“McDonald’s “McSHAKE” and “Calpis” have collaborated to make a new flavored shake!

21.June.2017 | FOOD

 “McDonald’s will begin sales of McSHAKE × Calpis®” which is a first-ever collaborative which will be released by Japan McDonald’s. The product will be released from the 21st of June (Wed.) at all McDonald’s throughout Japan.


Creamy and sweet “McDonald’s Shake” and the lactic bacterium drink “Calpis” which is gathering popularity from a wide range of generations for its fresh smell and sweet-sour taste produced by fermentation, have collaborated to make this new drink. These two products which have been loved by many people for a long period of time have collaborated together and thus “McSHAKE × Calpis®” was born.

 “McSHAKE × Calpis®”uses “McSAKE’s”specialized syrup mixed with “Calpis” so as to re-create the aroma and quality sourness of “Calpis.” The product lets the drinker feel the sourness of “Calpis” and the soft sweetness of “McSHAKE.”

マックシェイク × カルピス

The packaging of the product uses the design of a blue back screen and white polka-dots which represents the “Calpis” brand! The product will be offered in a special package (only S size/limited quantity).

Let’s try the first-ever collaborative product of “McSHAKE and Calpis®.”



 “McSHAKE × Calpis®”

June 21st, 2017 (Wed.) to mid July (planned sales period)

All McDonald’s throughout Japan (except at certain stores)

10:30 until the store closes (until 24:00 in 24 hour stores)

S size: 120 yen

M size: 200 yen

※ “Calpis” is a registered brand of Asahi Soft Drinks.


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