Ziploc Recycle Program Rolls Out Shared Umbrella Service in Japan Using Ziploc® Products

02.August.2020 | FASHION

Asahi Kasei Home Products, is launching a new product development program that seeks to make more sustainable products that can be used continuously by society. The company has teamed up with Terracycle Japan, Nature Innovation Group, and BEAMS for the new “Ziploc Recycle Program” which the four companies launched on July 29, 2020 as a sharing service which uses recycled Ziploc® products to make umbrellas.

The Ziploc Recycle Program enables used Ziploc® products to be reused rather than thrown away. It is a collaboration with all four companies, with collection and recycling carried out by Terracycle, design by BEAMS COUTURE, and the umbrella sharing service operated by iKasa. The service lets people borrow and return umbrellas anywhere.


Terracycle is now collecting Ziploc® products in Japan over on their official website. The umbrella sharing service using these products will be available starting in mid-September along the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro to Hannō Station.


The collaboration aims to roll out this service using Ziploc® across all major cities in Japan in the future.