Interview with Rinne Yoshida – music artist and model for Popteen & HR who is gaining rapid popularity

24.March.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES / MUSIC

“ARTIST×FASHION” work to showcase the fashion worn by the current big-name artists. This time, we interviewed Rinne Yoshida, a 1st year high school student who is the talk of the town right now. But don’t let her age fool you – you wouldn’t believe she was that age if you heard her singing voice. She released her EP “Uraharanway” on May 15thunder her rap project “RINNE HIP.” She is not only a music artist but an adult too. Let’s take a look!

ー You released your EP “Uraharanway” on Wednesday May 15th. It really sounds like proper rap, it’s a really cool album! You’re challenging yourself to a different kind of “rap” from before. Have you always been interested in hip-hop?

Rinne: I started rapping back when I uploaded “RINNE RAP” to YouTube in May 2016. I’m actually not that knowledgeable when it comes to hip-hop, but ever since people started saying I was rapping, I’ve come to listen to songs from hip-hop artists.

ー So “RINNE RAP” led to “RINNE HIP” right?
Rinne: They’d say to me, “Rinne-chan, why don’t you try rapping?” and I also thought it would be good to narrow my musical focus, so I gave it a go. When I tried releasing songs, people truly liked them. So I decided to start the “RINNE HIP” project.

ー Moving on, please tell us about the title track “Uraharanway.”
Rinne: Actually, when I was first sent the completed song, it had a lot of changes to it. The first time I listened to it, I thought “This is sooo cute.” The completed version had a coolness to it. That was a plus and it really surprised me! It’s a mix of both cute and cool. Simply by listening to it I think you’ll really enjoy it! Also, there’s plenty of random lyrics like, “asupara yori nagai hosoi ashi momo fashion”(translation: “thin legs longer than asparagus, momo fashion”) which I really like.


ー The music video was shot in Harajuku, it’s impressive. I’m really interested in your outfit! You look just like a rapper wearing your big and chain!
Rinne: I haven’t worn many big chains like that before. (laughs) I really felt like I’d become a rapper just putting it on.

ー Just touching on your outfit, you filmed the video in casual clothes but you look really stylish! You’re modelling for places like “HR” and “Popteen.” Do you have anything that you’re picky about when it comes to fashion?
Rinne: I make the effort to put just one high-price item in my outfits. Even if everything else is lower price, if there’s one more expensive item, I feel that the entire look becomes high grade. My high price item today is a backpack from “UNIF”!

ー Do you have anyone you take inspirations from for outfits?
Rinne: I’m always checking emma’s Instagram, she’s a model.

ー Finally, tell us the aspiring goals of Rinne Yoshida, formerly known as “RINNE HIP.”
Rinne:凜音: I really love music, so I’d like to become an artist with their own firm beliefs like Ringo Sheena, whom I have great respect for. I also want to perform at a huge venue! And I hope to show myself as “Rinne Yoshida” even more not just through music but with fashion and make-up too.

The full video compiling all 6 ‘stories’ from “Showtime in Harajuku” in which Rinne Yoshida features is available to watch on YouTube! Be sure to check it out, it even has her music in it!



RINNE HIP / “Uraharanway.ep”
On Sale: March 17th, 2017
Price: ¥1,620 (tax-inclusive)

Rinne Yoshida Official Website:



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