A temple lodging plan which offers “Puchi Shabutu” (tracing a picture of Buddhist image) experience is now available!

04.May.2017 | SPOT

Temple culture community “Fellissimo Oterabu” and “Waku Shitaderamachi,” a much-talked-about spot/temple lodging have collaborated together and created a limited program called the “Puchi Shabutu Program” where you trace the rough copy of Fudo Myooh. This program is now gathering much attention as a program in which one can experience ascetic training.

“Waku Shitaderamachi” is an accommodation which offers temple lodging, started on the 23rd of April, 2017 in Shitaderamachi where about 80 temples are located in small area. Temple lodging means an accommodation for worshipers visiting shrines and temples. “Waku Shitaderamachi” offers various temple lodging plans which enables  worshipers to experience cross-religious trainings and cultural activities such as tracing, zazen and morning jobs with the help of nearby temples such as Washu Sohonzan (Shotoku Taishi’s temple) and Shitennoji.

“Shabutu” is a training program where rough copies of Buddhist paintings are traced so as to learn the essence of life. This practice was created to spread the teachings of Buddha instead of learning difficult scripture. The “Puchi Shabutu Program” of “Fellissimo Oterabu” is an original program which one can introduce into his/her daily life. Anybody can experience the training in a short period of time because all you have to do is to trace the post-card sized rough copy of a Buddhist painting. You can calm yourself and rediscover your feelings just by concentrating on the tracing activity of Buddhist paintings.

This time, an original “Puchi Shabutu” of Aizen Myooh in Aizen Dosho Manin was created by collaborating with “Waku Shitaderamachi.” It is a program where you trace rough copy of AIzen Myooh, who is loved by many persons and is called “Aizen san, the god of marriage ties” using pink-colored ink brush pen.


Let’s spend a valuable time with a Bhuddist painting after offering prayers to the temple and enjoying vegetarian dishes.



Puchi Shabutu Program


 Official site of “Waku Shitaderamachi”http://waqoo-shitadera.com/



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