Limited Edition “Sakura Tin” & New Flavour from Garrett Popcorn for the Cherry Blossom Season

08.February.2017 | FOOD

From America’s Chicago popcorn brand “Garrett Popcorn Shops®” comes a cute new packaging design in Japan for the cherry blossom season. The design of the “2017 Sakura Tin” has on it cherry blossoms in full bloom and fluttering in the night. The tin goes on sale starting Wednesday February 15th, 2017 and is being sold in limited quantities. As well as that, Garrett are releasing a new Japan-only popcorn flavour alongside the tin: “White Chocolate Cranberry Caramel Crisp™.” The combination of the rich and sweet white chocolate and the sour springtime cranberries makes for a delicious flavour.


The “2017 Sakura Tin” is the fourth annual release in Garrett’s sakura series and has two different kinds of blue on it, as well as their standard stripe design, with cherry blossoms dancing into the night, making for an atmospheric design. They will be on sale in limited quantities, so be sure to pick one up.


The flavour of the “White Chocolate Cranberry Caramel Crisp™” is exquisite, with the sweetness of the white chocolate, the sourness of fresh dried cranberries, and the slight bitterness of the caramel. The white of the chocolate and the red from the cranberries gives a feeling of transitioning from winter to spring, making this flavour not only delicious, but enjoyable to look at.


How’s about an early spring? Grab some of Garrett’s new releases while it’s still wintertime.



Japanese Limited Edition Design “Sakura Tin” (Japanese: 日本限定デザイン缶「SAKURA缶」)

Japanese Limited Edition New Flavour “White Chocolate Cranberry Caramel Crisp™”

On Sale: February 15th, 2017 to March 31st, 2017

Available: Garrett Popcorn Shops® nationwide


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  • Garrett Popcorn Reveals Cherry Blossom Pink Strawberry & White Chocolate Popcorn Flavour

    14.February.2020 | FOOD

    American gourmet popcorn brand Garrett Popcorn Shops® has revealed its new cherry blossom pink coloured, strawberry and white chocolate flavoured popcorn “Very Berry White Chocolate,” along with the new “Garrett Sakura Tin”ーboth of which will be released tomorrow on February 15 in limited quantities.

    Very Berry White Chocolate: Small ¥580/Medium ¥1,030/Large ¥1,670/Jumbo ¥3,300/Quarter Tin ¥1,700/1 Gallon Tin ¥4,300/2 Gallon Tin ¥8,250

    Also released for spring last year to overwhelming popularity, the “Very Berry White Chocolate” popcorn takes Garrett Popcorn’s fruity, sweet and sour “Strawberry Caramel Crisp™” flavour, coats it in sweet white chocolate, and sprinkles it with strawberry flakes to create a truly succulent strawberry treat, which is made even more delicious with the milk white chocolate. Its pink colour also brings to mind images of Japan’s cherry blossoms.

    Garrett Sakura Tin/Quarter Tin: From ¥1,130

    The Garrett Sakura Tin has been sold every spring since 2014, and makes a return once again for 2020, covered in beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom.


    The pink-on-pink combination is a great Valentine’s Day present, for a springtime movie nightーwhatever takes your fancy!

  • Valentine’s Day 2020 in Japan: Must-Buy Chocolate & Sweet Gifts

    27.January.2020 | FEATURES / FOOD

    Christmas is over, and Easter is still on the horizon, but if you love chocolate as much as we do, never fearーas our sweet tooth cravings will soon be satisfied with the season of love.


    In Japan, shop’s and restaurant’s are already carving their Cupid arrows to fire at customers for Valentine’s Day to tempt them into one of their many tantalising treats. If you’re in Japan this year, we’ve whipped up a list just for you of five must-buy gifts for Valentine’s Day 2020.


    Garrett Popcorn

    Almond Chocolate Truffle | Garrett Valentine’s Tin | Valentine’s Mix

    Garrett Popcorn is an American brand of popcorn that boasts a myriad of gourmet handcrafted popcorn flavours. You may not know that it’s also a household name in Japan, where they also make the popcorn fresh every day for snack-hungry customers. For Valentine’s, they serving up an exclusive series full of love which consists of the “Almond Chocolate Truffle,” “Garrett Valentine’s Tin,” and “Valentine’s Mix.”

    Almond Chocolate Truffle in Garrett Valentine’s Tin – From ¥1,130

    First up, the Almond Chocolate Truffle. If you’re not already drooling at that name, let the description begin: this popcorn takes Garrett’s crushed almond CaramelCrisp™️, coats it in chocolate, and sprinkles it generously with a dust storm of cocoa powder. The fragrant scent and texture of the almonds adds an incredible touch to the combination of the sweet, velvety milk chocolate and the slightly-bitter bite of the cocoa powder. Get in the Valentine’s mood even more by purchasing one of the Garrett Valentine’s Tin – the perfect accompaniment to your movie night in with your loved one.

    Valentine’s Mix (Chocolate Cocoa & Strawberry) – ¥1,200

    Valentine’s Mix (Chocolate Cocoa & White Chocolate Bark) – ¥1,200

    Last year, Garrett Popcorn release a cute heart-shaped tin big enough to fit in the palm of your hands. 2020 will see the return of the tin, this time with two different designs: one with kissing lips and the other with hearts.


    Inside the first tin is a mix of sweet chocolate cocoa flavoured CaramelCrisp™️ and sour freeze-dried strawberries. The other tin, which has a more sophisticated chocolate brown and salmon pink design, contains the same cocoa flavoured CaramelCrisp™️ but combines it with “white chocolate bark” – a white chocolate made with almonds and dried cranberries.


    ▶︎Garrett Popcorn Valentine’s Day Products

    Running: January 10, 2020 – February 14, 2020 (Mix available from January 17, 2020) *While supplies last

    ・Almond Chocolate Truffle: Small ¥620/Medium ¥1,100/Large ¥1,720/Jumbo ¥3,450/Quart Tin ¥1,750/1 Gallon ¥4,400/2 Gallons ¥8,400
    ・Garrett Valentine’s Tin/Quart Tin: From ¥1,130
    ・Valentine’s Mix: ¥1,200
    Available: Garrett Popcorn Shops®︎ branches in Japan
    Official Website:


    KitKat Chocolatory

    Ruby 2020 Assortment

    KitKat Chocolatory is releasing a new assortment of KitKat treats for the Valentine’s season in Japan made with ruby chocolateーthe fourth type of chocolate alongside milk, white, and darkーwhich was developed by Belgian-Swiss chocolate makers Barry Callebaut.

    KitKat Chocolatory Ruby 2020 Assortment – ¥1,200

    Ruby chocolate gets its striking pink colour from the original bean and has a distinct fruity sourness to it. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day giftーor even just as a treat to yourself!


    ▶︎KitKat Chocolatory Ruby 2020 Assortment

    Price: ¥1,200
    Running: from January 15, 2020
    Available: KitKat Chocolatory store/Online
    Official Website:



    Valentine’s Collection

    GODIVA, one of the main players in the Japanese chocolate game, has developed the “Chocolate Chronicle Sweet Collection”ーan assortment of individually unique chocolates. The “chronicle” refers to the many places the chocolates have encountered since being created, both in the past and present.

    Chocolate Chronicle Sweetheart (Contains 6) – ¥3,240

    Chocolate Chronicle Chic Assortment (Contains 15) – ¥6,264

    The “Original Maya” considers the civilisation and mysteries of Mesoamerica. The “Cocoa Honey Delight” uses honey to sweeten the chocolate like they did in the latter half of the Middle Ages when there was no sugar. The “Modern Love”burns into your mind the image of its vivid red heart lovingly made with sweet and sour strawberries, ganache, and milk chocolate.


    ▶︎GODIVA Valentine’s Collection 2020

    Running: from January 10, 2020 (Limited Time)
    Chocolate Chronicle Sweetheart: 6 Set ¥3,240/12 Set ¥5,400
    Chocolate Chronicle Chic Assortment: 4 Set ¥1,296/6 Set ¥2,160/10 Set ¥3,240/16 Set ¥5,400
    Chocolate Chronicle Sweet Kare Assortment: 6 Set ¥1,080
    Chocolate Chronicle Chic Collection: 4 Set ¥1,836/6 Set ¥2,700/9 Set ¥3,888/12 Set ¥5,076/15 Set ¥6,264/20 Set ¥8,208
    Official Website:



    Koi Suru Chocolate

    Valentine’s Collection 2020

    The base of these treats is chocolate by Shiroi Koibito. The collection was first released in January 2018 and is very reminiscent of Hokkaido chocolate. There are lots of chocolates in the collection made with cute pink ruby chocolate too.

    Mille-feuille (Contains 3) – ¥520

    These mille-feuille are layered with milk and white chocolate and coated in things like couverture chocolate and ruby chocolate.

    The Heart (Contains 7) – ¥1,080

    Each of these hearts has its own distinct sauce: the ruby chocolate has blackcurrant, the milk chocolate has caramel, and the white chocolate has yuzu.


    ▶︎Koi Suru Chocolate Valentine’s Collection 2020

    Release Date: January 17, 2020
    Available: ISHIYA store/Online
    Mille-feuille: 3 Set ¥540/6 Set ¥1,080/12 Set ¥2,160
    The Heart: 7 Set ¥1,080/14 Set ¥2,160
    Official Website:



    Valentine’s Dessert Plate

    Morozoff specialises in western-style sweets, and at Cafe Morozoff, they’re serving up a Valentine’s-only dessert.

    Valentine’s Dessert Plate – ¥1,200

    The beautiful dessert plate is an assortment of cute heart-shaped treats. The rich chocolate mousse has an orange scent, and the fluffy chocolate sponge combines sweet and sour strawberries with smooth whipped cream which elevate the flavour of the chocolate.


    ▶︎Morozoff Valentine’s Dessert Plate

    Running: January 15, 2020 – February 14, 2020

    Available: select Cafe Morozoff branches in Japan
    Price: ¥1,200 (comes with tea or coffee)
    Official Website:


    Did you enjoy this list? There’s plenty of Valentine’s Day delights to be enjoyed while in Japan. Which on this list has you drooling the most?

  • Garrett Popcorn’s Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp Flavour Releasing for the New Year

    24.December.2019 | FOOD

    Garrett Popcorn has announced that it will release its popular limited-edition Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp flavoured popcorn, as well as New Year’s popcorn tins with a Year of the Rat design for 2020, from December 26, 2019 in limited quantities.

    Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp / Available: December 26, 2019 – January 9, 2020 *While supplies last

    The popular Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp returns again this year, taking Garrett Popcorn’s classic Caramel Crisp™, coating it in white chocolate, and sprinkling over delicious matcha powder to create the ultimate luxury popcorn.

    Garrett 2020 ETO Tins / Available: December 26, 2019 – January 9, 2020 *While supplies last

    To get popcorn munchers in the festive mood, Garrett Popcorn has also designed these New Year’s tins featuring the classic Japanese celebratory colours vermilion and light emerald green. The design is also decorated with plum blossoms and a rat to symbolise the 2020 Year of the Rat from the Chinese zodiac.

    Black Truffle / Available: December 27, 2019 – January 5, 2020 *While supplies last (At Garrett Popcorn Shops® in Harajuku/Tokyo Station/Shisui Premium Outlets/Nagoya)

    The company has also developed a special new recipe to chime in the New Year: “Black Truffle,” a seriously luxurious indulgence. It will be sold for 10 days only when the New year rolls around.


    Enjoy a Happy New Year with a bowl of these delicious popcorn flavours from Garrett Popcorn.

  • Support Japan’s National Rugby Team With Cherry Blossom Popcorn & Cheetos

    02.August.2019 | FOOD

    To promote support of the Brave Blossoms―Japan’s National Rugby Union Team (JNRU)―Mike Popcorn and Cheetos are teaming up with them to release limited edition packaged products on August 26.

    Mike Popcorn Japan National Rugby Team Salted Sakura Shrimp – ¥125 (Before Tax)

    The JNRU are known for their trademark cherry blossom emblem and red and white striped uniforms, so Mike Popcorn are releasing salted sakura shrimp flavour popcorn with these very motifs.

    Cheetos Japan National Rugby Team Pollock Roe Cheese – ¥125 (Before Tax)

    Cheetos are a global brand sold in over 40 countries worldwide. This exclusive flavour forms a tight scrum of ingredients, perfectly combining rich cheese and delicious Pollock roe into a crunchy snack. Like with Mike Popcorn, Cheetos have created a beautiful packaging with cherry blossom flowers as well as Chester Cheetah showing his support by donning the iconic jersey.


    Which pack do you want to try most to show your support for Japan in the Rugby World Cup?



  • New Matcha White Chocolate Popcorn From Brand Garrett

    01.April.2018 | FOOD

    Japan Frito-Lay, Ltd. who produce Garrett Popcorn Shops popcorn, a brand that originates from Chicago, US, released a new matcha and white chocolate flavour popcorn on March 30th, 2018.

    ポップコーン・ブランド「ギャレット」新フレーバー「抹茶 ホワイトチョコ」

    To make their popular Matcha Caramel Crisp™ popcorn even more flavourful, they have  mixed Caramel Crisp™ with generous amounts of white chocolate, creating a blend of bitter matcha and richly sweet white chocolate that complement one another on your taste buds. Matcha White Chocolate allows you to enjoy both Japanese and Western flavours at once.


    Spring is here, so people are starting to step outside more. Why not head out and get your hands on this new popcorn flavour to snack on?



    Matcha White Chocolate

    Running: March 30, 2018 ― April 26, 2018

    Available: Garrett Popcorn Shops® stores across Japan

    Price: Small ¥550, Medium ¥870, Large ¥1,300, Jumbo ¥2,500

    QT ¥1,650, Easter ¥1,780, 1G ¥4,000, 2G ¥7,200

    *There are limited supplies each day. Once all have been sold, sales will cease.

    *Easter version is limited edition.

    *Jumbo and 2G versions available at Shisui Premium Outlet and LaLaport EXPOCITY branches only.

  • “Unicorn Ball” – a colorful popcorn was released♡

    19.February.2018 | FOOD

    Sun Smile announced on their official website that they are going to sell photogenic/colorful popcorn called, “Unicorn Ball” created based on the motif of “unicorn” starting from the 16th of February 2018.


    “Unicorn Ball” is a product which was created for girls who love cute/girly/fairy-like/dreamy items. It is a delicious, beautiful-looking, colorful popcorn which includes many kinds of popcorn inside the bag. The package design was created by the up-and-coming illustrator, DALAZ DAAKAA. It is very cute and Instagenic!


    There are two varieties available. The package with the illustration of a unicorn includes banana/caramel/strawberry/red sweet potato flavored popcorn and the package with the illustration of a girl includes blueberry and mint flavored popcorn.


    Unicorn Ball uses “Mushroom Beans” produced in the U.S. and is made using the “Air Pop Manufacturing Process.” Therefore, the popcorn used in the product is very light and soft. Also, the popcorn is coated with a caramelizer produced in the U.S.


    Let’s enjoy this cute and delicious product.




    Unicorn Ball

    Varieties: 2 kinds / content – 40g

    Price: 380 yen + tax




  • Cute New Unicorn Tin Design From “Garrett Popcorn Shops”!

    09.July.2017 | FOOD

    Good news for all you unicorn and popcorn lovers out there. “Garrett Popcorn Shops®” are releasing a new special limited edition unicorn design for their popcorn tins. You will see them pop up starting July 10th.


    This new tin design is super cute and exciting to look at with its multicoloured exterior. Its endless rainbow colours of pink, orange, yellow, green and so on represent the mane of a unicorn, finished with sparkling stars to complete that magical unicorn look.


    One of the popular flavours from Garrett is the nut flavour. Normally only one type of nut is used, but the limited edition “Tropical Nuts Caramel Crisp” is making a return. This delicious treat uses three kinds of nuts – almonds, cashews, and walnuts – which go together perfectly with the caramel.


    Both the new unicorn tin with its feel-good multitude of colours and the rich flavoured tropical nuts caramel crisp are great gifts for summer. Whether for your friend (or for yourself!), make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to get some cute popcorn from Garrett Popcorn Shops!


    Unicorn Tin Design

    On Sale: July 10, 2017 to August 29, 2017

    Price: ¥1,130
    Available at Garrett Popcorn Shops® around Japan.

    ※There are a limited stock available for purchase each day. Please note that once all have sold out the item will discontinue.


    Limited Edition “Tropical Nuts Caramel Crisp” is back!

    On Sale: July 19, 2017 to August 29, 2017

    Prices: S: ¥620 / M: ¥1,100 / L: ¥1,720 / J: ¥3,450 / QT: ¥¥1,750 / 1G: ¥4,400 / 2G: ¥8,400

    Available at Garrett Popcorn Shops® around Japan.

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