Netflix’s The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime Series Releasing Winter 2019

12.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME

Netflix announced back in March that they were working on a new anime season of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. adapted from Shūichi Asō’s popular gag manga series of the same name. It has finally been confirmed that the series will hit Netflix worldwide this winter.

To date, the series has receive two anime adaptations in addition to two specials, all of which is streaming on Netflix. The next season will feature all-new characters, details of which have been dropped, including teaser visuals and photos of the voice cast in the studio.

Hiroshi Kamiya, who voices the main character Kusuo Saiki, commented on how his lines were to be spoken faster than ever before―a gag from previous seasons―saying, “It’s no longer just the director who can’t wait to get into the studio.” He continues, “The fact that there is a series that makes me this happy, one that has continued to be adapted, fills me with gratitude.”

Two new characters will be introduced. Takumi Ichigu will be voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind; Kuroko’s Basketball). He is an excellent teacher, but because of his lewd facial expressions, he is mistaken to be a pervert. Talking about the character, Toriumi commented: “I believe he is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who is always thinking about and works hard for his students.”

Hii Suzumiya will be voiced by Nao Tōyama (Nisekoi7SEEDS). She is altogether an unlucky individual, but that is mistaken to be her just being “clumsy.” That bad luck found itself into the real world. Speaking about the recording, Tōyama commented: “All of the lines on the first day were Suzumiya’s, which had an influence on the post-recording script. I couldn’t believe it!”


The new visual released to tease the upcoming season features the main character Kusuo Saiki performing a glorious “N” pose.


The new season will stream on Netflix in 190 countries around the world. Several of the cast members released statements in anticipation of its release. See below.


Hiroshi Kamiya (Kusuo Saiki)

A new chapter of Kusuo Saiki begins! With this, we’ve covered most of the content serialised in Jump Comic by [Shūichi] Asō! The fact that there is a series that makes me this happy, one that has continued to be adapted, fills me with gratitude. Post-recording has been tough, but I’ll continue working hard!

Kōsuke Toriumi (Takumi Ichigu)

This is my first time joining the series. I think everyone already knows by now how fun this series is, and I believe this new season continues to play up to that. Please look forward to it.

Nao Tōyama (Hii Suzumiya)

I’ve been given the opportunity to join the series, and I’m completely in love with it! I hope lots of people enjoy the episodes where my new character Hii Suzumiya appears too! And this is off-topic, but since this is Netflix, that means there’ll be dubs too. I wonder if the voice actors in other countries are going full-speed in their voice acting too? I really wanna know [laughs] Be sure to give the show a watch!


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  • Netflix Anime Series ‘Beastars’ Promotional Event to Take Place at Tobu Zoo in Saitama

    02.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Tobu Zoo is set to collaborate with the upcoming drama anime series Beastars from November 2 to December 29.

    Beastars is a manga series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It is serialised in Weekly Shōnen Champion which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

    Beastars is set in a world of herbivores and carnivores. The story follows Legoshi, a quiet and gentle grey wolf and student at Cherryton Academy. His world is turned upside down when one of his fellow students is brutally murdered.


    The collaboration event will see Tobu Zoo decorated with illustrations drawn specifically for the event. There will also be exclusive and original merchandise on sale, as well as themed food and more.


    Beastars will premiere in Japan on Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block on October 9. It will also be streamed exclusively on Netflix.



  • Watch CHVRCHES Perform ‘Graves’ in Tokyo for Netflix’s Terrace House

    01.October.2019 | MUSIC

    Scottish electro-pop trio CHVRCHES shared a video of them performing their song Graves which is used as the opening theme for the Netflix reality series Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020.

    The band recently performed at Summer Sonic in Japan this summer, and during their visit they took a trip to the Terrace House. Graves is being used for episodes 17-20 which will air between October 1 to 22.

    The song is taken from the band’s 2018 hit album Love Is Dead. The Japanese deluxe edition of the album as well as the band’s Hansa Session EP includes the song Out Of My Head which features Japanese artist Wednesday Campanella.

    CHVRCHES lead singer Lauren commented: “Graves is one of our favourites from Love Is Dead. Thanks to our Japanese fans and Terrace House, we’ve been able to take it further. We’re really happy to have been able to perform a special live version for the show!” (*Translated from Japanese)

  • Netflix Original Anime Series Kengan Ashura OP & ED Theme Artists Revealed

    05.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Netflix will begin streaming an original anime adaptation of manga series Kengan Ashura on July 31, 2019.

    Kengan Ashura is a manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon. It stands as the most popular series on the Japanese manga website Ura Sunday and Japanese manga app Comic One. It also placed No. 1 in an online poll in Japan for male readers where it boasted a readership of 413 million. Its huge success has caused it to be picked up by Netflix for an anime adaptation.


    The artists chosen to perform the series’ opening and ending themes have finally been unveiled.

    Performing the opening theme KING & ASHELY is Japanese rock band MY FIRST STORY who completed their first headline show at Yokohama Arena with two concerts in 2018.

    The ending theme Born This Way (feat. YZERR & Vingo & Barkwill be performed by Kawasaki-based eight-member hip hop group BAD HOP who maintain a huge movement in the Japanese music scene.


    Both songs were released digitally worldwide on Spotify, the iTunes Store and Apple Music July 4. Be sure to check them out in the run up to the anime’s premiere.

  • Watch Hikaru Utada’s 2018 Laughter in the Dark Tour in High Resolution at Sony Store Branches

    26.June.2019 | MUSIC

    Hikaru Utada’s 2018 Laughter in the Dark Tour was released on DVD and Blu-ray today. The tour―which was her first nationwide tour in Japan in 12 years―was held to celebrate 20 years since her debut.

    The DVD and Blu-ray was released in Limited Pressing Edition packaging and was also released across several streaming platforms including Netflix.

    On day one of its release, the video shot up to No. 1 in downloads on the iTunes Live Video section. It has also been warmly received by foreign fans for its posting on Netflix.


    Fans in Japan can also now watch it at several Sony Store branches in high resolution as part of the Sony Store Days event. At the event, fans can see the outfits that Utada actually wore on stage during the shows as well as watch Anata and Play A Love Song using Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, the latest in immersive music reproduction that brings listeners closer the artists than ever before. You must book in advance to experience this latest cutting-edge technology however.


    As well as this, 13.1 channel multi-speakers will be used so that fans can enjoy the live experience together with the mix by Utada’s recording engineer Masahito Komori.

    Fans can also experience Hikari and Chikai on PlayStation®VR and more. The event will begin at the Umeda branch of the Sony Store in Osaka on July 4. Full details below.


    Cameraman: Teppei Kishida (岸田哲平)

  • Netflix Original Series Aggretsuko Season 2 Premiering on June 14

    22.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    It has been announced that season 2 of Aggretsuko will premiere worldwide on Netflix on June 14, 2019. The series is a Netflix Original created by Sanrio, Fanworks and Netflix. A trailer and promotional poster have been released.


    Japanese Trailer (See English here)

    The first season was released in April 2018. It follows Retsuko, a Red Panda who is frustrated with her office job and relieves her stress by hitting the karaoke to sing some death metal tracks. The show has enjoyed popularity both in Japan and overseas.

    Season 2 introduces Retsuko’s mother who brings up the topic of marriage. A new face, Anai, joins the same accounting department that Retsuko works at. Her colleagues praise him, but she slowly begins to see his true nature.

    The newly-released key visual features new characters, including Anai. And who could it be at the end of the trailer who says, “I hope I can be with you forever, Retsuko”?

    The visual also includes familiar faces such as Director Gori and Ms. Washimi. Be sure to watch season 1 Aggretsuko if you haven’t already before the new season drops!


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