Yasutaka Nakata writes theme song for TV news programme

01.April.2017 | MUSIC

It has been announced that music producer Yasutaka Nakata has written the theme song for the TV news show “News Check 11.” The title of the song is “Source of Light,” and is scheduled to air on the programme for the first time tonight at 23:15 (Japan time).


(※Please note that the content of the broadcast could be subject to possible change.)


The TV programme is being renewed from April 3rd with new newscast hosts including Minoru Aoi as the announcer and Kaori Nagao as the reporter. And Yasutaka Nakata has taken it upon himself to be the person to write the theme song for this new programme.


■Comment from Yasutaka Nakata

I’m incredible happy that I’ve been able to participate as the musician to write the theme for “News Check 11.” I’ve made the sound of the track big and fast to mark looking back at this special day.


■Comment from “News Check 11” Chief Producer

You get a real feeling of excitement from this song and it’s one you’ll remember.

News Check 11 will ride the power of this track and progress forward.



NHK “News Check 11” (Mondays-Fridays @ 23:15-23:55)

TV Programme Website: http://www4.nhk.or.jp/nc11/

Yasutaka Nakata Official Website: http://yasutaka-nakata.com


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