YuruYuri Manga Series Illustrations to Cover Trains in Japan

18.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME

Eizan Electric Railway has announced that it is will begin collaboration with the Namori’s popular manga series YuruYuri from July 4, 2020.


What is YuruYuri?

YuruYuri is a manga series written and illustrated by Namori that is currently serialised in Comic Yuri Hime. The comedy and slice-of-life yuri story centres on the characters of the Amusement Club in Nanamori Middle School which consists of four girls plus the characters in the Student Council.


YuruYuri x Eizan Electric Railway

Illustrations from the series will cover the outside and inside of trains along the Eizan Electric Railway from July 4 to November 30 this year. Posters will also be plastered up at 10 stations along the line, including Demachiyanagi Station, Ichijōji Station, and Shūgakuin Station. Locating all 10 sounds like a super fun trip.

A limited amount of tickets illustrated by Narimo for this collaboration will also begin rolling out from July 24, 2020. Cardboard character cutouts will also be set up at Demachiyanagi Station and Kurama Station from July 25, ready to great passengers.


Exclusive merchandise will be sold and special events will also be held, including the Eizan Electric Railway x YuruYuri Collab Festa on July 24.




  • YuruYuri OVA Announced & Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

    19.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    The official website for the anime adaptation of Namori’s slice-of-life manga series YuruYuri unveiled a new teaser visual and the main staff for the upcoming OVA which is being produced to celebrate the series’s 10th anniversary.

    The cute teaser visual teaser features the lead character Akari in her school uniform making the number “10” with her hands to commemorate 10 years of YuruYuri.


    The main staff announced to be working on the OVA includes Daigo Yamagishi (Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: The Animation) as director as well as YuruYuri‘s author Namori and Takahiro―who created the ongoing series Release the Spyce―as the screenplay writers. The OVA will be animated by Lay-duce who are also working on Release the Spyce.

    A crowdfunding campaign will also run from December 25, 2018 to February 15, 2019 to promote the new OVA. In return fans can get their hands on a special CD, limited edition Blu-ray of the OVA, get involved with events, receive a signed card from Namori and more.