Enjoy Japanese Shabu-Shabu Solo With Yamawarau’s New Spring Menu Dish

28.February.2020 | FOOD

Yamawarau is a chain of restaurants serving shabu-shabu, a style of Japanese hot pot, which uses carefully-selected domestic meat and seasonal vegetables for its dishes. This spring, the restaurant is releasing a new seasonal-exclusive dish on March 9, 2020.


Yamawarau offers an environment where customers can enjoy shabu-shabu alone or in groups. Their round tables make it comfortable for either of these situations. The restaurant welcome both Japanese and foreign guests who flock to try their famous shabu-shabu dishes.

Spring Herb Sakura Shrimp & Yonezawa Pork Broth Shabu – ¥1,700 (Before Tax)

The new seasonal dish, available this spring only, is called the “Spring Herb Sakura Shrimp & Yonezawa Pork Broth Shabu.” The exquisite broth is a tasty combination of light soy sauce and kombu dashi. This herb-fragrant broth is packed with sakura shrimp, which is desiccated to intensify the smell and flavour. Added veggies include a mix of fresh greens, including arugula, watercress, and oregano. The bowl also contains spring herbs, spring onions and cabbage in season, and more.

The pork loin used is in fact a brand of pork, known as “Yonezawa Buta Ichiban Sodachi,” which has an exquisitely refreshing flavour. The soft pork loin goes perfectly with the sakura shrimp and spring vegetables.


Enjoy a classic shabu-shabu meal in Japan this spring at any branch of Yamawarau, including Omotesando, Ginza, and Nagoya LACHIC.