Zoff to release blue light dispelling Pokémon glasses for use with your PC, TV and smartphone

04.February.2017 | FASHION

Zoff are a glasses company in Japan who also offer special lenses for your glasses specifically to filter 40% of the blue light that comes from your PC. The company are releasing a new entry to their “Zoff PC CLEAR PACK” series: the Pikachu model, which will go on sale Friday February 10th. As well as Pikachu, there will also be a number of other models based on popular Pokémon, including Eevee, Gengar, Mewtwo, and Charizard. And what’s even better is that they cater to all sizes, from children to adults.


Blue light is emitted from your everyday tech, including your PC, TV and smartphone. It is defined as visible light that ranges between 380 to 500 nm. It is thought that exposure to blue light can lead to a number of issues, resulting in eye strain, a disruption in the rhythm of the body, and headaches. But the people over at Zoff have designed some stylish and kawaii glasses that you can use in any situation to help dispel the effects of blue light. The glasses’ nose pads and temple tips are made of rubber so you can adjust them according to your preference. They are agreeable for those wearing glasses for the first time too.


The Pikachu model has a monogram design, so even adults can pull them off. So go head and choose your Pokémon, who will help you out in any digital situation.



Zoff PC CLEAR PACK Pokémon Models




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