Coming of Age Day in Japan

12.January.2017 | FASHION

When someone turns 20 years old in Japan, they are considered to be 成人(Seijin, an “adult”. Coming of Age Day is one of the Japanese holidays held every second Monday in January. In Japan, 20 years old is special, like sweet 16 in America.

On this day, a ceremony, 成人式(Seijinshiki is held in the morning at local city offices to bless, encourage, and congratulate all the young people who have become adults. Every district is a little different, but there are taiko performances, yosakoi dance, and government officials give speeches at the ceremony.

You will see numerous girls wearing gorgeous 振袖(furisode around the city. Many girls would make an appointment at beauty salons to dress up and to set their hair. Girls wear furisode, a style of kimono with long sleeves, and zori sandals. Wearing furisode symbolizes a fresh start in your life. Men either wear a kimono with hakama, a traditional trouser, or a suit and a tie. 

This was the furisode set and zori sandals I wore to seijinshiki last year. It is quite expensive so many people either rent one, or buy one and reuse it with your siblings. The store lets you choose full set, including furisode, obi, fukuro-obi, obi-jime, bag, hair accessories, and zori sandals.


Today, many people take 前撮り(maedori, a pre-photoshoot for the coming of age ceremony at a studio. You have the opportunity to send your family and relatives the photo or you can even create a mini album to look back on in the future.

This is one of my maedori. The cameraman would hand you various props like the umbrella, hagoita, a bench, etc and they would take millions of photos from different angles. 


After the ceremony, the young adults often go to after parties with their close friends or high school/middle school classmates.

I think it would be a great opportunity to come to Japan in January to see young Japanese people wearing traditional clothes. I would recommend you to visit the big cities like Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku to take photos, or come and visit when you turn 20 so YOU can wear a furisode! 

■Writer:Jessica Poluhowich




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  • Kimono IN LAFORET 2020: Kimono Brands Galore to Gather at Event in Harajuku

    15.December.2019 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku has announced that its next “Kimono IN LAFORET” kimono and furisode pop-up shop will run from January 4 to 22 next year.

    Iroca Kimono “Leopard Gecko” – ¥63,800 (Tax Included) / Half-Width Obi – ¥26,400 (Tax Included)

    Pure Silk Butterfly Black Cloth Furisode – ¥132,000 (Tax Included)

    Light Blue Dove Print Polyester Furisode – ¥128,150 (Tax Included)

    Eight brands will line the shelves of the annual pop-up shop, with kimono, furisode, accessories and more available for purchase, including new items.

    Model and actress Shen Tanaka features as the star of the main visual for Kimono IN LAFORET 2020, mixing colourful kimono with western clothing to create a unique look. Marie Higuchi, who was the stylist for the visual, has also released some dress advice for those who love kimono or those who are beginners and newcomers to the scene.


    Mixing kimono with the kind of regular clothing that screams you

    Marie Higuchi is a stylist who also writes columns in Nylon Japan and Sozen. Her advice can be used by both beginners and experts alike: by mixing kimono with some of your own clothing, you can simply and easily create a stylish look that’s you. This makes for a perfect outfit for a special occasion.


    Styling Point

    This outfit combines fishnet tights with sandals that have thick metallic soles to create an edgy kimono style. Using thick sandals makes them really stand out when wearing kimono, so you can easily incorporate them with any kimono you wear.


    Items Used

    Kimono/Obi/Other: iroca

    Haneri: C.H.O.K.O

    Obi Clip: conoco


    Styling Point

    The gorgeous flower head dress brings a strikingly elegant touch to the overall look of this outfit. Whether used with kimono or in your regular day-to-day outfits, it’s sure to bloom beauty with whatever style you go with.


    Items Used

    Kimono: MIKI SAKURA

    Head Dress: Atelier Senka

    One Piece Shirt: Ank Rouge (Laforet Harajuku Floor 4F)


    Styling Point

    Coloured turtlenecks are in right now for the current season in Japan, and this kimono look incorporates one underneath the kimono. The mix of loose socks and thick-sole sneakers really adds to the flavour of this style, even more so with the addition of personal items like the vinyl record headband and lip clutch bag which make it unique.


    Items Used

    Kimono/Obi: Tamao Shigemune

    Headband/Clutch Bag: SINZ (Laforet Harajuku Floor B0.5F)

    Other: Personal items


    If you’re looking for kimono and furisode when visiting Japan in January, be sure to hit up Kimono IN LAFORET at Laforet Harajuku, located in Tokyo’s fashion central: Harajuku.

  • Experiencing Japan: Dining at Denkiya Hall in Asakusa Wearing a Retro and Antique Kimono

    25.October.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    Hi, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON readers! Banako here again from the MOSHI MOSHI Friends group.


    I have a question to ask you all. If you’ve been to Japan, did you ever dress up in a kimono or yukata to go sightseeing? It’s become common to see not only Japanese people, but foreign travellers and tourists clad in traditional Japanese ware snapping photos in the country’s historical locations. Dressing up in a kimono and walking the streets really immerses you in that Japanese spirit and transforms your experience entirely.


    I visited kesatokyo in Asakusa which rents out kimono that are somewhat different from the norm, got myself a kimono, and took a trip to Denkiya Hall, a long-standing cafe in Asakusa.

    Denkiya Hall is located along Senzoku-dori Shopping Street which is a 10-minute walk from the Tsukuba Express side of Asakusa Station. The street is quiet and peaceful since it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the station front.

    The kimono at kesatokyo are renowned through the town as they give off cute retro-antique vibes with their combination of things like lace necks, head dresses and berets.


    You can get some romantic co-ords which you won’t find with other kimono by matching with your friend in terms of design and accessories. I headed into the cafe excited with my kimono choice which matches the old-fashioned design of the cafe exterior.

    A standout feature of this cafe is that some of the tables have arcade games attached to them. If there’s a free seat at one of them, pick your favourite-looking, slot in a coin and start playing! Be sure to ask the staff to switch it on for you beforehand.

    While gazing through the nostalgic games, I ordered the cafe’s popular omumaki (¥700) and cream soda (¥650) while my friend got hot cakes.

    Stuffed and wrapped inside the omelette is a hearty serving of fried noodles. The noodles themselves are on the thicker side and have a rich seasoning like that from the Showa period. You can also pick between different noodles.

    The cream soda had deliciously sweet syrup and vanilla ice cream inside it.

    Your kimono will match the atmosphere of the cafe really well, so you can take some really great pictures at any time.

    Denkiya Hall opened over 100 years ago and incorporates styles from three different historical periods: Meiji, Taisho and Showa, giving it a nostalgic feeling.

    Another one of Denkiya Hall’s specialities is their boiled adzuki, the perfect treat to warm yourself up as the weather gets colder.


    It was fun strolling around Asakusa after our cafe visit, as well as searching for more modern towns like Ginza and Omotesando.


    We returned our kimono to kesatokyo at 18:40, right before the final return time. The basic rental plan for one person is ¥6,050 and it even includes hair styling! You can make reservations either via DMs on the store’s official Instagram or by telephone. You’re certain to get a reply on Instagram so it’s recommended going that route. The shop has more details on their plans on their website.


    Wearing a beautiful kimono and warming up inside a cafe during wintertime. How does that sound?

  • Disney Store Unveils Mickey, Minnie, Ariel & Rapunzel Summer Yukata

    05.June.2019 | FASHION

    Disney Store Japan has announced that it will begin selling a range of original yukata and miscellaneous items for summer. Sales in-store begin on June 18 with pre-sales hitting the online store a week earlier on June 11.


    The line-up sees the return of the Ariel and Rapunzel Disney princess yukata which were a hit in Japan last year as well as the new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse versions. This year’s assortment of accessories and miscellaneous items to co-ordinate with the yukata is also even bigger than last year.

    Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse

    The designs are chic and subtle while still celebrating the characters of the Disney world. The Mickey and Minnie yukata in particular feature retro patterns which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The obi sash that come with the outfits also play into the story of each character.

    The other items in the mix include fans, bags, and a range of cute accessories to make your yukata even more glamorous.


    It would be super fun to co-ordinate the yukata together with friends. So if you’re heading to Japan this summer then why not pay a visit to the Disney Store and ready yourself for the fireworks and festivals?



  • Enjoy Kimono at Laforet Harajuku’s ‘Kimono IN LAFORET’ Function

    31.December.2018 | FASHION

    Laforet Harajuku is set to hold a kimono and furisode event from January 4 to 23 next year. A selection of 11 stores are taking part including 5 that are participating in the event for the first time. Shops include those that sell kimono which can be worn as everyday fashion to those that stock antique kimono and modern recycled kimono.

    A multitude of items will be sold. Whether it’s for an official event like graduation or the Coming of Age Ceremony or something that can be born with regular clothing, you’re sure to find it here.


    Modern Antenna

    Modern Antenna is a brand based in Arashiyama, Kyoto that sells kimono with polished and sophisticated designs. Their quality is consistent with everything from the designs to the manufacturing. They don’t just cater to the traditional Japanese category―they take into account fashion as a whole when creating their clothing.


    Roccoya Winter Shop

    Roccoya is popular for its designs that fuse together the modern and traditional. They will appear alongside several guest brands including Haikaru Confeito, Baba Soushoku, hanamame, TSUBAKIAN, and erikaDear. The line-up will include a range of new furisode as well as casual kimono that can be washed at home, various pieces that can be used at ceremonies and for everyday use such as the haneri neck piece, obi sash, shawls, and obidome. They will also sell small accessories like headdresses and hairpins.


    MIKI SAKURA & Sakura Maison

    MIKI SAKURA’s concept for its items is “dignified women wrapped in beautiful fragrances.” Sakura Maison creates original “Japanese kawaii” kimono and accessories. These two brands will come together to open a special pop-up shop where popular artists will come together.



    yuminique’s brand concept is to create something just for the customer that raises their mood simply by wearing it. They sell accessories like headdresses. They picture a jewellery box under a young girl’s bed when handcrafting each and every one of their products which are made from fantastic materials.



    Masaboshi offers news ideas with its diverse range of kimono―from antique to contemporary―that create timeless looks. They will exhibit a wardrobe of cute furisode and pop vintage kimono personally selected by them as well as a line of cool and elegant kimono that grown-ups can enjoy too.


    Modern Kimono Umeya feat. Tamao Shigemune

    Modern Kimono Umeya and Tamao Shigemune are coming together to showcase new and original items as well as exclusive products you can only purchase at this event.


    Modern Kimono Umeya is a select shop selling kimono and accessories for people to enjoy wearing kimono freely and as they like in the best possible way to bring out themselves. Their products take inspiration from regular clothing. Tamao Shigemune is a kimono maker that creates kimono, yukata, obi sashes and accessories completely produced by her from the designing to the planning and styling. She produces things she wants herself that no one else offers.


    Discover Harajuku-style kimono at Kimono IN LAFORET in the new year!

  • Dress in a kimono and discover the secret locations of Gojo on a walking tour in Kyoto

    13.October.2018 | SPOT

    There is a walking tour of Gojo in Kyoto you can take to see little-know historical and famous spots around the area. The tour is led by staff who have acquired the top level in the Kyoto Kentei Test, a “sightseeing and culture test” to gauge “applicants’ knowledge of Kyoto’s history and culture.” Staff give a truly in-depth tour taking you to places not shown in guidebooks and places even the people of Kyoto are unaware of.

    The tour was conceived by Akane Kifune who works at Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata. Gojo is a place that despite being located in the heart of Kyoto, once you take one step into it you are brought to a retro town filled with lush greenery that even the locals don’t know about.

    The theme of the tour is “Look/Taste/Take Photos.” You are taken to photo spots perfect for kimono as recommended by Yumeyakata’s pro cameraman. Participants will also receive exclusive items from cafes and shops in the Gojo area not available to anyone else!

    The tour begins on October 20. Rent out a kimono and tour the hidden shops and cafes of Gojo.

  • How to Style Your Hair & Make-Up for Wearing Yukata

    29.June.2018 | FASHION

    The summer season is almost here, which in Japan means summer festivals and fireworks. Wearing yukata is tradition during summer here and really gives you that summertime vibe.


    But to enjoy yukata fashion even more, you’ve got to get the hair and make-up right too. Here’s some tips!


    How To Style Hair & Make-Up for Yukata: 2018 Edition
    Showing us the tricks of the trade is top hair and make-up artist Yumiko Kamada of cosmetics company Shiseido who has incorporated 2018 trends and made it so that anybody can challenge themselves to it.



    1. Start off by curling your hair. Depending on how you like it done, it’s good to slightly curl the tips with the curling iron too.

    2. Tie your hair from behind your ears to the top of your head to separate the front and back like in picture ②.

    3a. Tie each part of the hair you separated close to the top of your head.
    3b. For the front, divide the inner part of your hair from the knot into two, and pass the tips of your hair through. Add some nuance to the side with a Gibson tuck.

    4. Twist the front and back bundles and bring together.

    5. To give the top balance, fix tightly with a hairpin. Add nuance by styling your hair around your face and finish with hairspray. Leave a refreshing impression with checkered hair decorations and transparent glass hairpins.



    1. For the base make-up, lightly apply liquid foundation to your skin.

    2. Lightly fix with face powder and use highlighter to give your skin shine and luster.

    3. Powder your eyebrows to a natural thickness and make soft.

    4. Add coral cream eye colour to the outer part of the double eyelid. Apply lavender cream eye colour to the entire bottom eyelid. For single eyelids, close your eye and add the eye colour to the eyelid.

    5. Carefully add mascara starting from your lash roots to brighten your eyes.

    7. Add pink cream blusher to the upper parts of your cheeks. This brings out the depth of your face and makes your side profile look beautiful.

    7. Use a glossy pink lipstick to give a bright look. Lightly shade off the outline to give a lighter look.


    Recommended Make-Up Items: PLAYLIST Multi Painter (With New Colours)
    These multi coloured creams come in paint tubes and can be used just about anywhere from your eyelids to eyebrows, cheeks, lips and so on. There are 14 colours in total (13 coloured and 1 clear). There’s the lavender and coral which was used in this tutorial as well as two new summer colours. Pick them up and get on Japan’s 2018 summer trends!


    Dress up in a colourful and beautiful yukata and have yourself an unforgettable summer!


    Shinseido: Kamada (Top Hair & Make-Up Artist at Shinseido)
    Yumiko Kamada is active in many fields, including advertisements, commercials, collections, female hair and make-up fashion magazines, beauty seminars, cosmetic development, technique development and more. Her luxurious and delicate craft and earned her support from women and models from inside and outside Japan. She works as the chief coordinator for ‘Fashion Cantata from KYOTO’ and also works on ‘TOKYO KIMONO COLLECTION in Nihonbashi.’
  • Mika Ninagawa’s 2nd Furisode Collection Inspired by Japan’s 4 Seasons Now on Sale

    31.May.2018 | FASHION

    Furisode brand Ichikura is now taking orders at all its stores together with select La Bliss stores of Mika Ninagawa‘s second collection of Ichikura furiosde.


    A photographer and movie director, Mika Ninagawa was responsible for the direction of the collection, adding seven new strikingly colourful furisode to the arsenal modelled by actress Aoi Morikawa.


    M / mika ninagawa is a brand directed by Mika Ninagawa herself which first collaborated with Ichikura in 2017 to release a furisode collection. Sakura Miyawaki of the popular idol groups AKB48 and HKT48 was the first to model for the colourful collection series which drew huge attention.


    Orders for the second M / mika ninagawa furisode collection opened on April 28 at 24 Ichikura stores and 3 La Bliss stores.

    蜷川実花_振り袖2 蜷川実花_振り袖3

    This collection includes seven never-before-seen designs, embodying the grace of Japan’s four seasons with vibrant colours like pink and crimson.


    Full details were posted on the Ichikura website on May 21, so be sure to check them out.


    Furisode are traditionally worn in Japan on Coming of Age Day which celebrates those turning twenty years old. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony, so why not challenge yourself to wearing one yourself?


    M / mika ninagawa Furisode 2nd Collection (7 Types)
    Available: Ichikura stores / Below-listed La Bliss stores
    Ichikura Shop List: 
    La Bliss Shop List: 

    M / mika ninagawa Furisode 2nd Collection Webpage:
    M / mika ninagawa 1st Collection (2017) Webpage:


    <Coming of Age Day Standard Set>
    40 Piece Standard Set – ¥498,000 (Pre-Tax)

    30 Piece Rental Standard Set – ¥198,000 (Pre-Tax)


  • Design Your Own Kimono On Your Phone with WA TAILOR

    22.May.2018 | FASHION

    Senso Inc, a kimono manufacturer soon to celebrate 140 years since its establishment, will launch an app called WA TAILOR on June 1, 2018 that enables you to custom make your very own kimono. These days people are detaching themselves from kimono, and so this app offers the opportunity to interact and play around with kimono in the hopes of getting them interested.

    オリジナル着物 WA TAILOR(ワ テイラー)

    The service lets you pick your own measurements and 10 varieties of cloth. Next, you pick the dye (28 colours), nagajuban (10 colours), obi (10 types), obishime (24 colours), and obiage (24 colours). The model displays your choices in real time making it easy to mix and match as you make your selections.

    オリジナル着物 WA TAILOR(ワ テイラー)オリジナル着物 WA TAILOR(ワ テイラー)

    You can order your design online, as well as a sample cloth posted to  you for free if you want it. After making your purchase, a dyed cloth sample will also be delivered to your for confirmation.

    オリジナル着物 WA TAILOR(ワ テイラー)オリジナル着物 WA TAILOR(ワ テイラー)

    The dyed sample will be delivered in approximately 10 days upon ordering, and the finished product will be delivered in up to 2 months.


    Those who have never worn a kimono before enjoy using this opportunity to challenge themselves to creating their own.




    Available: June 1, 2018

    Price: Kimono Set – ¥158,000 (Nagajuban + Obi) / Kimono – ¥78,000

    Website: (Online from June 1)

  • Yukata Fukubukuro Lucky Bags Released by Kyoto Kimono Brand KIMONOMACHI

    20.May.2018 | FASHION

    KIMONOMACHI is a brand hailing from Kyoto that makes traditional Japanese clothes.


    The company pre-released their newest yukata fukubukuro, or ‘lucky bags,’ on May 16. The bags were officially unveiled on May 17 and will be available for seven days.


    There are several lucky bags to choose from, including one containing a single yukata, a 2-set which includes a yukata and obi, and 4, 5 and 6-sets which include that plus accessories. Part of the reason for the popularity of these bags is that you can pick from four sizes: Small (S), Free, (F), Tall (TL), and 2L.




    KIMONOMACHI operate online via their online shop, and for this event are selling their wares at malls. Their first exhibition not only allows people to see the yukata with their own eyes which are usually bought online, but they can even try the kimono on over their clothes. Find your favourite yukata too!



    While the event is taking place, you can get your hands on coupons and pamphlets on how to coordinate your yukata. If you’re interested then be sure to go and grab a lucky bag for yourself!



    KIMONOMACHI – 2018 Newest Yukata Exhibition Event

    Shop Name: Yumeyakata

    Address: Oshikoji Dori Ryogaecho Agaru Nishigawa, 472-1 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo, Kyoto

    Running: May 17, 2018―May 23, 2018

    Time: 10:00-17:00

    TEL: 075-354-8511



  • New Fashionable & Game Changing Happi Coat “HAPPYCOAT” to be Sold at Isetan Shinjuku

    29.March.2018 | FASHION

    Costume designer Junko Koshino and design order happi coat brand Happi.Tokyo have developed a new style of Japanese happi coat which, when worn, expresses Japan and hospitality. The coats are available at Isetan Shinjuku, the Isetan online sotre, and Online Happi.Tokyo.




    Happi coats are generally worn during festivals and events in Japan. But because of the recent boom in traditional Japan and the increase in foreign visitors to the country, they are being worn in many more instances such as for sales promotion and as uniforms. In response, Junko Koshino, who has developed international cultural exchange in the world through fashion, and Happi.Tokyo, who promote happi coats in a multitude of ways, have used their knowledge to co-develop the new HAPPYCOAT.



    The HAPPYCOAT can be easily put on and possesses functionality – it can be worn for businesses promotion, as a uniform, at events, in support of something, and so on. It can also be used as a fashion item in the yukata scene or on the street.


     HAPPYCOAT 法被 はっぴ

    The design of the HAPPYCOAT uses Japanese motifs together with unconventional colour combinations and patterns to create a coat that is a happi – but also isn’t. It also makes full use of the sleeves of a happi which create a genderless and sizeless design. To those overseas, it can enjoyed as traditional Japanese fashion.


    The sewing and printing was crafted by experts in their fields who have years of experience with the special characteristics of materials. You can feel the refinement and consideration put into this happi.


    Why not try a new style of Japanese with the HAPPYCOAT?




    On Sale: March 28, 2018

    Price: ①¥16,956 (tax incl.) / ②¥19,980 (tax incl.)

    Size ①: Original M (Short)

    Width: 64cm / Length: 92cm / Sleeve Width: 36cm / Cuffs: 36cm / Neck: 5cm


    Size ②: Original F (Long)

    Width: 76cm / Length: 109cm / Sleeve Width: 38cm / Cuffs: 29cm / Neck: 5cm


    Designs: 12





    Isetan Shinjuku 7F

    March 28, 2018 ― April 3, 2018


    Isetan Online Store

    From March 28, 2018


    Online Happi.Tokyo

    From April 3, 2018 (Subject to Change)

    *Amazon / Rakuten listings scheduled for future sale.



  • The kimono brand “Furifu” will hold a party! New yukatas of 2018 will be debuted

    11.March.2018 | FASHION

    “Furifu to Kimono de Utage,” a party where new yukatas of the kimono brand “Furifu” will be displayed, will be held at @Light Box Studio Aoyama on the 17th of March 2018 Sun.


     As a special guest of this party the world-famous fashion designer, YOKO FUCHIGAMI who has been featured in Creators File, will hold a fashion-check-event.



    The concept of “Furifu no Yukata 2018” is “Kikagakuteki Nihon Mukashibanashi.” Exciting collections of Furifu’s retro-feeling/pop yukatas can be enjoyed.



    Alos, cute and colorful accessories of “frou frou de sucre” and “Lemon noire Lemon” will be sold too!


    For the party food, the full-fledged popular bistro in Yoyogi Uehara, “CINQUANTE CINQ” will be offering a party menu.



    Let’s enjoy this pop and happy fashion event produced by Furifu.




    Furifu to Kimono de Utage

    Venue: Chome-16-7, 5, Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, @Light Box Studio Aoyama

    Date: 2018/03/17 (Sun.)

    open 12:30~

    start 13:00~

    close 16:00


    Price: 6,000 yen

    (free food / free drink)

    Dress cord: Kimono or yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothes)

    Special site:


  • In the world-famous movie, Star Wars, you can find many elements of Japanese samurai culture.

    As many of you might know, George Lucas is a big fan of Kurosawa Akira’s movies and it is a famous story that he offered Toshiro Mifune, an actor who played in many of Kurosawa’s movies, the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

    This time, I joined the course called “Samurai Training” held by the kimono rental shop, “Yumenoya” in Asakusa to enjoy STAR WARS™/Jedi Challenges to the fullest.


    夢乃屋浅草店 外観

    To get to Yumenoya, go through the Kaminarimon and turn right at Nakamisedori. And you will see it on your right. Look for the mannequin wearing a kimono.

    It is just a 5 minutes on foot from Asakusa station on Tokyo Metro Ginza line. It’s in a very convenient location.




    You must wear wafuku (traditional Japanese clothes) to participate in Samurai Training. There are many kinds of kimonos available.

    This time, I chose a red kimono which looks strong.

    Now Ruki’s ready to meet the challenge. She learned how to hold a katana and make a stroke pose.


    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング7

    Today’s teacher is Ukon Takafuji who is the second generation of “Buto Takafujiryu” from Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture.

    In addition to offering lectures, both in Japan and abroad, he established an exercise routine called, “Katana Exercise” to introduce the charms of traditional arts.


    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング

    Now let’s start the training program. Get dressed in your “furisode” and let’s begin the battle!

    First, Ruki learned how to bow.


    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング2

    Ruki “the Katana is much longer than I thought it would be and it’s difficult to use.


    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング6

    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング3

    After rehearsing for 30 minutes, Luki could use the katana fairy well.

    And now let’s beggingSTAR WARS™/Jedi Challenges.



    This isSTAR WARS™/Jedi Challenges which Lenovo developed. First , download the Jedi Challenges application and set your smartphone in the goggle. 

    The models which this app can be used are iPhone 6, Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy 7, edge, S8, Pixel / Pixel XL, LG G6, Moto Z2 Force Edition and Android smartphones.

    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese are can be used. (2018 January )



    First, connect the light saver and smartphone to Bluetooth. It’s good its wireless.

    It’s much lighter than you would think and it won’t slip because it has a good grip.

    This light saver is just like a real thing in every detail. Just by looking at it, you can enjoy the world view of this game.



    Fasten the the smartphone to the goggles as is instructed in the app. It cannot be used with other apps.

    It is also recommended that you turn your banner off so that it’s not interrupt your game.



    When you put your AR goggles on, a 360 degree 3D image will appear. Look around and you can enter the world Star Wars.



    The half invisible characters will appear as life-sized characters. You can experience the scene where Princess Leia asks Obi-Wan for help – the best scene in EP4.

    If you play the game in the darkened room the images will be even clear and the atmosphere will be awesome.



    There are 3 types of games in total, however the best game is “light saver battle.”
    In this game you can actually fight with the characters that appeared in the story using the light saver.


    STAR WARS™/ジェダイ・チャレンジ2

    “I can see the light saver!” says Ruki in excitement. If it was for real you would have to do special training to be able to use the light saver. But in this game it is so easy to use. The power of technology is amazing. Thank you, Lenovo!!


    STAR WARS™/ジェダイ・チャレンジ

    At the early stage you can successfully finish but as the stages advance you enemies will become stronger and stronger. This time it is battle with Darth Maul. The life-size characters coming this way look so real-looking. Ruki looks like he is going to run away.



    In the light saver battle, you have to stop you opponent’s light saver and then duck your opponent’s light saver, all the while looking for a moment for you to attack. Using AR you can experience a real battle scene. A hint will appear momentarily on the screen to suggest to you how to convey a big damage when your opponent is off guard. You have a chance to cause major damage. Don’t miss this chance. While you are playing this game you will no doubt be moving about, so make sure that there are no obstacles in your way and it is best to play the game in a wide space.


    STAR WARS™/ジェダイ・チャレンジ3

    Ruki: “When you cut your opponent with the light saver, the light saver shakes and it is as if it is for real. It really feels like you have entered the world of the movie.”


    STAR WARS™/ジェダイ・チャレンジ4


    Using sword-work learned directly from teacher Ukon, and after a desperate struggle, somehow you were able to win over Darth Maul.
    The light saver is not for real but this is the way you will feel.


    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング4

    夢乃屋浅草店 侍トレーニング5


    We finished Samurai training and got a certificate.

    Overall Luki becoming a closer to be Jedi…?


    In addition, STAR WARS™/Jedi Challenge includes other games.


    Your concentration and strategy will be tested in Holochess.
    By making best use of the aliens in this game you are trying to increase your territory in the chessboard.



    This is a strategy game where rebel forces fight with the mighty empire forces.
    Enlarge your front line bases and repel the empire forces!




    You might be able to become a Jedi by playing STAR WARS™/Jedi Challenge!

    May the force be with you!




    Writer:Nao Shiota



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