Shizuoka matcha sweets factory “Nanaya” to release new matcha chocolates bursting with flavour!

“Nanaya” makes sweets using matcha sourced from Shizuoka. From roasting the cacao beans until the final stage ー Naname sees that every step is completed in a homemade fashion. This “bean to bar” chocolate production kicked off in 2016. As we have now hit 2017, three new varieties of chocolate ー the “matcha truffle”, “chocolat au japon” and “TEA CHOCOLATE MATCHA 7” will be released on 4th February. The best matcha chocolate truffle in the world, “Ao-truffle” will be released on 10th February. Nanaya’s matcha chocolate is made by melting and mixing the finest quality of Belgian white chocolate with matcha for a fantastic, full flavour. These new chocolates release a beautiful aroma of true matcha chocolate that cannot be obtained anywhere else. No artificial flavourings or preservatives are used to make this chocolate. The maximum flavour from the raw cacao is harnessed, creating a truly splendid chocolate. Experience the true essence of matcha through these new chocolates. Try them for yourself!   ■Information Nanaya (ななや)     −−− ■ Related article: Indulge in cherry blossoms and matcha over at the “Nescafé Dolce Gusto Uji Matcha Retreat” coffee pod   ■ Related article: Kit Kat Chocolatory to celebrate opening of Ginza store with sushi Kit Kats!