Pretty Boy Detective Club Anime Merchandise Collection Releases in Japan

12.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME

Chara On!, a Japanese online website that creates original merchandise, released a new Pretty Boy Detective Club collection of anime items at the end of June.

Acrylic Portrait | ¥1,870 (Tax Included)

Folders | 2 Designs | ¥440 Each (Tax Included)

Acrylic Diorama | ¥2,200 (Tax Included)

Acrylic Stand Collection Box | ¥3,575 (Tax Included)

Prism Visual Collection Box | 10 Designs | ¥6,600 (Tax Included)


Pin Set | 5 Designs | ¥1,430 (Tax Included)




  • Pretty Boy Detective Club Anime Prizes Now Available at Digital Kuji

    13.August.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    The Pretty Boy Detective Club Special Kuji will be landing on Digital Kuji’s Challenge Kuji service between August 5 and August 25, 2021.  The limited lineup is full of goods from NISIOISIN’s anime project,  Pretty Boy Detective Club.



    Pretty Boy Detective Club Special Kuji



    A Prize: Big Acrylic Stand

    B Prize: 15cm BIG Can Badge

    C Prize: 57mm Can Badge Set

    D Prize: Acrylic Stand

    E Prize: Acrylic Photo Card


    The Pretty Boy Detective Club Special Kuji lineup includes a selection of limited edition items, including a large 23cm tall acrylic stand, a variety of 53mm character badges, and more. 

    The set features Soutouin Manabu (CV. Murase Ayumu), Sakiguchi Nagahiro (CV. Ban Taito), Fukuroi Michiru (CV. Masuda Toshiki), Ashikaga Hyouta (CV. Yano Shōgo), and Yubiwa Sousaku (CV. Satō Gen) from Pretty Boy Detective Club.


    If you’re a fan of the anime then make sure to check out these limited goods! 


    ©NISIOISIN / Kodansha, Aniplex, Shaft

  • As part of their AniCook project which gets people to enjoy anime through cooking, CookpadTV have announced that the 7th series they are collaborating with is Pretty Boy Detective Club. The collaboration includes a food menu inspired by the series that will be served on the 5th floor of Shinsaibashi PARCO in Osaka from August 19 to September 5.



    Trump Demi Hamburger / Hagoita Chirashi Chahan



    Starry Sky Cream Pancakes / Yubiwa Academy Middle School Gateau Chocolate / Auditorium Cheesecake




    Manabu’s Assam Blue Moon Tea / Nagahiro’s English Breakfast Sesame Tea / Michiru’s Earl Grey Acerola Tea / Hyota’s Ceylon Mango Tea / Sosaku’s Darjeeling Hazelnut Tea

    Get 1 of 5 stickers with every food and dessert order, and 1 of 5 postcards when ordering a drink


    Exclusive merchandise

    Acrylic Stands | 5 Designs

    Acrylic Keyrings | 5 Designs

    Acrylic Coasters | 5 Designs

    Pins | 5 Designs

    The dishes and drinks on the menu were created to get people enjoying food more. The cafe is also selling a range of exclusive merchandise both at the cafe and online.

  • Pretty Boy Detective Club Anime Themed Hotel Room to Open at Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro

    12.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Sunshine City Prince Hotel is set to open a room themed on the anime adaptation of Nisio Isin’s mystery light novel series Pretty Boy Detective Club. The room will be available for a limited time between July 22 and September 19.

    Concept Room

    Hotel Keyring


    Card Key (*Can be taken home)

    Located in Ikebukuro, the heart of Tokyo’s subculture, Sunshine City Prince Hotel has collaborated with numerous anime and manga series. There will be just one exclusive Pretty Boy Detective Club theme available where the five main guys are waiting to greet guests in the form of decorations. It’s a fantasy-come-true for fans of the series.