Amazing Pringles flavours exist in Japan

11.April.2017 | FOOD

Come with us as we take you through the ultimate collection of all the Pringles flavours ever produced in Japan.

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of in Japan, it’s the amazing array of limited-edition flavours produced by international brands specifically for the Japanese market. From drinks to chocolates and even burgers, some of the special releases you’ll find here aren’t available anywhere else, making them some of the most exclusive and sought-after products in the world.

One of the big international brands to delight our eyes and our tastebuds with their creative designs and flavours is well-known potato chip brand Pringles. After seeing some of their unique offerings on supermarket shelves recently, we decided to get in touch with the company to find out exactly what types of limited-edition flavours they’d produced in Japan over the years. The result is a mammoth collection of colourful tins so beautiful they would look right at home on the walls of a museum.

With only the 2017 collection currently available on the market, gazing over the entire range of Pringles released in Japan was a test of strength as we weren’t allowed to open any of the varieties from earlier collections. Still, that didn’t stop us from fawning over all the unique designs, which was exactly what we did, as we chronicled the entire collection from 2015-2017 for you below!