Knock About the House in gelato pique’s Adorable Polar Bear Roomwear

13.June.2020 | FASHION

Aimed at the summer season, Japanese roomwear brand gelato pique is launching its new “ICE BLUE COLLECTION” of cute polar bear themed roomwear for men, women, and children on June 19, 2020.


‘Smoothie Light’ Series

Pullover: ¥5,400 / Striped Short Pants: ¥4,200 (Both Before Tax)

gelato pique’s “Smoothie” series is its most popular during spring and summer for its soft, smooth, comfortable, and light material. The striped pants also have a summer vibe to them.


‘One Point Fresh’ Series


T-Shirt: ¥4,200 / Short Pants: ¥4,200 / HOMME T-Shirt: ¥4,600 / HOMME Half Pants: ¥5,200 / Kids T-Shirt: ¥3,200 / Kids Short Pants: ¥3,200 / Baby Low Pants: ¥4,600 (All Before Tax)

This series uses a soft and breathable kind of material to keep the wearer cool. The polar bear print also makes them look cute. There’s kids sizes too, so the whole family can dress up.


Cotton Series

Shirt: ¥6,000 / Short Pants: ¥4,400 / Dress: ¥8,000 (All Before Tax)

The white cotton series is inspired by icebergs.


  • Snoopy Roomwear Releasing in Collaboration with gelato pique

    19.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese roomwear company gelato pique is collaborating with the popular Peanuts comics to release a new Snoopy themed collection on May 14, 2020. The summer line-up is inspired by 70’s and 80’s colours blended into soft attire that feels super good on the skin for lounging about your home in.



    Jagged Parker – ¥7,200 / Jagged Short Pants – ¥4,800 (All Before Tax)

    These two items are made from gelato pique’s popular “SMOOTHIE” fabric which is soft to the touch. They feature a pop design with Snoopy logo’d on the front.

    HOMME Jagged Parker – ¥8,200 / HOMME Jagged Pullover – ¥7,400 / HOMME Jagged Pants – ¥6,000 (All Before Tax)

    Jagged Junior Parker – ¥6,400 / Jagged Junior Short Pants – ¥4,400 (All Before Tax)

    The collection also features men’s sizes with chic colours as well as junior sizesーthe latter of which is exclusive to online orders.



    Shirt – ¥6,200 / Short Pants – ¥4,400 / Room Shoes – ¥3,200 (All Before Tax)

    Featuring patterns all over, this individual item set is perfect for the spring and summer season. Each piece is made from a mix of recycled cotton that make it feel super comfortable to wear.

    HOMME Shirt – ¥6,400 / HOMME Half Pants – ¥5,400 / Shirt – ¥6,200 / Short Pants – ¥4,400 (All Before Tax)

    There men’s sizes of this set too so it’s perfect as a pairing gift.


    Merch For Snoopy Fans

    SLEEP Tissue Case – ¥4,800 (Before Tax)

    Eco Cup – ¥1,000 (Before Tax)

    There’s also a selection of merchandise that Snoopy fans will love including a tissue box cover, eco cup, and more. Who better to spend your time with at home during the lockdown than Snoopy?


    © 2020 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

  • Stay warm and fluffy this winter with snoopy and gelato pique’s first ever collaboration roomwear!

    19.November.2016 | FASHION

    Roomwear brand gelato pique and the much adored and loved Snoopy released new collaboration items on Friday 18th November!

    d18505-30-492910-10 d18505-30-256359-6 d18505-30-357367-9

    Maintaining respect for Peanut’s style, gelato pique designers used the keyword “sleep” and selected characters from “Peanuts” to start creating! Gelato pique combined their fluffy and soft materials with Snoopy and friends to create the dream roomwear! From ladies to kids to men ー even the whole family can enjoy this new lineup of cute roomwear!


    Keep warm and fluffy this winter with Snoopy!



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