TV Anime The Promised Neverland Season 2 Teaser Visual Released

13.August.2020 | ANIME&GAME

The June 2020 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump teased the first visual for the upcoming second season of the TV anime series The Promised Neverland. It also confirmed that the series will begin airing in Japan every Thursday at 01:25am on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block starting from January 2021.

The anime’s official website also released information on a range of plans that will take place in Japan to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the original manga.


The Promised Neverland Anime Vote (August 11-31)

Before the first season re-airs in Japan this October, a vote will take place where people can vote in two categories: for their favourite characters and favourite scenes. Fans are allowed to pick up to three characters for the Character category and five scenes for the Scene category.


The Promised Neverland Anime Quiz (August 11-31)

A quiz of 50 questions will test how much fans know about season one of The Promised Neverland. All participants will receive an online score sheet.


The Promised Neverland Radio Title Card Illustration Applications (August 11-31)

The official YouTube radio show for The Promised Neverland is taking applications for people to design their title card. Participants can submit whatever they like as long as it’s within the conditions, including taking photos inspired by the series.


Celebrate Emma’s Birthday (August 17-31)

Emma is the main character in The Promised Neverland. Her birthday falls on August 22, and so the creators are taking all celebratory messages from fans. If you tweet your message from the show’s official website you can receive a birthday illustration on her big day.


  • THE PROMISED NEVERLAND EXHIBITION to be Held at Roppongi Hills Observation Deck in Tokyo

    11.August.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    A special exhibition of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND will take place at Roppongi Hills Observation Deck’s Tokyo City View Sky Gallery from December 11, 2020 to January 11, 2021.

    THE PROMISED NEVERLAND is a popular manga series written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu that was serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump. The 20th and final volume will be released in October this year. A 12-episode anime series aired last year, with a sequel currently in the works which is set for release in January 2021.

    Though the exhibition is several months away, we have been given an early look at the key visual which was illustrated exclusively for the event. There is much for fans to look forward to at the exhibition, including an original 19-page manga display which will be also made just for the event.


    To promote the original manga, a Twitter campaign will be held for people to be invited to the exhibition. The campaign will run from August 11, 2020 at 10:00 (JST) to September 14, 2020 at 23:59 (JST). To enter the campaign, fans must follow Tokyo City View’s official Twitter account and post what they think the manga will be about from one of the four options specified along with the hashtags #約ネバ展 and #約ネバ展描きおろしEP大予想. 5 pairs (a total of 10) lucky people who choose the correct answer will be drawn and be invited to the exhibition. More details can be found here.


    If you’re in Tokyo in December or January, don’t miss out on this special exhibition.

    ©Kaiu Shirai・Posuka Demizu / Shueisha

  • Cö shu Nie Adds Zepp Tokyo Concert to 2020 Tour

    19.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie’s newest song bullet is being used as the current ending theme for the season three of the ongoing hit TV anime series Psycho-Pass, and received a remix by American DJ and singer-songwriter Slushii last week.


    The band’s highly-anticipated 2020 tour, entitled “PURE” -who are you?-, is set to begin on January 24 next year, and they’ve just announced that they are adding an extra show at Zepp Tokyo for March 6.

    Cö shu Nie will release their new album PURE on December 11, 2019, but before that they will drop their bullet single on November 11. Fans can gain access to pre-sale tickets for the newly-announced Tokyo Zepp concert via the flyers coupled with the CD release of the single. The single itself will also feature piano arrangements of the band’s songs Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp which were used for the TV anime series The Promised Neverland.


    ©️Psycho-Pass Production Committee

  • Cö shu Nie’s Psycho-Pass 3 Ending Theme ‘bullet’ Remixed by Slushii

    15.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie’s newest song bullet is being used as the current ending theme for the season three of the ongoing hit TV anime series Psycho-Pass.

    American DJ, singer-songwriter and record producer Slushiiーwho is known for working with a variety of notable artists including Marshmello, as well as receiving big time support from Skrillexーjust dropped a remix of bullet which was posted on Cö shu Nie’s YouTube channel below.


    The collaboration happened after Cö shu Nie vocalist Miku Nakamura featured on Slushii’s song Calling Out to You. Slushii himself is an anime fan, and Nakamura is the composer for many an anime theme song including the Tokyo Ghoul:re opening theme asphyxia, the The Promised Neverland ending themes Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp, and more.

    The bullet remix is also streaming on Spotify, so be sure to give it a listen to hear the song in an all-new light.

    Tickets for Cö shu Nie’s 2020 tour “PURE” -who are you?- are now on sale.

  • Cö shu Nie Perform The Promised Neverland’s New Ending Theme ‘Lamp’

    09.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The opening theme song for the 2018 anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul:re is asphyxia by Cö shu Nie, who was chosen from Apple Music New Artist. The song has been played over 10 million times on Spotify. As a popular band, Cö shu Nie’s Japanese songs reached 6th place in the charts in 2018.


    TV anime The Promised Neverland started its broadcast on Fuji Television’s Programming block noitaminA from January 2019. The current anime ending theme song Zettai Zetsumei is very popular and is available for digital download. The CD single will be released in March. As the anime will be reaching its 9th episode, Cö shu Nie created the new song Lamp to become the new ending theme song!

    Zettai Zetsumei set the perfect mood for the previous anime episodes. The new song Lamp is the perfect way to end the current campaign and represent the arrival of warm feelings! You can download and stream this song on iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music. The non-credit anime ending video is also going to be streamed by Aniplex on YouTube.


    The Promised Neverland creditless ending movie (Lamp version)


    The CD single that will be released on 13th March will be a double A-side single called Zettai Zetsumei/Lamp. An image of the jacket design for the single’s limited edition version, which features an anime illustration, has also been released. The illustration was created by Shoko Nakamura who is the creator of the anime ending movies for Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp.

    Village Vanguard has also created Cö shu Nie × The Promised Neverland collaboration T-shirts! There is only a limited supply of these but they are available now at Village Vanguard Shibuya main store (Tokyo), Nagoya Parco (Aichi) and Americamura (Osaka). You can also purchase these online.


    Cö shu Nie is also embarking on a one-man-tour called shu Nie Tour 2019 Daring Transition. The tour will take place in seven different parts of Japan, starting at MACANA in Sendai on 11th April and finishing at LIQUID ROOM, Tokyo on 25th April.


    A statement by Cö shu Nie:

    “Hello everyone it is nice to meet you. We are Cö shu Nie; the three-piece band who wrote the ending theme song for the anime The Promised Neverland.

    No matter how much we are defeated, we will continue to fight for what is important to us.

    These are the feelings we put into this song.

    Cö shu Nie has always been reading the manga, so we are so happy to be in charge of this ending theme song. Our hearts are pounding just thinking of sharing in Emma’s next adventures.

    Every week, the anime always leaves us hanging on the edges of our seats, so let’s watch the next episode together!”


    Join us in anticipation for Cö shu Nie’s next ending theme song for The Promised Neverland!

  • Cö shu Nie Release The Promised Neverland Ending Theme Music Video

    25.January.2019 | Uncategorized

    Cö shu Nie made headlines last year with their single asphyxia which was used as the opening theme for the TV anime series Tokyo Ghoul:re. The song had them selected as a New Artist on Apple Music and it has over 8.7 million combined streams on Spotify worldwide. It was also the 6th most streamed track in Japan for 2018.


    The band is now performing the ending theme Zettai Zetsumei for the ongoing anime series The Promised Neverland which began this month. They have just dropped the song’s music video. Check it out below.

    The theme of the video is that they have been locked away in a white room and have continued to play their instruments since childhood. It evidently links to the story of The Promised Neverland.


    Cö shu Nie are heading on a solo tour in spring titled Daring Transition. The 7-date tour will begin on April 11 at MACANA in Sendai and finish up at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on April 25.

  • Cö shu Nie Performs TV Anime ‘The Promised Neverland’ Ending Theme

    27.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Cö shu Nie released their vigorous and energetic single asphyxia back in April which was used as the opening theme song for Tokyo Ghoul:re. They also recently dropped their much-talked about Aurora EP in October.

    The band just got off their three-date tour with a final show at WWW X in Shibuya, Tokyo where they announced they will perform the ending theme for the upcoming TV anime series The Promised Neverland which is set to air in January 2019 on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block.


    The trio also followed up by announcing a new 7-date solo tour entitled Cö shu Nie Tour 2019 ”Daring Transition” slated for spring next year. It will begin at MACANA in Sendai on April 11 and wrap up at Liquidroom in Tokyo on April 25.


    Cö shu Nie announced the following statement: “Nice to meet everyone. Cö shu Nie is a three-member band and we’ve been given the chance to perform the ending theme for ‘The Promised Neverland.’ The song talks about how no matter how many times you are trampled underfoot, you must never stop going forward for the things that are important to you. [The Promised Neverland] is a series we’ve always read so we are very happy to be able to do this. Our hearts race at being able to see Emma and the others in motion. The series will have surprises to watch every week, so let’s all watch it together.”