Sexy Zone Release 10th Anniversary Album ‘SZ10TH’

05.March.2021 | MUSIC

This November will mark the 10th anniversary of five-member Japanese boy band Sexy Zone. To celebrate, the band released their new anniversary album SZ10TH from Universal Music on Wednesday (March 3).


Sexy Zone’s ninth studio album to date, the 23-track record features selections taken from their discography from their 2011 debut single Sexy Zone to their latest single NOT FOUND which dropped in November last year. It also includes two new songs: RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, which is sung entirely in English and whose music video reached number one on YouTube’s trending page upon release, and Change the world, which the members wrote to express their gratitude to fans.


SZ10TH will be released in several versions. First Press Limited Edition ‘A’ copies are coupled with a Blu-ray featuring the music videos of all of the music videos for the band’s singles. ‘B’ copies include the Change the World music video which is a compilation of the band’s past live performances, as well as other special video content. Limited Pressing Edition copies include a third disc featuring 15 of Sexy Zone’s most popular tracks as voted for by fans.




Sexy Zone – “RIGHT NEXT TO YOU” (YouTube ver.)


Sexy Zone – “Change the world” 10TH Memorial Music Video (YouTube ver.)


  • Sexy Zone’s Kento Nakajima and King & Prince’s Sho Hirano Feature On Front Cover Of CanCam Magazine

    18.March.2020 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Kento Nakajima and Sho Hirano, who are members of the popular idol groups Sexy Zone and King & Prince respectively, will feature in the May edition of fashion magazine CanCam on both the front cover and with a special interview.

    The two artists have formed a new music unit ahead of their co-star roles in the Japanese drama series Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner, which is set to begin this April. For fans of Sexy Zone and King & Prince, and of the members themselves, this new project is a dream collaboration. Both of them appear on the front cover of CanCam‘s May 2020 issue with their short black hair looking sexy and boyish.

    What’s the relationship between the two of them?

    In the 12-page special feature of the two idol stars, there is a cut of Nakajima and Hirano surrounded by lots of flowers, another of them feeding each other strawberries, and plenty of other beautiful photos. In the interview, they explain their relationship together as senior and junior in the same company.


    Nakajima said of Hirano: “[He’s] a really cute junior. In the entertainment world, there are people I call ‘Big Bro,’ but there’s no one I call ‘Little Bro.’ He might just be my first Little Bro.”


    Hirano said: “During my junior years I was allowed to be a backup for Sexy Zone numerous times, so to have a connection to Kento gives me the confidence to lose to no-one.”


    They both started something to deepen their connection

    In the interview, they reveal that Nakajima suggested they exchange diaries between each other to deepen their relationship. On the day of the interview, Hirano was supposed to take the first entry with him, but he actually ended up forgetting in the car. Nakajima said of this: “Sho’s clumsiness is cute, but when it gets down to business, he doesn’t mess around. He’s the hero I want to cheer on.”


    The interview includes plenty of other information fans will love to read about too, like more about their friendship, and how they feel about their fans. Their new project together is big news for the entertainment industry in 2020.