BiSH Collaborates With Call of Duty: Mobile On New Song and Live Video

09.October.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

BiSH, the Japanese idol group nicknamed ‘the punk band without instruments,’ released two albums in July. This included their first greatest hits album FOR LiVE -BiSH BEST-, the proceeds of which were donated to music venues in Japan which the group has performed at to help support them during COVID-19, and their mini album LETTERS.


BiSH has now announced a collaboration with Call of Duty: Mobile, the popular mobile game by Activision Publishing that was released last year which saw one of the biggest launches for a mobile game in video game history.

A special live performance of a new song written for the game will be shown in-game. Titled Call of Duty: Mobile × BiSH Special Live -STORY OF DUTY-, it will hit Call of Duty: Mobile on October 15, 2020 at 20:00 (JST). It has not been confirmed whether this content is Japan-only, so keep an eye out.


Below are comments from each member of BiSH talking about the collaboration.


Sentochihiro Chicchi

“I first heard about CoD from my dad when I was younger, and the fact that I get to work for it now I’ve become an adult makes me super happy. What’s so fun about this game is the thrill of its FPS aspect, so BiSH are gonna sing their heart out to get that excitement through to everyone.”



“I’m so happy to be involved with COD. I wanted to write something that is faithful to the game, so we pictured all the different people, men and women of all ages, playing it when writing the lyrics and choreography. I hope you enjoy it as much as being on the battlefield.”


Momoko Gumi Company

“Seeing soldiers risking their lives in a firefight is shows how it’s sometimes necessary to fight for ourselves or our comrades. And in that it also teaches us how there are things we nay lose, and how may feel pain. BiSH too wants to treasure our comrades and stand up to anything without being afraid.”


Hashiyasume Atsuko

“I still remember the time when I first played CoD. I got completely sucked into the world on the first day and played countless hours. I’m filled with honour that BiSH gets to be involved with the best of games.”



“I’m not up to date with games, but even I’d heard of CoD before, so all I could think at first was, ‘Holy crap!’ Our new song is aggressive, which we haven’t done in a little while, and high tension, so it has that excitement and thrill like when you’re playing CoD.”


Ayuni D

“I’ve watched my older brother play CoD, so I blew him away when he found out about this. This new song is extremely cool and captures the world of Call of Duty, BiSH style, so I want people who’ve never heard of us before to listen to it too.”


*Comment translated by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON


  • BiSH Collab Poster Available in Tower Records Monthly Push Campaign!

    04.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Tower Records have been promoting artists in-store with their Monthly Tower Push campaign, and the next group to be getting the big Tower Push will be BiSH as they promote their 4th major album, GOiNG TO DESTRUCTION, releasing on August 4, 2021. 



    Monthly Tower Push August | BiSH Collab Poster

    Tower Records Limited Bonus: Jigsaw Puzzle *Not available with HAKAI-BAN (AVCD-96749).


    Between August 1 and 31, these special collaboration posters will be available at all Tower Record and TOWERmini store. Each store will be promoting the release alongside a commemorative panel exhibit to mark the release of GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON, BiSH’s first full-length album in over 2 years.


    10 lucky customers who purchase the album, available from August 4, enter the draw between August 3rd and 9th at participating stores, will win a free Monthly Tower Push A2 poster.

    Those who purchase the album in store can enter the lottery on the Tower Record website using a QR code on the receipt, while customers buying online can enter the draw using the special lottery page.

    A limited edition receipt will also be provided to customers who purchase BiSH’s GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON during the promotion period.


    This special campaign celebrating the groups 4th anniversary is a a must-visit for any BiSH fan!


  • Shibuya PARCO’s Dwiky KA Exhibition Collaborates With Japanese Brands and Artists

    01.August.2021 | FASHION / SPOT

    PARCO opened the Dwiky KA Exhibition at its Shibuya branch on Friday where it’s set to run until August 9. Dwiky KA is an Indonesian artist who has collaborated with many music artists and apparel brands.




    Dwiky KA x BiSH

    Dwiky KA x Kosuke Kawamura

    Dwiky KA x Kosuke Kawamura

    Dwiky KA x Tappei

    Robot exhibit

    As part of the exhibition, a line-up of merchandise and original items is being sold, including collaborations with brands Hysteric Glamour and balansa x YAGI, artists Kosuke Kawamura and Yappei, and idol punk band BiSH.

  • BiSH Releases Kingdom Anime Opening Theme ‘STACKiNG’ Music Video

    10.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese idol group BiSH, often called the ‘punk band without instruments,’ released the full music video for their new song STACKiNG on Monday. The track will feature as the second opening theme for the anime series Kingdom from July 18.



    The song is also available to listen to on major music streaming and download services. It will feature on their upcoming 4th album GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON set to release on August 4.

  • BiSH Announces New Album ‘GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON’ Releasing This August

    22.June.2021 | MUSIC

    BiSH, the Japanese idol group often nicknamed ‘the punk band without instruments,’ have announced that their 4th studio album GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON will be released on August 4, 2021. It comes over two years since their last album release.


    The album will be available in four versions: the CD Edition, First Press Limited Edition, DVD Edition, and Destruction Edition.


    The CD edition features just the 14-track album, including STORY OF DUTY written as promotion for Call of Duty: MobileSTAR which was written as the main theme for a Japanese TV drama, and in case…, the opening theme for the anime series Godzilla Singular Point. The album includes 10 new songs




    The aptly-named Destruction Edition comes in special packaging and includes signed cards by the members inside. The First Press Limited Edition and DVD Edition features 60-minutes of live video footage, with the former also coming with the STORY OF DUTY music video, STAR lyric video, music videos for new songs, behind-the-scenes footage, and a photobook.


    BiSH / BiSH SPARKS “This is not BiSH except BiSH” EPiSODE 4

  • BiSH Launch Clothing and Accessory Collaboration With GU

    24.March.2021 | FASHION / MUSIC

    GU is set to launch a new collection in collaboration with the Japanese girl group, who are often described as ‘the punk band without instruments,’ on March 22 when it will roll out at all GU stores and their online site in Japan.

    Each member of the group had a hand in designing the collection. That goes for not only the designs themselves, but the shapes and silhouettes too.


    Men’s Wear Line-Up

    The items read the Japanese word “清掃員” which means “garbage collector,” a title BiSH uses for their fans. The coat, shirt, and T-shirts are versatile and varied.


    Accessories & More

    The collection includes not only general clothing items but accessories and other bits that can be used at music events too, like a tote bag, cap, and more.


    Original T-Shirt Designs by BiSH

    As part of the collaboration, two T-shirts in six designs have been created by each member of BiSH. A video of the band wearing their T-shirts was released on GU’s YouTube page and online store on Monday, so be sure to check it out.


    Novelty Items Designed by BiSH

    The members also designed a range of limited-stock novelty items too. There are six pins available for 25,000 lucky fans. 410 of those fans will also be randomly selected to receive a signed novelty. The designs are available to see over on the official website.


    The Novelties

    ・GU Stores (Stock: 20,000 / First-Come, First-Served)

    How to Get: Spend over ¥3,000 with tax on any of the BiSH collaboration products and download the GU app


    ・Online Store (Stock: 20,000 / Recipients Chosen Randomly)

    How to Get: Spend over ¥3,000 with tax on any of the BiSH collaboration products


    Live Concert Stream by BiSH

    BiSH will perform live on Sunday March 21 at 19:000 (JST) which fans can tune in to watch at GU’s online store as well as via GU LIVE STATION on the brand’s official app. It will be a great chance for fans to connect with the band.

  • AiNA THE END Announces New Song ‘Dare Dare Dare’ For Japanese Drama ‘Anonymous’

    19.February.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese singer-songwriter AiNA THE END, who is also known as a member of the Japanese idol group BiSH, announced via her official Twitter page that her new single Dare Dare Dare (“Who Who Who”) will be released on music streaming and download services on February 23, 2021. The track will be used as the new opening theme for the ongoing TV Tokyo drama series Anonymous: Keishicho ”Yubisatsujin” Taisakushitsu starring Shingo Katori which began airing in January.


    New Song – “Dare Dare Dare”

    Dare Dare Dare is a new song not featured on AiNA THE END’s solo album THE END which dropped on February 3 this year. It is produced by Japanese music producer and arranger Seiji Kameda who also produced THE END.


    AiNA teased the new single’s artwork on her official Twitter account along with a snippet of the instrumental version of the song.

  • BiSH’s AiNA THE END Releases First Solo Album ‘THE END’

    05.February.2021 | MUSIC

    AiNA THE END, a member of the popular Japanese idol group BiSH, released her first solo album THE END on Wednesday (February 3). All the songs on the record were written and composed by AiNA, who has posted new videos for seven of the tracks on her official YouTube channel.

    THE END features 13 tracks in total. The newly-uploaded ones to her YouTube channel include NaNaMekashikonda Hi ni KagitteHarouHibiSTEP by STEPSeiteki Jouya, and Saboten Girl. AiNA posted a live session she recorded with Shin Sakiura on acoustic guitar who also helped with pre-production on her new album.


    The other tracks on the album have their own videos on AiNA’s YouTube channel too spanning from animation to a dance video and more.

    THE END is now streaming and available for download on major music services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and elsewhere.

  • BiSH Post Live Video of Rare Indie Era Song ‘HUG ME’

    23.January.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese idol band BiSH, often referred to as ‘the punk bank without instruments,’ posted a live video of their song HUG ME on Monday taken from their 8-hour video content BiSH presents FROM DUSK TiLL DAWN.

    BiSH presents FROM DUSK TiLL DAWN features live footage of all of BiSH’s 93 songs along with skits during concerts and more.


    HUG ME is a rare track taken from their 2015 album Brand new idol SHiT, the band’s first independent release. It features lyrics by former group member Hug Mii who left BiSH back in 2016.

    The outfits for the group members (other than the original members AiNA, Chicchi, and Momoko) were newly created for this special live performance.


    BiSH / HUG ME [BiSH presents FROM DUSK TiLL DAWN]

  • BiSH’s AiNA THE END Announces First Solo Album ‘THE END’ and Releases ‘Niji’ Music Video

    04.December.2020 | MUSIC

    BiSH’s DVD and Blu-ray TOKYO BiSH SHiNE6 was released on November 18, 2020. Each copy came with a slip that mentioned there would be an important announcement from WACK and avex.


    And for sure on that day, Billboard announcements were posted up at Shibuya Hachiko Crossing and new Twitter and YouTube accounts were opened revealing that AiNA THE END, one of the founders of the immensely popular Japanese idol group BiSH, would begin releasing her own solo music.


    AiNA THE END Begins Her Solo Career

    AiNA THE END will release her first solo album THE END on February 3, 2021. All 12 tracks are written and composed by the artist herself with Seiji Kameda as the sound producer.


    AiNA has teased fans with the digital release of a song from the album entitled Niji (‘Rainbow’). She will release a second track entitled Kinmokusei (‘Fragrant Olive’) on her birthday, December 27. A music video for Niji, created by osrin of the creative label PERIMETRON, was posted to AiNA’s official YouTube channel yesterday (December 3).


    AiNA THE END – “Niji” [Official Music Video]

    AiNA is set to embark on a solo tour where she will promote her album THE END. It will begin on February 19, 2021 at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater before moving to Osaka Orix Theater and finally Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Pre-sale tickets will open for AiNA’s fan club members on December 5, 2020 at 22:00 (JST).

    THE END cover art

    AiNA’s outfit on the album cover was designed by Fumito Ganryu who showcased a collection at Paris Fashion Week.

  • BiSH Release Live Performance Inside Call of Duty: Mobile Song

    16.October.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    BiSH, the Japanese idol group nicknamed ‘the punk band without instruments,’ released two albums in July. This included their first greatest hits album FOR LiVE -BiSH BEST-, the proceeds of which were donated to music venues in Japan which the group has performed at to help support them during COVID-19, and their mini album LETTERS.


    BiSH announced a collaboration with Call of Duty: Mobile last week, the popular mobile game by Activision Publishing that was released last year which saw one of the biggest launches for a mobile game in video game history. The band released a special live performance in-game yesterday (October 15) called Call of Duty: Mobile × BiSH Special Live -STORY OF DUTY-. It is unconfirmed if this is available for players outside of Japan to watch.


    Their set featured a new song written for the game called STORIES OF DUTY with lyrics by band member AiNA THE END as well as MONSTERSMy landscape, and BiSH -Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni-. BiSH released a digest video of the performance on their Twitter page, and the band is also featuring in a new TV commercial in Japan from today (October 16).

    BiSH released several new artist photos taken on Hashima Island, an abandoned mining facility and World Heritage Site in Nagasaki Prefecture.

  • Experience Shinjuku’s Famous Halloween Event Online at Virtual Shibuya

    03.October.2020 | SPOT

    The Virtual Halloween Committee has announced that it will host an online Halloween event inside Virtual Shibuya as a result of the pandemic and to mitigate crowded streets in Shibuya, a place which becomes a sea of people during the spooky holiday season.


    The event, titled Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fes, will begin on October 26 and run up to Halloween Day. It is being promoted with the hashtag #StayVirtual.

    Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project launched its new digital platform “Virtual Shibuya” back in May of this year. Officially recognised by Shibuya City, Virtual Shibuya comes in response to the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has brought tight restrictions to the economy and people’s way of life. It will enable people to continue enjoying entertainment from the comfort of their homes by participating in a whole host of virtual events and activities. The project aims to deliver content from Shibuya with live performances from artists, art exhibitions, talks, and more. The use of 5G and the latest cutting edge technology will connect the real Shibuya to a virtual space, combining the realms of the digital and real world.


    The Halloween event is inviting a host of Japanese artists and comedians to perform inside the virtual space, which itself will be littered with all things Halloween like Jack-o’-lanterns, bats, and more. Users will also be able to dress their avatars in the appropriate clothing in line with the holiday season of scares. All of this aims to deliver the famous Shibuya Halloween experience that the people of Tokyo are so used to.


    Virtual Shibuya au Halloween Fes

    Virtual Shibuya is evolving and will be updated for the upcoming Halloween event. Users can look forward to a host of music events and talk events during this age of the ‘new normal.’


    au 5G Presents Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Virtual Mini Live

    Virtual Shibuya will host its very first virtual live concert to open the Halloween festival. Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is included in the performance line-up, who will be serving a very special one-night-only Halloween themed show inspired by horror movies. Titled “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Online Halloween Live 2020 THE FAMILY 10.31,” you can find out more about the concert here.


    au 5G Presents BiSH: Virtual Live

    Japanese idol group BiSH will also be playing a special Halloween show at the event.


    au 5G Presents “Everyone’s 5G” – Comedy Duo Wagyu Perform

    Japanese comedy duo Wagyu will perform live using 5G technology which will render them in high-speed, high quality holograms.

    The rest of the line-up and more details about the event will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • BiSH Reveal Greatest Hits Album Tracklist and Post Live Performance of ‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE’

    05.June.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese idol group BiSH, also known as “the punk band without instruments,” have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming first ever greatest hits album FOR LiVE – BiSH BEST-. The 27 track album will drop on July 8, 2020.”

    The two-disc album will include BiSH’s first ever song they released Spark as well as hits like BiSH -Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni-Orchestra, and Promise the Star and their latest singles KiND PEOPLE and Rhythm.

    The album will be released exclusively as First Press Limited Edition copies. It will be sold at CD shops and online music stores in Japan only—there will be no digital release on online music services. The reason for this is that BiSH want people to support their favourite music stores.

    All proceeds that Avex and WACK receive from the album will be donated to over 70 music venues which BiSH have performed at in the past.


    Back in 2019, BiSH had to cancel their performance in Matsuyama as part of their “NEW HATEFUL KiND TOUR.” They followed up this cancelled show by inviting all people who bought tickets to a free concert entitled “Thank you for KiND PEOPLE FREE LiVE in Matsuyama” which was held on November 9, 2020. BiSH have decided to release their performance of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE from that show on YouTube.


    BiSH / ALL YOU NEES IS LOVE [Thank you for KiND PEOPLE FREE LiVE in Matsuyama] at WstudioRED

    The concert was held at WstudioRED in Matsuyama and is the first time the footage has been made available.