Ziploc Recycle Program Rolls Out Shared Umbrella Service in Japan Using Ziploc® Products

02.August.2020 | FASHION

Asahi Kasei Home Products, is launching a new product development program that seeks to make more sustainable products that can be used continuously by society. The company has teamed up with Terracycle Japan, Nature Innovation Group, and BEAMS for the new “Ziploc Recycle Program” which the four companies launched on July 29, 2020 as a sharing service which uses recycled Ziploc® products to make umbrellas.

The Ziploc Recycle Program enables used Ziploc® products to be reused rather than thrown away. It is a collaboration with all four companies, with collection and recycling carried out by Terracycle, design by BEAMS COUTURE, and the umbrella sharing service operated by iKasa. The service lets people borrow and return umbrellas anywhere.


Terracycle is now collecting Ziploc® products in Japan over on their official website. The umbrella sharing service using these products will be available starting in mid-September along the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro to Hannō Station.


The collaboration aims to roll out this service using Ziploc® across all major cities in Japan in the future.


  • Tokyo’s Famous Blue Note Tokyo Jazz Club Creators Launch Online Dinner Service

    10.August.2020 | FOOD

    BLUE NOTE JAPAN Co., Ltd. launched an online store called “STAR TABLE” on August 5 which gives lets customers enjoy the same dinner experience as the company’s restaurants from the comfort of their own home. BLUE NOTE JAPAN operates the entertainment business, restaurant business and bridal business of live restaurants such as the famous Blue Note Tokyo, a jazz cafe in Aoyama.


    The first menu line-up on the website is “Home Dinner Course vol.1.”

    Weekend Dinner Course vol.1 | Serving: August 2020 – October 2020
    Dishes: 5 | Price: ¥8,400 (Tax Included/Shipping Fee Separate) | Serves: 1

    Home Dinner Course vol.1 is a full dinner course with a French taste which customers can warm up and arrange at their home, resulting in a meal so tasty they will feel like pro chefs themselves. This is the perfect way for busy people working remotely or people who aren’t good at cooking to treat themselves from the comfort of their own home. The meal can also be cooked for get-together dinners with family.


    The “Weekend Dinner Course” is the umbrella name for this service which will introduce a new course every three months. The next course, “vol.2,” will be served in November. BLUE NOTE JAPAN is planning to introduce desserts and other items to the line-up.

    Blue Note Tokyo is also live streaming music performances from the restaurant from fantastic artists so that customers can enjoy the full Blue Note experience.

    With social distancing measures and other restrictions in place, this is a great service for people to enjoy a dining experience while staying safe.