ¥600

    The apple covered in the brown powder is cocoa-flavoured. The slightly bitter flavour of the chocolate is a perfect match for the sweet apple. The colour contrast between the brown chocolate and white apple is also beautiful.

    Matcha: ¥600

    The apple with the green powder is matcha as you may have already guessed! The flavouring of the Uji matcha used for this apple was carefully balanced to maximise the flavour when combined with the apple. After you take your first bite, you just won’t be able to stop. 

    Blueberry Yoghurt: ¥600

    The bright white dusting on this blueberry yoghurt-flavoured apple is beautiful. The blueberry scent is mild and is perfect with the yoghurt.

    Black Cocoa: ¥600

    The pitch black colour of the Black Cocoa Candy Apple is very appetizing. The black cocoa is even more bitter than the cocoa apple, which really brings out the flavour of the sweet apple even more.

    You can even get chocolate fondue for your candy apple (¥400). By adding the fairly bitter chocolate to your candy apple, you can enjoy three different kinds of sweetness when it mixes with the chocolate, candy and the apple. 

    You can even order your candy apple to go, making it the perfect summer souvenir. Taking it home to enjoy is also another wonderful way to make the most of your experience. 


    This candy apple shop is only open on Sundays, but you can order to take away on other days. 


    This is a flavour that a festival candy apple will never be capable of offering. You can tuck into your apple inside the beautiful shop, or take it home to enjoy at home at your own pace.