‘Sorrow’ Themed Playlist Released by Japanese Neo-Soul Band yonawo

08.June.2021 | MUSIC

Japanese band yonawo have posted a playlist on the music streaming service AWA which is themed on ‘sorrow.’


Selected by yonawo: Sorrow

01. Kanashiteru / yonawo
02. Itsuka Mata Hohoemi Aeru Hi ga Kuru made / Fuyumi Abe
03. Kesho / Junko Sakurada
04. Soshite Boku wa Tohou ni Kureru / Yoshiyuki Ohsawa
05. Mado / Yuta  Orisaka
06. Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To) (Single Version) / Diana Ross
07. A Taste of Honey / Paul Desmond
08. Sayonara no Mukau Gawa / Momoe Yamaguchi
09. Guitar Hiki o Mimasen ka / Sayuri Kume
10. Desperado (2013 Remaster) / Eagles
11. Rouman / yonawo
12. Steps / Otto A Totland
13. Let’s Go Out Tonight / The Blue Nile
14. Rain / Sunday Service Choir
15. Crazy Love (2013 Remaster) / Van Morrison
16. I Hear a Rhapsody / Bill Evans
17. Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers / Jeff Beck
18. I Loves You Porgy / Nina Simone
19. Gokigenyo Sayonara / yonawo


The playlist includes some of yonawo’s on tracks such as Kanashiteru, the band’s first ever ballad which was produced by Keiichi Tomita and features on their second album Haruka Ima. The long list of 19 tracks includes other tracks such as Itsuka Mata Hohoemi Aeru Hi ga Kuru made by Hokkaido-born singer-songwriter Fuyumi Abe, Junko Sakurada’s cover of Miyuki Nakajima’s KeshoLet’s Go Out Tonight by the Scottish band The Blue Nile, and more. If you’re looking for some feels then be sure to check out the tracks on this playlist.

yonawo are scheduled to perform at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ʻ21 this summer.


  • Tokyo Jihen’s New Album ‘Ongaku’ Features Band Commentary on Spotify

    18.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Tokyo Jihen released their new album Ongaku (“Music”) on June 9, which is now featured on Spotify Japan’s playlist series Liner Voice+ where bands read the liner notes of their record and talk about it.

    In Tokyo Jihen’s episode for Ongaku, Ringo Sheena, the frontwoman of the rock band, discusses the 13 songs on the record. She is interviewed by Masaki Uchida who has the singer dive deep into the recording of the album and other insights that you won’t hear anywhere else. Liner Voice+ is an opportunity for artists and fans to connect with one another and support each other on a deeper level.

    Spotify isn’t just a place for streaming your favourite songs or having the service personalise your listening. It’s also a chance to hear from the artists themselves with such projects as this, learn about concerts in your area, and offers other useful tools for music lovers too.


    Have you heard Tokyo Jihen’s Ongaku yet?

  • yonawo and Hikari Shibata Feature in Zoff’s Summer 2021 Eyewear Promo

    29.April.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese glasses brand Zoff has announced the release of a Summer Collection in its popular Zoff CLASSIC series which will hit Zoff stores across Japan on April 30, 2021.


    The Line-Up

    ZA191010_13A1 | ¥5,500 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZA191019_50A1 Light Yellow/ZA191019_21A1 Pink | ¥8,800 Each (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZA201011_21A2 Pink | ¥5,500 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZA201012_60A1 Light Green | ¥5,500 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZC191009_64A1 Olive/ZC191009_11A1 Light Grey | ¥8,800 Each (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZC191010_40A1 Ivory/ZC191010_00A1 Clear | ¥8,800 Each (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZH211001_50A1 Light Yellow/ZH211001_49B1 Tortoiseshell/ZH211001_42A1 Light Brown/ZH211001_14E1 Black | ¥8,800 Each (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZH211002_72A1 Navy/ZH211002_49A1 Tortoiseshell/ZH211002_23A1 Dark Pink/ZH211002_00A1 Clear | ¥8,800 Each (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZH211003_72A1 Navy/ZH211003_64E1 Olive/ZH211003_50A1 Light Yellow/ZH211003_18E1 White & Black/ZH211003_12A1 Grey | ¥5,500 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZN211006_50A1 Light Yellow/ZN211006_48A1 Brown Gradation/ZN211006_20A1 Light Pink/ZN211006_12A1 Grey/ZN211006_00A1 Clear | ¥8,800 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZY212001_57F1 Antique Gold/ZY212001_14F1 Black | ¥8,800 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZY212002_43E1 Brown/ZY212002_21E1 Pink | ¥8,800 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZY212010_57F1 Antique Gold/ZY212010_56E1 Gold/ZY212010_21E1 Pink/ZY212010_14E1 Black | ¥8,800 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZF213005_14E1 Black/ZF213005_48E1 Brown Gradation/ZF213005_68F1 Green Gradation | ¥13,300 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZF213006_14E1 Black/ZF213006_21E1 Pink/ZF213006_43E1 Brown | ¥13,300 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    ZF213007_14F1 Black/ZF213007_24E1 Dark Red/ZF213007_41F1 Beige | ¥13,300 (Tax Included/Includes Lens Set)

    Zoff CLASSIC is a popular series with a line-up of around 150 different glasses options at any given time, with designs ranging from detailed and authentic vintage looks to more seasonal and trendy modern takes. Also as part of the bigger series is the Zoff SMART CLASSIC range. This one has 44 models made from a fusion of high-functioning titanium and ultem which make each pair a comfortable wear. With glasses and face masks being a common combination today, Zoff’s Summer Collection this year is a fresh line-up that doesn’t weigh heavily on the eye area, allowing them to stand out above face masks.


    Donning the looks for Zoff’s summer promo shoot is all four members of the Fukuoka-based Japanese band yonawo as well as model and camerawoman Hikari Shibata. This marks the first time the yonawo members have come together to feature in a promotion like this and is a chance for fans to see them all in glasses.


    Zoff is hosting a campaign for 10 lucky people to win a wear of glasses from the Zoff CLASSIC Summer Collection. Check the link below.