Nujabes “World Tour” First Collection Pre-orders Open in Japan

04.December.2020 | MUSIC

YEN TOWN MARKET®︎ opened pre-orders for DROP 2 of the official Nujabes pop-up shop Nujabes “World Tour” First Collection on Friday (December 4).


The collection is an official line-up of merchandise for the influential Japanese record producer, composer, and DJ whose music is adored across the globe. Nujabes passed away in 2010 at the young age of 36, and during his lifetime he hadn’t held a world tour, so this collection is an official tribute to Nujabes featuring world tour goods.

DROP 2 features the artwork of Nujabes’ first album Metaphorical Music.

Metaphorical Music was released in 2003 from Nujabes’ own record label Hydeout Productions and contains many popular songs like Lady Brown and Beat Laments the World.

Items include apparel, a mug, iPhone case, AirPods case, bandana, and more. Keep Nujabes alive by supporting his music and picking up his merchandise.