GARNiDELiA, Luna Haruna, Alisa Takigawa & ELISA perform on stage together for anime fans in Hong Kong!

17.March.2017 | MUSIC

Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISa, GARNiDELiA, Kalafina and Haruna Luna (in alphabetical order) all wowed a crowd at Hong Kong’s Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Friday March 10th where Anisong Fantasy Live Vol.1 2017 in Hong Kong was held.


During the performance was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see GARNiDELiA, Luna Haruna, Alisa Tokigawa and ELISA all perform together on stage. This surprising and fantastic performance earned huge cheers of joy from fans in the audience.


There were so many people singing along in loud voices that it was as if the venue itself was singing. This was a dream collaboration for fans to witness, and they never stopped clapping.


This collaboration it also scheduled to be held on March 19th at Singapore’s Megabox Event Hall @ Bigbox. Anisong Fantasy Live Vol.1 2017 in Singapore Digest – Delay Viewing will also be screened in theatres around Japan on March 22nd. Make sure you don’t miss out on this unbelievable collaboration



Friday March 18th, 2017

「Anisong Fantasy Live Vol.1 2017 in Singapore 」

Venue: Megabox Event Hall @ Bigbox

1 Venture Avenue

Singapore 608521

DOORS 18:00 / START 19:00


Wednesday March 22nd, 2017

「Anisong Fantasy Live Vol.1 2017 in Singapore Digest – Delay Viewing」

Start: 19:30


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  • MAXPLAN AZABU10: The New Landmark of Tokyo’s Azabu Juban District

    31.May.2020 | SPOT

    MAXPLAN Co. is set to open MAXPLAN AZABU10 on October 22, 2020 which is set to become the new symbol and a landmark of Tokyo’s Azabu Juban District. The building will offer many unique and extraordinary experiences.

    Nakamura Suzuko (CEO, MAXPLAN Co.) | Comment

    “This project borrows the strength of internationally-active architect Kengo Kuma. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to be a driving force together with him once again. This building, which is the ‘Azabu Juban Development Project,’ will be a place that creates and discovers new collective value between companies and individuals. A place of creative symbiosis. It aims to offer well being for companies that brings about a sense of cultural values. It will be a creative space for companies and individuals to resonate, bounce ideas off, and flow with one another. I pray from the bottom of my heart that these things will serve as a connection to how we want to live in the future.”

    Kengo Kuma (Architect) | Comment

    “Azabu Juban is Tokyo’s intersection between tradition and the future. I wanted to create a symbol for this district of ‘fluctuations’ around its crossroads. Combining panels of varying sizes with different heights, thicknesses, and textures expresses the district’s diversity and energy. I wanted the building to blend in as part of the ‘fluctuations,’ as well as create a small 3D city which itself has ‘fluctuations’ […]”


    We look forward to seeing how this new landmark and symbol of Azabu Juban brings together the traditional and the futuristic.

  • Sailor Moon Area to Arrive at Miniature Theme Park SMALL WORLDS TOKYO in June

    31.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    The world’s biggest miniature theme park SMALL WORLDS TOKYO has announced that the highly-anticipated Sailor Moon area will open on June 5, 2020.


    The Sailor Moon area gives people the chance to be turned into miniature 1/80 scale figurines and live there. In the run up to the grand opening, members of the official Sailor Moon fan club “Pretty Guardians” will have early access to this program from May 29, 2020.



    SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is a miniature theme park that opened Ariake district of Tokyo earlier this spring. The park covers an 8,000 square meter area which is split into seven different areas made up of moving miniature models: the Kansai International Airport, the Space Center, World Streets, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion Tokyo-3, and Neon Genesis Evangelion Evangelion Cage.


    What is the Sailor Moon figurine program?

    The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series is set in Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban district, which is the setting for the area in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. During the day, the series heroines, including Usagi Tsukino, live a lively life in Azabu-Juban. At night when the street lights turn on, the girls transform into Sailor Guardians under the moonlight.


    On the opposite side of Azabu-Juban district you can see Crystal Tokyo, a future capital city in the 30th Century which also appears in the original series.


    In the exclusive Pretty Guardians fan club area of the exhibit, members will find miniature figurines of themselves, making it feel like they really live in the world of Sailor Moon. More details on this program can be found on the official fan club website.

  • Garrett Popcorn Releases its Richest Matcha Flavour in Japan

    31.May.2020 | FOOD

    Chicago-based gourmet popcorn brand Garrett Popcorn Shops® is releasing its strongest matcha flavour to date alongside a new striped tin in Japan on June 1. Both are limited edition products and will be available while supplies last.

    Named “Koi Matcha Kinako Kurumi” (Rich Matcha Soy Flour Walnut), the new matcha flavour is 40% stronger than the Matcha Caramel Crisp™ and blends together soybean flour and walnut for an aromatic crunch combination. The matcha holds a pleasant bitter flavour while the soybean flour is subtly sweet and gives off a rich, delightful smell.

    The new tin takes Garret Popcorn’s iconic striped design and throws in multiple colours and patterns for vivid effect. Combined with the new matcha flavour, it makes for the perfect home theatre accompaniment while you watch a movie.

  • Peach John’s New Lingerie Set is Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’

    31.May.2020 | FASHION

    Peach John introduced a new design to its “Kisho no Bra” lingerie line on May 27, 2020. The items in the line are inspired by famous paintings.

    The first collection to be released in the line hit shelves last year. The items look inspiration from Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and were a huge hit amongst buyers for their delicate lacework, prints, and colour variations.

    Kisho no Bra – Gogh Yellow: ¥3,980 (Before Tax) [Sizes: B-F Cup, UB 65/70/75]

    Kisho no Panties Song – Gogh Yellow: ¥1,480 (Before Tax) [Sizes: S, M, L]

    For the second entry to the line, Peach John are introducing a “Gogh Yellow” collection inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Vivid sunflowers have been embroidered into the lingerie items to recreate the delicate art piece.

    The bra and panties both maintain a feminine design while still conveying the wonder of the original artwork, making it an expression of both art and beauty.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup Dorayaki to be Sold at FamilyMart Convenience Stores in Japan

    30.May.2020 | FOOD

    With shops and businesses temporarily closed as a result of lockdown measures in Japan, Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart is currently collaborating with famous shops around Japan. They recently teamed up with famous matcha company Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten to stock some authentic matcha treats on its shelves.


    For its 5th collaboration, FamilyMart is collaborating with Eitaro Sohonpo, a Japanese confectionery store that has been around since 1818, to bring the company’s brown sugar syrup dorayaki to their own shelves from May 29, 2020. Since being released in December 2018, the dessert has been sold over 1 million times.

    The dorayaki is made with Eitaro Sohonpo’s brown sugar syrup and coarse sweet red bean paste. Each and every ingredient is chosen with care to create this luxurious dessert. The adzuki beans are soaked in a brown sugar syrup made from sugar from Okinawa Prefecture. It’s also made with whole soybean soy sauce and a whipped cream that’s made from a blend of fresh Hokkaido cream and 26% milk.

    The dorayaki pastry is soaked in brown sugar syrup which when eaten with the whipped cream and coarse sweet bean paste makes it truly a dessert for the gods.

  • Street Fighter V Costume Design Contest Launched by Capcom

    30.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    Street Fighter V was released back in 2016, and continues to enjoy a dedicated player base thanks to the ongoing updates. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition was released on February 14, 2020, featuring the original game and all of the content up to Season IV.


    Capcom has now confirmed Season 5 which will roll out five new characters. Three new stages are also being planned. Capcom will also host a costume content for fans to design the outfits for the five new characters.


    Season V: The Final Season is Now in Development

    Season V is set to be final season to be released for Street Fighter V, which has garnered the support of many fans since its release back in 2016. Five new characters have been decided on and are now in development together with three new stages. More information is scheduled to roll out this summer.


    Leave Your Name in Street Fighter History With the Costume Contest

    One aspect of Street Fighter V that players love are the amount of costumes you can put characters in. Fans can see their favourite characters not just in their regular outfits, but in something more cool or even comical.


    This is about to become even more fun as Capcom announces the launch of an official costume contest. Two costumes will be chosen from submissions based on votes by players. This is their chance to make their mark in Street Fighter history.

    Pictured above are concept pieces designed by the Street Fighter V staff. Try designing something that really makes you outfit stand out from the rest.


    Click here for more details on how to participate.


    EX09 Colours Released Free Of Charge For All 40 Characters

    While we’re still a while way from Season V, Capcom decided to release the EX09 colour for all 40 characters on Wednesday free of charge, an awesome combination of black and red.



  • 9 Cute Nail Styles to Inspire Your Self Love and Creativity at Home

    30.May.2020 | FASHION / FEATURES

    With most people stuck in lockdown, many people are taking the time to try out different nail styles right now in Japan. If you’re stuck on what designs to go for, take some inspiration from these 10!


    Girly Off Blue Nails | @paakogrm

    Mayu has gone for the ever-popular off-blue to create a girly design.


    Dalmatian Nails | @fnds23

    YUI has incorporated a dalmatian print for a simple yet stylish combination.

    Colourful Nails Against The Blue Sky | @bjmmm_13

    Koharu’s nails feature a mix of fun colours, patterns, and designs which are sure to cheer her up whenever she’s using her hands and sees them.


    Toy Story Nails | @yanagi.ishii

    Mai’s Toy Story nails seem as though they’re about to come to life and start talking. Check out those fluffy clouds too.


    Demon Slayer | @aiarrn

    Rin’s Demon Slayer and turtle shell designs are all hand drawn. Tanjiro and Nezuko look really cute.


    Shiny Nails | @jamaicafe_nails

    Nao-chan’s nails are made up of various shiny parts which look even cute when the sun shines on them!


    Lovely Blanket Nails | @kym__81g

    Mayu’s lovely blanket nails are hand drawn and have a soft, gentle aesthetic to them.


    Vintage Nails | @pom__a03

    Pom’s nails combine off-colours with browns for a vintage look. The polka dots are a sophisticated cute without being overly-kawaii.


    Fruit Nails | @runrunyukirun

    Yukina’s nails are made up of various cute fruits. She’s serving freshness for the coming summer season.


    Use this opportunity while at home to make your own nails cute too!

  • Beauty Connection Ginza’s Fruits Salon Reveals Mango Menu Line-Up

    30.May.2020 | FOOD

    Beauty Connection Ginza and its second floor fruit course cafe Fruits Salon have been closed since April 8, 2020 as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. But that hasn’t stopped Fruits Corner wanting to deliver its tasty treats to customers as it reveals its new mango themed menu which is set to run for the whole month of June. It will be taking online orders.


    Following the pear, citrus fruits, and strawberry line-ups, the new mango course is made up of four different vitamin-packed and refreshing accompaniments, all made with fresh mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture.

    Mango Full Course: ¥4,400 (Tax Included)

    1st. plate “Terrine”

    2nd. plate “Airy Tart”

    Each of the four plates, packed full of rich and sweet mangoes, offers refreshing taste to give you that early summertime vibe.

    3rd. plate “Parfait”

    4th. plate “Dried Fruits/Mignardises/After-Meal Drink)

    The third plate is a gorgeous, eye-catching parfait centred on mango gelato and made up of delicious ingredients that all come together harmoniously. Mix everything together to create new flavours. The full course is 90 minutes, and beckons you to use all five of your senses to enjoy it.

  • Doraemon 50th Anniversary Online Fair Launched at TSUTAYA Ginza

    30.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    Since the launch of the manga back in 1970, Doraemon has brought smiles on people’s faces in the form of books, anime, live-action films, collaborations with artists, and more, for the past 50 years.


    To celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary, TSUTAYA Ginza has opened an online fair on its website. TSUTAYA Ginza is a place where people of all ages and nationalities come from around the world, and the number one book the store can recommend as part of Japan’s culture continues to be the first volume of Doraemon. For the entirety of 2019—that’s January to December—the first volume of Doraemon was the number one best selling book at TSUTAYA Ginza.


    Doraemon 50th Anniversary Fair

    Doraemon Volume 1 (Tentoumushi Comics)

    Doraemon has come to be a symbol of Japan and has been passed down generations, but there probably a lot of people who don’t know how the story started. To find out, pick up a copy of volume one at TSUTAYA Ginza.


    Doraemon Volume 0 (Tentoumushi Comics)

    As part of the anniversary celebrations, a special volume 0 has been published. This full-colour book features 6 versions of the first Doraemon story as well as comments  by the author and more.


    Doraemon Mizuhiki Accessories (Pins, Earrings, Piercings)

    Mizuhiki are decorative Japanese cords which are used for important ceremonial occasions such as weddings, births, and funerals. These special Doraemon mizuhiki have been turned into beautiful accessories featuring Doraemon and Dorami’s iconic blue and yellow colours respectively. They can be used for decorating clothes with and more.


    This is just a peek at some of the celebratory merchandise on offer for the online fair. For the full list, check out the website below.

  • RADWIMPS Release Music Video For ‘Nekojarashi’ Orchestral Version

    29.May.2020 | MUSIC

    RADWIMPS have dropped a music video for their song Nekojarashi (Orchestra ver.).

    The music video was shot and made by staff who have been involved with many other RADWIMPS music videos. The video is a snapshot of an ordinary day, something which comes as a welcome during these chaotic times. It looks at what lies beyond in the future—a message of hope.


    RADWIMPS recently released a music video for the normal version of Nekojarashi featuring a compilation of photos the band wanted fans to send in which showcase the little things in life that make them happy. Now fans can enjoy that alongside the video for the orchestral version.


    RADWIMPS – “Nekojarashi (Orchestra ver.) Music Video

  • Kawaii Creator’s Club #3: Naomi Shares Her Experiences as a Kawaii Fashion Creator

    29.May.2020 | FASHION / FEATURES

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is launching a new series which we are calling the Kawaii Creators Club. Each episode, we’ll be introducing to you, the readers, to Kawaii Fashion Creators from around the world who are interested in kawaii fashion from Harajuku.


    You’ll get to know each of these creators―who all live in different countries around the world―as you learn how they came to know about kawaii fashion, where they buy their clothes and accessories, who their fashion inspirations are, and more, in the form of an interview.


    In Episode #3, we welcome Naomi from the Philippines!

    Naomi is a fashion student who has her own brand. We asked her about her daily life and her experiences with kawaii fashion.


    –What is your nickname (or name)?

    My name is Naomi but some of my friends call me Naomeow (Now-meow) or Nao!


    –Which country do you live in?

    I’m living in Japan now but I’m from the Philippines!


    –What is your occupation? 

    Naomi’s Brand Omi Omi

    I’m a full-time fashion student, part-time model and creator/designer of my new brand: Omi Omi.


    –What made you interested in kawaii fashion?

    I’ve always had a love for cute things, and have always been told I’ve been stuck daydreaming in my own world. So being able to wear kawaii fashion enables me to express my love for cuteness while being able to show people what it means to me.

    –At what age did you start experimenting with kawaii fashion?

    I’ve been dressing in kawaii fashion for as long as I can remember, but I think it’s just evolved in different ways now.


    –Where do you buy your kawaii accessories and clothes from?

    I really love thrift shopping! This is where I usually buy my clothes if it’s not given to me from online shops. Koenji and Shimokita are usually my go-to places in Tokyo. I also like re-making old clothes, and some of the things I wear I designed myself ♡ I just started my brand recently and have been doing pop-up shops around Tokyo from time to time, and will launch my website soon at


    –Is there anyone who inspires your fashion style?

    I don’t have a particular real person, but I do think my favorite heroines from shows and video games have affected my style in some way. For example, Mathilda from Leon the professional and Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss.

    –What do you like doing on your days off?

    During my free time, I tend to just sleep and play video games.


    –What is your favourite food and why? (It can be from any country)

    Katsu Curry is my ultimate favourite dish! It just tastes so good I’m getting hungry thinking about it. I can finish that in 10 minutes.


    –Do you have a favourite anime?

    I have my top 3 favourite animes that I love, which are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chobits, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The stories of these are amazing, and I love animes with deep, complex plot twists.


    –Who is your favourite character? (If you have one)
    Chii from Chobits!


    –Do you have a favourite Japanese celebrity? If yes, who is it and why?
    I don’t know much about Japanese dramas or celebrities unfortunately 🙁

    –Do you have a favourite website about Japan or Japanese culture? If so, what is it?
    I don’t know much about Japanese culture websites as well 🙁


    –What is your favourite Japanese word or phrase?
    Probably 「ヤバイ!」


    –Have you ever been to Japan? What is your favourite place?
    Yes! I live here. My favourite places are Shimokitazawa, Koenji and Harajuku.


    –Tell us about your dreams for the future.
    I’m currently studying fashion right now, and once I graduate I plan to expand my brand around Tokyo. Maybe, in the near future, it would be such a dream to open a physical store in Harajuku.


    –Finally, what does “kawaii” mean to you?
    To me, I feel like “Kawaii” is more than just physical aesthetics. I think it’s also a feeling, culture, and a lifestyle. You don’t have to be a model, a certain gender, or popular to be “Kawaii”. For me, someone who is “Kawaii” radiates that happiness from within, just like the way we feel when we see our favorite cute toys. They aren’t afraid to be different, and are real with our love to express joy and cute things. There’s a difference between kawaii and childish and I think being able to express your inner child is a brave and rebellious thing to do in a world full of people who push that side of themselves away!


    If you want to see more of Naomil then be sure to follow her on Instagram where you can check out many more of her looks.


    Naomi’s Instagram:

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Trailer Reveals August Release on PS4 & Switch

    29.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    A trailer was released for the upcoming video game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions which is set for release worldwide on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ on August 28, 2020.

    What is Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions?

    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is the first console game based on the internationally beloved manga masterpiece Captain Tsubasa in 10 years. It will be fast-paced an arcade-style football game featuring familiar faces from the series in anime graphics.


    New Trailer showcases high-speed gameplay

    Check out the epic trailer release for the game on the official PlayStation YouTube channel below.


    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – Street Date Announcement Trailer | PS4

    Pre-Order Bonuses

    Pre-Order Bonuses
    1. Shutetsu Uniform
    2. Meiwa FC Uniform
    3. Tsubasa’s Challenge Ball to Wakabayashi

    ・Download Purchase Bonus
    If you pre-order the game by September 23, 2020, you can receive the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment uniform.


    ©Yōichi Takahashi / Shueisha・2018 Captain Tsubasa Production Committee
    ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.