King & Prince and SixTONES Make Double Platinum With Latest Singles

16.March.2021 | MUSIC

The Recording Industry Association of Japan has published its official rankings for February 2021 gold disk records, revealing that Japanese boy bands King & Prince and SixTONES have been certified Double Platinum with their latest singles while SKE48, Kanjani Eight, Kis-My-Ft2, Johnny’s West, MISIA, and King & Prince again were certified Platinum. Check out the record-selling tracks below.


Double Platinum Ranking

King & Prince – “koi-wazurai” (Single)

SixTONES – “Boku ga Boku Janai Mitai da” (Single)


 Platinum Ranking

SKE48 – “Koiochi Flag” (Single)


Kanjani Eight – “Kimi to Mitai Sekai” (Single)

Kis-My-Ft2 – “Luv Bias” (Single)


Johnny’s West – “Shuukan Umaku Iku Youbi” (Single)


MISIA – “Super Best Records -15th Celebration-” (Album)


King & Prince – “King & Prince CONCERT TOUR 2020 〜L&〜” (Video)


Six records including two singles, three albums, and one video went Gold in January.


  • King & Prince Appear on AERA Magazine Cover, Speak in 7-page Interview

    18.June.2022 | FASHION / MUSIC

    The newest issue of AERA Magazine, released on June 13, features exclusive content from boy band King & Prince. The group’s new album Made in is scheduled to release on June 29, and the boy’s recently completed their first dome tour, a dream for the members since the group debuted five years ago. In an expansive interview, the boys are discussing the new album and the future of King & Prince. Don’t miss this seven-page color interview along with full-color photographs taken by Mika Ninagawa.


    The title of King & Prince’s new album, Made in, was inspired by the concept of doing what you can to make the people around you happy right now while remembering where you came from. “This album will really show people our range,” Sho Hirano said. In the interview, Yuta Jinguji discusses the recording and music video creation process. “Everyone was really proactive in coming up with ideas,” he said. When chatting about the cool dance sequence seen in the first track ichiban, Sho Hirano grinned. “Kishi’s movements were so unique and hilarious that everyone was cracking up.” 


    The group’s recent dome tour was a massive success. “Everything felt like a reward,” said Kaito Takahashi. “I couldn’t grasp the magnitude of it,” Ren Nagase noted. “It was a strange feeling,” Yuta Kishi said. “I thought it must be an astral projection.” 


    Takahashi couldn’t help but want more. “I felt this massive sense of accomplishment, but I just wanted to keep going!” 


    Check out the magazine to read more comments this incredible group.

  • Recording Industry Association of Japan Announces April GD Certified Works Including INI and Naniwa Danshi

    18.May.2022 | MUSIC

    The Recording Industry Association of Japan has announced the Gold Disc Certified titles for April 2022.


    Triple Platinum Certified

    I – INI (Single)


    Double Platinum Certified

    Lovin’ you / Odoru you ni Jinsei wo – King & Prince (Single)


    Samidareyo – Sakurazaka 46 (Single)


    The Answer / Sachiare – Naniwa Danshi (Single) 


    Platinum Certified

    Hana wa Dare no mono? – STU48 (Single)


    In addition, six other works (two singles, three albums, and one video) were certified gold in April. Be sure to check out the full list!

  • King & Prince Release Theme Song for Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Final Film

    14.October.2021 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    Universal Music has just released idol group King & Prince’s eighth single Koifuru Tsukiyo ni Kimi Omou, which served as the theme song for Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Final. The film was released on August 20, 2021.


    King & Prince – Koifuru Tsukiyo ni Kimi Omou Youtube Edit


    King & Prince – Koifuru Tsukiyo ni Kimi Omou Behind-the-Scenes Digest


    King & Prince – You are my hero Special Movie Digest


    Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Final stars Kanna Hashimoto, Sho Hirano, and Nana Asakawa. Both the standard and limited-edition singles include a B-side track titled You are my hero, which will be heard this holiday season during the 7-11 2021 Christmas commercial. 


    The First Limited Edition A version of the single includes the music video of the main track and a special making-of video. Limited Edition B includes live footage from the group’s Osaka concert during their 2021 tour, along with member interviews and other special footage. 

  • Tomo Koizumi Opens Limited-Time Online Store

    02.August.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese fashion designer Tomo Koizumi’s new online store is now open exclusively until August 13, 2021.

    Tomo Koizumi showcased his 2022 collection at a special show held at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, on July 13. “With so much dark news been announced,” explains Koizumi, “I wanted to create something useful for people that’s full of pure beauty and creativity. Something that’s beautiful and overwhelming enough to capture hearts.”


    The collection is a sustainable one, using deadstock materials and recycled polyester. It’s also made using traditional Kyoto weaving techniques such as Nishijin-ori and Tango Chirimen.


    Tomo Koizumi’s first pop-up shop opened inside Hankyu Umeda in the run up to the show back in June, the same month that the brand hit its 10th anniversary milestone. Japanese singer Misia wore a dress from the collection at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

    Ruffled Sleeve T-Shirts (5 Colours): ¥35,200 Each / Ruffled Pocket T-Shirts (5 Colours): ¥27,500 Each / Tote Bags (3 Colours): ¥36,300 Each / Bag (4 Colours): ¥31,900 Each / Pouches (3 Colours): ¥25,300 / Cushion Covers (2 Colours): ¥27,500 Each

    The collection can now be purchased online until August 13. Items include tees, bags, and more

  • Kanjani Eight Appear in Morinaga Ice Cream’s New Commercial

    24.March.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Japanese confectionery company Morinaga released two new commercials on Saturday (March 20) for their popular Monaka Jumbo ice cream. The commercials feature Japanese boy band Kanjani Eight.


    The first commercial, entitled Choco Mimi, sees the band members dressed in cute rabbit ears to promote the chocolate and vanilla flavours of Monaka Jumbo. It also features the band’s new song Sweet&Bitter which even features the lyric “vanilla.” The second commercial, entitled Ice Case, has the band members spoilt for choice on which flavour to go for, but ends up with them saying, “Why not both?”


    Vanilla Monaka Jumbo “Choco Mimi”


    Choco Monaka Jumbo & Vanilla Monaka Jumbo “Ice Case”

  • King & Prince Release New Single ‘I promise’

    17.December.2020 | MUSIC

    King & Prince released their 6th single I promise from Universal Music Japan on December 16, 2020. The track is the male idol group’s first winter love song, A J-pop number singing of a man whose love towards a girl isn’t realised but his feelings towards her don’t change.


    The song is currently being played as the Christmas commercial song at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan.


    King & Prince「I promise」Music Video Making -Story ver.-

    All songs on the single are winter-themed. The track Winter Love Story featured on Regular Edition copies was used as 7-Eleven’s Christmas commercial song in 2019, and this is the first time it is being released.


    First Press Limited Edition A is coupled with a DVD featuring the I promise music video and the first part of its making-of while First Press Limited Edition B copies feature the second part.

  • Male Idol Group King & Prince Announce New Album ‘L&’

    01.September.2020 | MUSIC

    Universal Music Japan will release Japanese all-male idol group Male & Prince’s second album L& tomorrow (September 2).

    The album’s title refers to “The place of King & Prince; a place where everyone can have fun.” Regular Edition copies will include 17 tracks while other copies will have 16. The album will include their single koi-wazurai, Mazy Night which was the main theme for the Japanese television drama Detective Novice, the main theme for the live-action adaptation of Yowamushi Pedal which stars King & Prince member Red Nagase, five songs produced by the group members themselves, and more.


    King & Prince – “&LOVE” Music Video Making Digest

    First Press Limited Edition ‘A’ copies of the new album will include the music video and making-of for &LOVE. ‘B’ copies will include a documentary entitled The Documentary – King & Prince in America- showcasing King & Prince in America making their international debut.


    King & Prince – “The Documentary – King & Prince in America-” Digest

    Both copies will also features dance lessons by Phil Tayag who is known for choreographing for Bruno Mars. Regular Edition copies will also exclusively feature recording scenes and vocal lessons for King & Prince’s song for Bounce.

  • King & Prince Release 5th Single ‘Mazy Night’

    10.June.2020 | MUSIC

    King & Prince’s 5th single Mazy Night was released through UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC today (June 10).


    The title track serves as the main theme for the Japanese crime thriller drama series Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner starring Kento Nakajima of Japanese idol group Sexy Zone and King & Prince’s own Sho Hirano.


    King & Prince – “Mazy Night” Music Video

    First Press Limited Edition A copies of the single are coupled with a DVD featuring the Mazy Night music video and its making-of, while First Press Limited Edition B copies include a DVD featuring a single-cut version of the music video as well as solo cut versions for each King & Prince member.


    Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner had its broadcast postponed but is set to begin airing again in the near future.

  • Kis-My-Ft2’s Variety Show to be Live Streamed For Free On dTV

    22.May.2020 | MUSIC

    In response to the lockdown measures implemented as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), dTV® is set to live stream Kis-My-Ft2’s variety programme Kisumai Dokidoki-n for free on May  31, 2020 from 19:00 (JST). The episode was originally scheduled for regular broadcast on May 29. Episode 69 will be streamed on June 5.


    Kis-My-Ft2 cheer up fans with a free live stream

    Kis-My-Ft2’s Japan dome tour “Kis-My-Ft2 LIVE TOUR 2020 To-y2,” which was set to kick off in Tokyo, was cancelled due to COVID-19. The band members wanted to cheer fans up in some way, and so has teamed up with dTV to offer this free live stream. The streaming service caters to today’s smartphone lifestyle and so you can watch their programmes on smartphones too. And to increase the number of people who can watch the stream, fans won’t have to sign up for a dTV account or login. They can simply tune in and watch Kis-My-Ft2 live.


    You do need to download the dTV app however which can be done on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and any other device that’s compatible with dTV. If you’re using a PC, you can watch via the dTV website. You then just need to choose the programme which is entitled “キスマイどきどきーん!生特番” in Japanese. The stream will take place on Sunday May 31 from 19:00-19:45 (JST).


    See songs performed for the first time

    To protect the regular studio and staff against getting infected, the programme will be streamed in real time from each of the 7 band members’ locations. There will be an opening talk as well as various special segments and a chance for fans to vote on certain topics. The show will finish with a performance of songs fans want to hear the most, as well as songs chosen by the band which haven’t been performed before. There’s also a chance for fans to be involved in the show by using the Japanese hashtag #キスどき生特番.


    *dTV is a registered trademark of NTT Docomo Inc.

  • Sexy Zone’s Kento Nakajima and King & Prince’s Sho Hirano Feature On Front Cover Of CanCam Magazine

    18.March.2020 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Kento Nakajima and Sho Hirano, who are members of the popular idol groups Sexy Zone and King & Prince respectively, will feature in the May edition of fashion magazine CanCam on both the front cover and with a special interview.

    The two artists have formed a new music unit ahead of their co-star roles in the Japanese drama series Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner, which is set to begin this April. For fans of Sexy Zone and King & Prince, and of the members themselves, this new project is a dream collaboration. Both of them appear on the front cover of CanCam‘s May 2020 issue with their short black hair looking sexy and boyish.

    What’s the relationship between the two of them?

    In the 12-page special feature of the two idol stars, there is a cut of Nakajima and Hirano surrounded by lots of flowers, another of them feeding each other strawberries, and plenty of other beautiful photos. In the interview, they explain their relationship together as senior and junior in the same company.


    Nakajima said of Hirano: “[He’s] a really cute junior. In the entertainment world, there are people I call ‘Big Bro,’ but there’s no one I call ‘Little Bro.’ He might just be my first Little Bro.”


    Hirano said: “During my junior years I was allowed to be a backup for Sexy Zone numerous times, so to have a connection to Kento gives me the confidence to lose to no-one.”


    They both started something to deepen their connection

    In the interview, they reveal that Nakajima suggested they exchange diaries between each other to deepen their relationship. On the day of the interview, Hirano was supposed to take the first entry with him, but he actually ended up forgetting in the car. Nakajima said of this: “Sho’s clumsiness is cute, but when it gets down to business, he doesn’t mess around. He’s the hero I want to cheer on.”


    The interview includes plenty of other information fans will love to read about too, like more about their friendship, and how they feel about their fans. Their new project together is big news for the entertainment industry in 2020.

  • Kis-My-Ft2’s Toshiya Miyata Appears in &CAST!!! App Commercial For Anime & Voice Actress Lovers

    26.September.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Toshiya Miyata, a member of the seven-member Japanese boy band Kis-My-Ft2, appeared in a new commercial for &CAST!!! on Wedneday. The video application is catered towards fans of anime and voice actors/actresses.


    Miyata is the self-proclaimed (and proclaimed by others) number one Japanese anime fan. In the commercial, Miyata showcases the fun you can have with the app. This is his first commercial to appear by himself, and features a song written by Miyata for the commercial entitled Boku Dake no Princess with lyrics by MEGUMI.

    The commercial begins with Miyata with a serious expression, explaining the hearts of anime fans in detail with difficult words, but in the second half his expression changes when he takes the phone in his hand and starts using the app.


    &CAST!!! lets you message and use items on various “cast” members and they will reply to you.

    In line with the new commercial, a log-in bonus campaign is being held right now until October 15 where you can receive the above-pictured clothing item when you log in.

  • Trailer Released For Ren Nagase’s Role as Kaei Karasuma in Film ‘According to Our Butler’

    17.May.2019 | MOVIE

    According to Our Butler is a short novel mystery series by Japanese author Shiina Takasato that has sold over 1.1 million copies in Japan. The film adaptation directed by Shinji Kuma finally hit Japanese theatres today (May 17).


    Ren Nagase of six-member Japanese idol group King & Price―who will celebrate one year since their debut on May 23―is set to play the part of protagonist Kaei Karasuma.

    A special promotional trailer showcasing Nagase performance as Kaei was posted on YouTube. The also unveils that the film’s main theme song Kimi ni Arigatou (“My Thanks to You”) will be performed by King & Prince themselves.



    Kaei is the heir to the esteemed and affluent Karasuma family. The day after he returns home from a period of studying abroad in the United Kingdom, his father announces his sudden retirement, and that Kaei will take his place as the head of the family. As a child, Kaei grew up knowing and trusting the family’s now senior butler, but is now entrusted with a new butler, the highly intelligent Soma Kisaragi.


    Speaking about his performance as Kaei, Ren Nagase commented: “I was told by the directed to play Kaei as someone who is not simply just selfish, but loved by everyone too, so I made sure to be conscious of that.” We can see in his performance that he has succeeded in that with his almost adorable selfishness and scene where he is surrounded by people who love him.


    He continues: “By nature, Kaei is someone who has a strong perception of colour. This ended up being the cause of a traumatic event that happened when he was younger. Based on that, I made sure to value his warmth as a person as well as how he treasures the people who work for the Karasuma family. Just as Kaei and Soma grown together, I too feel that I have grown alongside Kaei.”


    ©2019 “According to Our Butler” Production Committee