Japan’s Popular Maid Cafe @Home Cafe Goes Virtual in New International Online Service

26.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Infinia, the company that manages Japan’s popular maid cafe @Home Cafe, is launching a new online service to turn the world of @Home into a 3D virtual experience.


Virtual @Home Cafe

Virtual @Home Cafe is a paid service that can be accessed via web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. When users first access the website they must register an account. They then create their own avatar where they can change their appearance, name, and various attributes.

When the Masters and Mistresses (the users) return home, they can choose which maid they want to spend time with. Using the service requires the spending of the in-game currency called “@Coin” Coins can be spend to talk with maids, take photos with them, and many other things. The more you use the service, the higher your rank increases which unlocks new functions and bonuses, and you will be even more revered by the maids.


3 Convenient Updates to the Maid Cafe Experience

Anonymous communication

By communicating with the maids through your avatar, not only do you not have to show your face, but you are free to change your name, appearance, birthday, hobbies, and so on, so you can become whoever you like in the virtual space. It’s a chance to switch off from the real world for a bit and talk about the things you love by communicating with the maids.


Available worldwide

The maid cafe came about in 2001 as one form of cosplay cafe. @Home Cafe is credited as one of the places that evolved the maid cafe to what it is today, turning it into an entertainment experience with singing, dancing, and serving a cute menu. It pursued the enjoyment of communication between people.


Virtual @Home Cafe keeps the entertaining elements of the maid cafe experience as they are, but opens the service up to the world, meaning you don’t have to be in Japan to enjoy it. It’s also a chance for people around the world to converse with cute anime-like characters.


Enjoy from home

The service also allows the maids to work from home. They will wear headsets and access the service from their tablets, meaning they don’t have to spend time getting ready in their maid uniforms. All their work is done entirely remotely, meaning they can work as maids for anyone no matter where they live.

Virtual @Home Cafe is a chance for people to enjoy an authentic maid cafe experience without having to travel to Akihabara in Tokyo or Osaka. The service is set to launch sometime this summer.


  • Hello Kitty Takes Over Osaka’s Maid Cafe ‘@home cafe’

    23.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    The Osaka branch of @home cafe—a chain of maid cafes that originated in Akihabara—is collaborating with Sanrio to serve up a Hello Kitty experience from July 1 for a limited time, with special decorations, food, and exclusive merchandise.


    @home cafe Akihaabra collaborates with Sanrio characters every year. In 2018, it joined hands with My Melody and Cinnamoroll, and in 2019 with Pompompurin. In January this year, it teamed up with Hello Kitty, who is now heading to the Osaka cafe.

    The cafe will be decorated with cute pictures of Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy, as well as pink and yellow gingham designs for each character.

    The maids at @home cafe Osaka will also wear special Hello Kitty and Mimmy maid outfits for the duration of the collaboration.


    Food Menu

    Hello Kitty’s KAWAII♡ Pink Curry: ¥1,400 (Before Tax) *Comes with a free certificate-style card

    Hello Kitty & Mimmy’s Moe Moe Ribbon Pasta Plate: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)

    Hello Kitty’s Lovely Sweet Sandwich: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)


    Dessert Menu

    Hello Kitty’s Moe Moe Parfait / Mimmy’s Kyun Myun Parfait: ¥1,000 Each (Before Tax)

    Okyumuka Cake Topped With a Bright-Red Apple: ¥1,000 (Before Tax)

    All customers who dine at the cafe will receive one of two possible lunch mats for free. You get one of three free coasters too when you order a drink.


    Hello Kitty x @home cafe Merchandise

    Acrylic Key Rings (3 Designs): ¥600 Each (Before Tax)

    Mirror: ¥800 (Before Tax)

    See Hello Kitty and Mimmy transform into maids at @home cafe Osaka.


    ©1976,2020 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S603899

  • Akihabara’s popular maid Café @Home Cafe Teams up with Hello Kitty

    08.January.2020 | FOOD / SPOT

    Akihabara’s popular maid café @Home Cafe is partnering up with the world’s favourite Sanrio character Hello Kitty, creating a beautiful collaboration café that will open on January 21 and run for a limited time. The new café will see a new original menu, café-limited goods and much more.

    @Home Cafe collaborated with Sanrio characters My Melody and Cinnamoroll in 2018, and with Pompompurin in 2019. Each year, the collaboration café was very popular. As 2020 marks the year of the Tokyo 2020 Games, Sanrio has stepped up their game, sending in their legendary Hello Kitty to the café to ensure that 2020 is celebrated to the max.

    The collaboration café features illustrations of Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy dressed as maids and serving customers in the café. The collaboration café will see the walls dressed in pink and yellow gingham checkered patterns and lots of sweet and cute illustrations.

    Hello Kitty’s KAWAII ♡ Pink Curry (Comes with Certificate Card): ¥1,400

    Hello Kitty and Mimmy’s Moe Moe Ribbon Pasta Plate: ¥1,300

    Hello Kitty’s Lovely Sandwich with Sweet and Sour Soup: ¥1,300

    Hello Kitty’s Moe Moe Parfait: ¥1,000 Mimmy’s Kyun Kyun Parfait: ¥1,000

    Bright Red Apple Okyumuka Cake: ¥1,000

    As the café’s main theme is “moe” (feeling of strong affection),  Hello Kitty and Mimmy are sure to enhance your moe experience to the max.

    Masters and mistresses who visit the café will also be presented with one of two designs of free collaboration placemat.

    There are three varieties of original drink coasters at the café too. Masters and mistresses who order a drink will be given one for free.

    Lunch Tote Bag: ¥1,500

    Acrylic Keyings (Three Varieties): ¥600 Each

    The café is also full of a wide range of collaboration merchandise so make sure to check them out after filling up on some delicious kawaii food.

    The maids at the café will also be wearing original Hello Kitty and Mimmy-themed maid outfits that you just cannot miss if you are a Hello Kitty fan.


    *All prices stated above are prices before tax.

    *The English names of the dishes and merchandise mentioned above have been translated.

    ©1976,2020 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S603899

  • Popular Maid Café Chain Maidreamin Open Fan Club Website

    19.August.2018 | MUSIC

    Maidreamin have launched their official fan club website.


    Maidreamin are the one of the world’s biggest maid café groups with 16 branches in Japan and overseas. This large scale maid café was invited to six huge overseas events in 2016 including Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Anime Expo in LA, Dubai Comic Con, Ani:me in Abu Dabi, and OTAKUTHON in Montreal, each of which boast huge attendance rates ranging from 20,000 to 100,000.

    The Maidreamin café experience both at events and at each branch pulls all sorts of people into an extraordinary world including kids, groups of girls, couples, company employees, parents and children.


    The maids develop the designs and select the ingredients of every dish on the menu, from the Instagrammable and cute animal parfaits to the meals. To make the food and drinks even tastier they also perform a spell on your order where they get you to say the magic words with them. You can also order for them to perform a live show where you dance and cheer them on with a penlight. If you’re lucky, you can pass the penlight to one of the maids and they will perform otagei, a type of dancing seen being performed by fans at idol concerts.

    The entire maid cast at Maidreamin are trained to perform otagei. The café also takes on many forms depending on the time, including moe and kawaii. It’s also popular as an entertainment restaurant themed on subculture.


    There’s a lot of fans who want to get to know even more about the maids of Maidreamin, who continued to challenge themselves to new things day in and day out as ambassadors of the maid café culture leading the industry. That’s where the fan club comes into play. Once a year, the whole group will get together and put on a member’s-only event showcasing other sides to the maids and things people have overlooked.


    Don’t miss out on this chance to learn more about the maid culture of Japan!



    Maidreamin Fan Club
    Price: ¥400 a month (pre-tax)
    *Payable by credit card.


    Free Membership Content:
    ・Mail Magazine


    Paid Membership Content:
    ・Birthday Mail
    ・Mail Magazine


    Website: https://fc.maidreamin.com


  • MMN Festival 2018 – SHIBUYA CAST: Ren Koseki Visits Maid Café “Maidreamin”

    22.March.2018 | FEATURES / FES / FOOD / SPOT

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2018 in SHIBUYA will take place in Harajuku & Shibuya on Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25. The festival will take place in 4 main areas. One of them is SHIBUYA CAST which is where we will hold the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON MARKET where you can enjoy Japanese food while taking in the cherry blossom scenery. Maid café group Maidreamin will also appear at the market. With that in mind, Ren Koseki dropped by the café in Shibuya to see what they’re all about. Maidreamin has recently become popular with female customers too who pop in for the maid experience. Ren had her fill by trying their great food, watched a live performance and got involved in dressing up.



    Maidreamin offers an experience like no other, taking on the concept of a “dream country littered with ‘moe’ and ‘kawaii’ for all customers who enter.” This is expressed in many ways as expected from a dream country. When you enter the café, it’s said that you’re entering the country. Upon entering, you are greeted, and a ceremony is held to welcome you into the country. When you blow on the candle and it lights up you become a goshuin-sama (master) if you’re male or ojou-sama (lady) if you’re female. Animal ears will ‘sprout’ from the top of your head when you enter the Maidreamin country as you’re given an animal Alice band to wear.





    All food and drink items on the menu come with either a Maidreamin ‘omajinai’ service or a drawing performance. Omajinai is when you chant a spell together with a maid to make your meal even tastier. Be sure to try chanting “oishikunaare, moe moe kyun♡” (“abracadabra, become delicious♡”) together with your maid. Those who want even more fun should get the “LOVE Kakuteriimin” (\1,240). A maid will call your name while making a cocktail right in front of you and put on a truly moe performance. It’s recommended for friend groups and work colleagues. Ren ordered strawberry milk. You can order from either a non-alcoholic and alcoholic menu.



    The menu is so plentiful you’ll keep saying “cute” without even thinking. You can of course omurice, a classic maid café dish where you can request a maid to draw something on it, as well as the animal parfait which was just updated at the end of February. It’s proven popular with overseas influencers and girls in Japan for its cute appearance, delicious tasty and amount. Friends get together to each order the Bear (chocolate banana), Cat (vanilla), Dog, (tea), Panda (matcha) and Rabbit (strawberry) parfaits and take a group photo.



      森の木陰のうさちゃんパフェ (1)

    This is the \880 “Mori no Kokage no Usa-chan Parfait” (Bunny Under the Forest Bower Parfait). You can get a “Sakura Float” to go with the parfait (\1,100. Comes with the maid omajinai). We really want you to try it!



    Ren has actually been to Maidreamin before. She had been wanting to try on the maid outfit again, so she transformed into a maid with “Magical Change” (\3,240), a popular original Maidreamin maid outfit that you can wear at the café. Among the maids there are 3 different outfits: “Training,” “Original” and “Dream Outfit”. Only a select few can wear the Dream Outfit. It’s a yearned for uniform whose wearer is known to have gone through the most strict and demanding reception training in the maid café industry. Only famous and successful applicants can wear it.





    After changing into your maid outfit, take a commemorative chekki photo (\800). When taking a photo on stage where the maids perform live you can get a nice photo album and a maid will draw on the photo for you. It will encapsulate your time in the country!




    Maidreamin has many overseas fans, so much so that they received an offer to perform the song for Anime Expo 2017 which is held in Los Angeles every year. If you order from the ‘Live Menu’ you can see them perform live too.


    Look out for the ♪ badge on maids’ uniforms. This will tell you if they are a maid that performs live and who has a repertoire of over 10 songs they can perform. Shiorin gave an energetic performance for Ren. Those who want to have even more fun with the live show can buy a “Magical Stick” penlight. If you hand over your penlight to a maid that’s off stage, they might even dance otagei for you with the penlight, a type of choreographed dance performed by fans at idol shows! All of the maids at Maidreamin can perform otagei, making it the only maid café where all the maid staff can do it.





    During the MMN Festival, you can catch popular Maidreamin maids including Dorisu, who gave Ren the welcome ceremony, as well as Hinata and Amo on the live stage at Onden Shrine on Saturday March 24 at 13:30-14:00. Hinata is a member of Moe Kami 8, a group formed by popular members of the maid café. The three of them will perform together with the top 17 maids of maid idol unit QSCS, who have over 450 members.



    The services below are scheduled for the Maidreamin booth at MMN Festival 2018. Since the maid dress-up time is different from the café’s normal time, this is your chance to enjoy eating a parfait and more while dressed as a maid, something you normally can’t do. This is a must-do for both first timers, regular customers and cosplayers alike.


    Sakura Float (w/ Maid Omajinai Good Luck Chant): \1,100 (tax incl.)

    Chekki Photo (w/ Drawings by Maid + Album): \800 (tax incl.)

    Maidreamin Maid Cosplay (30 Outfits): Outfit Rental – Advance Booking \3,980 / Same-Day Booking \4,500 (Return Time: 12:00-17:00)

    Rubber Keyring (Maid Outfit Version): ¥600

    Animal Alice Band: ¥600


    Free Pre-Registration⇒




    Maidreamin Shibuya

    Address: Houraiya Bldg. B1, 30-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Access: 7-minutes on foot from Shibuya Station “Hachiko Exit”

    TEL: 03-6427-8398

    Opening Hours:

    Monday-Thursday, Sunday, Holidays 13:00-23:00

    Friday, Saturday, Day Before Holidays 13:00-05:00

  • A collaborative café of “maid café” in Akihabara and “LiveRevolt” will be opened

    09.February.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    A collaborative café of “Kawaii Maid Café & Bar Akiba Zettai Ryoiki,” a maid café in Akihabara and “LiveRevolt,” a multi-dimensional media mix entertainment work, will be opened inside Akiba Zettai Ryoiki from the 10th of February 2018 to the 4th of March.


    “Liverevolt” is a multi-dimensional media mix content created under the theme of “a media mix content that holds revolutionizing live events” which holds restriction-free live events. The content released 3 singles of each 4 units consisting of 8 members since spring of 2017. It is known as an up-and-coming-content which succeeded the first one-man live held in December.


    The collaborative café will sell a “Character Image Cocktail” (1,200 yen) using the motif of each character’s image character and “Collaborative Food Menu Items” using the motif of each unit. Limited collaborative goods using the illustrations of the characters wearing “maid” clothes will be sold too.



    The interior of Akiba Zettai Ryoiki will be filled with goods and designs of LiveRevolt. The BGM of LiveRevolt will be played and the “maids” of the café might perform/dance on the stage !


    Let’s enjoy this limited-time-offer collaborative café in Akihabara.




    Kawaii Maid Café & Bar Akiba Zettai Ryoiki

    Address: Obayashi building 1F, 3-1-1, Sotokanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00 (L.O. 21:30)

    Fixed holiday: None




    LiveRevolt’s official site: https://liverevolt.jp/


  • New menu items such as “Unicorn Parfait” are now on sale at the maid café – “Akiba Zettai Ryoiki” in Akihabara

    13.October.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

    aku Res “Akiba Zettai Ryoiki” is a “maid café” located on the main street (eight minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station/JR Ochanomizu Station). Although the restaurant opened in February of this year, it has already achieved first place (*) on “TripAvisor’s” Chiyod taurant ranking (out of 6,428 restaurants). (*this announcement was made on the 1st of October 2017).


     “Akiba Zettai Ryoiki” is popular among tourists, not just Japanese people and they have recently renewed their whole menu.

    They will offer “photogenic” and “moe moe” (a new Japanese word meaning one is being seduced) menu items such as a parfait created with the image of a “Unicorn” which young female customers love and a “Photo Props Drink” where you can wear a maid costume and take a selfie.


    Unicorn parfait (1,026 yen, tax not included) is a photogenic parfait which was created based on the popular motif, unicorn. It is a product which matches the atmosphere of the dreamy and cute interior of the restaurant.


    Photo props drink (1,000 yen, tax not included) is a drink where anybody can become a “maid” by sipping the drink with a straw! A head band can be rented for free if you want to become real maid-looking.


    Moe Moe Pink Ramen (1,200 yen tax not included) is a pink-colored ramen but it is healthy because it uses natural coloring. Furthermore, they will release many new menu items such as a cat-motif parfait and curry!


    If you have no experience of visiting a “maid café,” why don’t you visit “Akiba Zettai Ryoiki” which represents the world of “otaku” × “kawaii?” Female customers are also very welcome!


    Kawaii Maid Café & Bar Akiba Zettai Ryoiki

    Address: Obayashi Building 1F, 3-1-1, Sotokanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00 (LO.21:30)

    Holidays: none

    URL: http://akibazettai.com/