New “rich girl” schoolgirl roomwear arrives to celebrate the start of the academic year in Japan

30.March.2017 | FASHION

The Ojo-sama is the newest addition to the growing field of schoolgirl-style pajamas.

In Japan, it’s customary for students to have two different uniforms that they wear during the school year. One is for the colder weather of autumn and winter, and the other is for spring and summer, when the longer hours of sunlight and higher humidity necessitate lighter, breezier clothing.

So it’s only fitting that Bibi Lab, makers of the Sera Kore (“Sailor Collection”) line of sailor suit roomwear/pajamas, has just released a new model. Previously, the brand’s designers have shown their thorough knowledge of schoolgirl style with variations that represent different historical periods of Japanese sailor suit fashion, and this time Bibi Lab has decided to focus on a specific type of school with the all-new Ojo-sama-kei, or “Highborn Young Lady” Sera Kore outfit.

The one-piece Ojo-sama Sera Kore gets its name from the jumper skirt design. Teens being teens, many Japanese high schoolers try to get around their schools’ dress codes by rolling up or sagging their so that they differ from the standard length, wearing non-regulation dress shirts, or a number of other subtle forms of expression and/or rebellion. A jumper skirt, though, being a one-piece design, presents fewer opportunities to, well, skirt the rules, and as such it’s mentally associated with the sort of old-fashioned, traditional schools that blue-blooded moms and dads choose to send their daughters to.