Despicable Me’s Minions to Collaborate With Japanese Snack Company KOIKE-YA

30.May.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Japanese snack company KOIKE-YA is set to collaborate with the iconic Minions of the Despicable Me animated film series when it launches its new ‘Sucorn Kobashi Fever Corn,’ ‘Caramel x Sucorn Banana Caramel,’ ‘Hash Brown Mini Cheese,’ ‘Karamucho Nottori Notto Chili,’ and ‘Suppa Mucho Itazura Lemon’ snacks on June 7. It will also release special limited-time packaging of four of its Sucorn products and two of its Hashed Potato hash brown products.


The Line-Up

Sucorn Kobashi Fever Corn | Release Date: June 7


Soy sauce-coated Sucorn corn curls which have a naturally-sweet flavour. Every bite is a sweet and sour kick.


Caramel x Sucorn Banana Caramel | Release Date: June 21


The natural sweetness of the banana combines deliciously with the sweet caramel to create two different layers of crunch on the outside and inside.


Hash Brown Mini Cheese | Release Date: July 7 (Convenience Stores), July 12 (Supermarkets)


Hash brown snacks coated in freeze-dried cheese and spicy black pepper. The rich cheese and potato make for the perfect combination.


Karamucho Nottori Notto Chili | Release Date: July 12


Spicy potato sticks flavoured with chili pepper with a hint of sweet vegetable, chicken, and garlic.


Suppa Mucho Itazura Lemon | Release Date: July 12


Seasoned with lemon four a sour kick that even people who aren’t into sour flavours can enjoy. A refreshing snack with a hint of sweetness.


Minions x KOIKE-YA Collab Packaging

Sucorn Yamitsuki BBQ, Sucorn Torokeru Quattro Cheese, Sucorn Gochiso Seafood | Release Date: June 7


Caramel x Sucorn Salted Caramel | Release Date: June 21


Hashed Potato Koku Uma Salt, Hashed Potato Crispy Bacon | Release Date: July 12



Check out the cute packaging of these products – which do you want to try the most?


Minions Franchise © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved. 


  • SILENT SIREN Announce New Date For 10th Anniversary Concert

    23.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Last Thursday, SILENT SIREN performed at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA in Tokyo for Symphonic Concert 2021, a special collaboration show with the Tokyo New City Orchestra who have performed with countless international opera singers, international ballet groups, with the Paris Opera Ballet, and more.


    The concert was held with a live audience and saw SILENT SIREN perform with the 50 orchestra members. During the show, SILENT SIREN announced a new date for their 10th anniversary concert which had to be cancelled last year due to COVID-19. The new date is scheduled for September 25 and the venue is Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall in Tokyo.


    SILENT SIREN Kirara Revenge ~Sai Sai 10th Anniversary Festival~


    Premium pre-sale tickets are now available exclusively to members of the official SILENT SIREN fan club, Sai Sai Family.



    Photo:Makiko Takada

  • New Tokyo Revengers Manga Set Features Live-Action Front Covers to Promote Upcoming Film

    23.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    In promotion of the upcoming live-action Tokyo Revengers film releasing on July 9, a new ‘starter set’ featuring the first four volumes of the manga series is being released on June 30 with the live-action cast on the front covers.


    The starter set also comes with an additional special volume which talks about the staff and cast of the upcoming live-action adaptation.

  • Japan’s Poké Lid Project Lays Down Two New Manhole Covers in Tokyo

    23.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Two new Pokémon manhole covers have been laid in Tokyo as part of the Poké Lid project to place Pokémon-design manhole covers across the country. This includes a Tyrunt & Wynaut cover at the National Museum of Nature and Science and a Baltoy & Bronzor cover at Tokyo National Museum.


    Tokyo’s new Poké Lids

    All the current Poké Lids

    All of the Poké Lids placed across Japan feature completely original Pokémon designs making each individual one the only one in the world. The Pokémon Company is also working to make each one of them PokéStops for Pokémon GO.

    ©2021 Pokémon. ©1995-2021 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Eco Bag Collection Releases at ANIPLEX+

    23.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Aniplex released a new collection of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba eco bags are Lawson Group and ANIPLEX+ on June 15.

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Eco Bags | 4 Designs: Dot, Motif, Kyojuro Rengoku, Stills | ¥980 Each (Tax Included)

    The compact bags come in four different designs: one with cute pixel art of the manga characters, another featuring various symbols from the series, one dedicated to Kyojuro Rengoku, and another with a collection of stills from the anime.



  • Ado’s ‘Yoru no Pierrot’ Music Video is Illustrated by KEIGO INOUE

    23.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Following his collaborations with virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI as well as Eve for the Jujutsu Kaisen anime opening Kaikai Kitan, Japanese illustrator KEIGO INOSUKE has now joined hands with Ado to create the music video and CD cover artwork for her new song Yoru no Pierrot (Clown of the Night).

    Yoru no Pierrot is written and composed by biz, a Vocaloid producer who previously worked on Ado’s song Freudmeta. On the same day the music video dropped on June 14, advertisements lit up the big screens at Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo (see below). The video itself depicts a futuristic Scramble Crossing, illustrated by digital artist KEIGO INOSUKE whose name is known both in Japan and overseas.

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Inspired Face Mask Protects and Looks Kawaii

    23.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION / MOVIE

    Bandai Namco Group released a new Sailor Moon Eternal themed face mask as part of their ‘CHARA-MASK’ line for adults on Premium Bandai on June 14.

    CHARA-MASK Sailor Moon Eternal | ¥2,200 (Tax Included)

    The face mask, based on the Sailor Moon Eternal anime film, was designed in collaboration with Sailor Moon‘s author Naoko Takeuchi. It’s lined with sparkly rhinestones to give it a cute finish.


    Bandai’s CHARA-MASK series features reusable masks fitted with anti-odour and anti-bacterial filters which can be swapped out. They are also made from comfortable light mesh fabric, can be washed, and worn for long periods of time. They are sized at 100mm in width and 130mm in height.


    ©︎ 武内直子・PNP/劇場版「美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal」製作委員会

  • toe & PETROLZ Announce Live Concert From JOYSOUND Karaoke Rooms

    22.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese bands toe and PETROLZ, two wholly unique bands in terms of style who are both leading the indie music scene in Japan, toured together in March on their ‘Booked!’ tour. Now, the pair are coming together once again to host a live concert which will be streamed at JOYSOUND Miruhako karaoke rooms across Japan on June 26 at 17:00 (JST). The performance was originally scheduled to take place before this, but was postponed due to the state of emergency in Japan.

    Tickets are priced at ¥2,500 which doesn’t include karaoke room rental, and are available until the day of the show. The bands themselves will be performing live from USEN STUDIO COAST in Tokyo where they actually performed on March 13 for their tour. Fans will be able to sing along in the karaoke rooms as they enjoy watching the performance with JOYSOUND Miruhako’s high-quality audio and video services.

  • Supporting Japanese Sake Breweries During the Pandemic With the WAX&WANE Project

    22.June.2021 | FASHION / FOOD

    WAX&WANE is the name of a new project that has launched in an effort to support ARCADE TOKYO, an ‘online shopping arcade’ stocking countless must-grab products from Tokyo, due to the impact COVID-19 has had on participating businesses having to close down, resulting in a drastic decrease in shipping and consumption.


    12 breweries pour 12 unique sake beverages


    Pair your drinks with foods outside Japanese cuisine to change things up


    Bottle clothes with designs showcasing each sakes’ personality

    The project was launched on June 10 via the crowdfunding website CAMPFIRE as a way to pay back thanks to 12 sake breweries in Japan who produce sake you can’t get anywhere else. It aims to spread the word of Japan’s sake culture the world to preserve its future and create even more brands, thereby adding new value to sake.


    As part of the project, tie dye creator YUKIDYE, who has worked with many different street brands, has produced a collection of tie dye cloths which take inspiration from each of the 12 sake flavours and the characteristics of each brand.

  • Ramen Inspired T-Shirt Collection Cooks Up in Collaboration With Tenkaippin

    22.June.2021 | FASHION / FOOD

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Japanese ramen restaurant chain Tenkaippin. To celebrate, they have joined hands with men’s apparel brand MONO-MART to release a collection of ramen-inspired t-shirts in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Isogai Hitohisa. The limited-edition collection dropped on ZOZOTOWN on June 10.



    Tenkaippin | Comment

    “Thanks to all of our customers, Tenkaippin turns 50-years-old this year. It’s a turning point for us, and so we’ve decided to develop products in collaboration with an apparel brand for the first time. We hope it helps to spread word of the Tenkaippin name amongst the youth. Designs include photos of when we first opened, illustrations drawn for us, and more. Please enjoy Tenkaippin through these super rare tees!”

    Each t-shirt in this collection is branded with Tenkaippin’s logo along with their ‘KOTTERI’ logo. There’s another with a photo of the brand’s legendary founder Tsutomu Kimura, another with the encouraging message ‘Righht effort,’ and more. Other designs include illustrations by Isogai Hitohisa on the back, various photos, and so on.

  • Prince of Tennis 3DCG Film Promoted in Japan With National Tournament Saga Broadcast

    22.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    A special television broadcast for the anime series Prince of Tennis has been airing in Japan since April. In promotion of the upcoming 3DCG film Ryōma! Shinsei Gekijōban Tennis no Ōji-sama (Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis), which is set for release on September 3, 2021, the second season of the National Tournament Saga is set to air in Japan on June 29. In addition, a television special centred on the new film will also air.


    The National Tournament Saga National follows Ryoma and the Seishun team who meet foes of past and present.

    ©許斐 剛/集英社 ©新生劇場版テニスの王子様製作委員会

  • Grab a Takeout Hydrangea Parfait at Itohkyuemon in Kyoto

    22.June.2021 | FOOD / SPOT

    Itohkyuemon, one of Kyoto’s most famous green tea shops which established in the latter part of the Edo Period, is now serving a takeout hydrangea parfait at its main branch in Uji, Kyoto.

    Uji, the city where Itohkyuemon is based, is home to Mimuroto Temple which is famous for its hydrangea. The temple bustles with sightseers and tourists during Japan’s rainy season who flock to gaze upon the gorgeous flowers. The tea shop’s limited-time hydrangea parfait was first released in 2013 and has gone to become their most popular seasonal parfait every year. So that lots of people can continue to enjoy the popular dessert, Itohkyuemon is offering the parfait as a takeout option so customers don’t have to eat indoors.


    The parfait is made with matcha and hydrangea mashed sweet potato and hydrangea-coloured crushed jelly, and is topped with leaf-shaped matcha cookies, blueberries, and other colourful treats that bring to mind Uji’s rainy season.

  • OUTDOOR PRODUCTS x Jujutsu Kaisen Bag Collection Features Yuji, Megumi, and Other Character Designs

    22.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Bandai Namco Group teamed up with OUTDOOR PRODUCTS to release a collection of Jujutsu Kaisen themed bags inspired by the anime’s characters including Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo. Released on Premium Bandai last Tuesday, the collection includes backpacks, tote bags, and shoulder bags.


    The inside of the bags feature original designs with motifs taken from the series – check them out below.


    ©︎ 芥見下々/集英社・呪術廻戦製作委員会