Reborn! Anime Stage Show to Adapt Light Novels in 2020

18.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME

Back in 2018, the popular manga and anime series Reborn! was adapted for the stage for the first time in a live show entitled Katekyō Hitman Reborn! the STAGE: Secret Bullet. It was warmly received by fans of the original manga for its fun theatrical interpretation and for capturing the world of Reborn!.


Now, the show is set to return for a fourth time in an all-new adaptation which will look at the spin-off light novel. The show will take place in Tokyo and Kyoto this November.

Reborn! is a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Amano. It was serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump between 2004-2012. It has been adapted into an anime series, game, and has been novelised.

The story follows a young boy by the name of Tsunayoshi Sawada who discovers that he is next in line to become boss of the Vongola family. The Vongolas’ send their most powerful hitman to groom Tsuna for his future life as a Mafia boss of the family. And that hitman happens to be gun-wielding baby named Reborn.

The new stage adaptation is being directed by Jun Yoriko and written by Maruichirō Maruo.


©Akira Amano・Hideaki Koyasu / Shueisha

©『家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!』the STAGE製作委員会


  • Stay Home With NEEKO: Simple DIY, Games With Kids & Other Ways to Keep Busy During the Lockdown

    13.April.2020 | FEATURES

    Here at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON, we post news and information about Japan in six languages. Our aim is to deliver a variety of content related to Japan for those who love and enjoy Japanese culture.


    Right now, people across the globe are in self-isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The same goes for Japan too, so we’ve taken this opportunity to create a new series on the website to show how we’re spending time at home here in Japan. The future is yet uncertain, and we hope for normality to return for all of us soon. We created a new articles series called Stay Home with which we hope to take your mind off the situation, even for just a little bit, to help you feel calmer. It might give you some tips on what you can do while spending time at home.

    Today, we are joined by actress, voice actress, and DJ NEEKO to see how she’s been spending her time at home.


    1: Battling it out with my son in Othello, Shogi, UNO & other old games

    We sit in the traditional seiza seating position for a shogi match on the iPad! We’re both beginners but the app has a guide on it so it’s been easy for us to start enjoying it.

    My son’s also quite the pro when it comes to UNO! When we play, we play loud and all out.


    2: Using the time indoors for a spot of interior design

    If you’re looking for some form of interior DIY that is simple but can completely change the atmosphere then you can’t go wrong with wallpaper!


    I bought some online to put up. It has a black and grey brick design with white parts between each brick. With wallpaper, you can take down or put it up as many times as you like, so it’s super easy even for a girl. And if you get tired of it, you can just tear it down!


    The theme of our house’s interior is an “apartment of a handsome man in Brooklyn,” with the main colour being black. I often hear people saying that their interior aesthetic ends up becoming mismatched, so I recommend really committing to a theme or colour and getting furniture, ornaments and so on that match what you’ve decided on.

    Green is all the rage right now. I have artificial plants that are coated with something called CT Shokubai (“Change Transfer Catalyst”) which I bought online, which bring a semipermanent refreshing air to the room. They are antibacterial, anti-odour, antifouling, and offer negative ion exposure for 24 hours a day, even if the light hits them. You also don’t need to tend to them, just dust them once in a while. Perfect for someone like me who finds things like that a lot of effort! I have these CT green plants around my house.


    Bringing the club vibes home

    I enjoy music with my family at home. I put on my DJ face and play all different genres depending on how we’re feeling that day. My son joins me too so we DJ back-to-back! I also plan children’s songs, something which I don’t do live at the clubs, which is actually quite refreshing to do.


    Please give a message to those reading this article

    “Hey, everyone. I’m NEEKO. How are you all holding up, physically and emotionally? The world, and those around us, could never have imagined something like this was going to happen a few months ago. We should all work to overcome this situation until the day we can all roam free again to enjoy our days! I think our time indoors has increased dramatically both for the benefit of ourselves and those we hold dear. And since all of us are in our homes right now, we should use this opportunity to do the things we have been putting off because we’ve been too busy, or the things that we always wish we had time for. Rearranging our rooms, DIY, cooking, crafts, sewing, reading, watching movies, playing games, studying, exercising, yoga, etc. I hope we can all fill our time doing things, even if just a little. So here is how I’ve been spending my time at home!”



    NEEKO is a multitalented Harajuku-style artist who works as a voice actress, band vocalist, actress, MC, lyricist and songwriter, DJ, brand director, school teacher, and more. As a voice actress, she has voiced the main character Reborn from the Shonen Jump series Reborn! and has also lent her unique voice to such series as Witchy PreCure!ēlDLIVEGranblue Fantasy, and Hyperdimension Neptunia among others. She is the mother of a son and refuses to change her pink-haired personality.


    NEEKO Instagram: @neeko_isuzu

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Stage Play Arriving Fall 2018 Featuring Reborn’s Voice Actress Neeko

    06.June.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, also known as just Reborn!, is getting its own stage adaptation. Titled Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The Stage, it will feature voice actress Neeko as Reborn whom she also voice in the anime series.

    ニーコ リボーン_reborn

    Reborn! is a manga series by Akira Amano and published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It has been adapted into an anime series (2006-2010), game and light novel. In 2017, the series celebrated its 10th anniversary with a host of different events that recognised its popularity.

    リボーン reborn_tsuna

    Japanese playwright Maruichirō Maruo (SHIKA564) is responsible for the production and script of the play. Ryohei Takenaka will play the part of Tsuna, and casting is currently underway for young actors and actresses to play the parts of the Vongola Decimo & Guardians. The legendary series will be reborn this fall.


    One person cast for the Vongola Decimo & Guardians will be announced every day from June 4 on the official play website.



    Title: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The Stage

    Showing Dates & Venues:

    Tokyo: September 21, 2018-September 30, 2018 @ The Galaxy Theatre

    Osaka: October 3, 2018-October 6, 2018 @ Mielparque Hall Osaka


    Tickets: Available via Lawson Ticket

    Ticket Price: Premium* ¥10,800 (Tax Included) / General ¥7,800 (Tax Included)

    *Premium ticket includes performance pamphlet and limited-edition merchandise.



    Official Website: