Tomo Koizumi Opens Limited-Time Online Store

02.August.2021 | FASHION

Japanese fashion designer Tomo Koizumi’s new online store is now open exclusively until August 13, 2021.

Tomo Koizumi showcased his 2022 collection at a special show held at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, on July 13. “With so much dark news been announced,” explains Koizumi, “I wanted to create something useful for people that’s full of pure beauty and creativity. Something that’s beautiful and overwhelming enough to capture hearts.”


The collection is a sustainable one, using deadstock materials and recycled polyester. It’s also made using traditional Kyoto weaving techniques such as Nishijin-ori and Tango Chirimen.


Tomo Koizumi’s first pop-up shop opened inside Hankyu Umeda in the run up to the show back in June, the same month that the brand hit its 10th anniversary milestone. Japanese singer Misia wore a dress from the collection at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Ruffled Sleeve T-Shirts (5 Colours): ¥35,200 Each / Ruffled Pocket T-Shirts (5 Colours): ¥27,500 Each / Tote Bags (3 Colours): ¥36,300 Each / Bag (4 Colours): ¥31,900 Each / Pouches (3 Colours): ¥25,300 / Cushion Covers (2 Colours): ¥27,500 Each

The collection can now be purchased online until August 13. Items include tees, bags, and more


  • King & Prince and SixTONES Make Double Platinum With Latest Singles

    16.March.2021 | MUSIC

    The Recording Industry Association of Japan has published its official rankings for February 2021 gold disk records, revealing that Japanese boy bands King & Prince and SixTONES have been certified Double Platinum with their latest singles while SKE48, Kanjani Eight, Kis-My-Ft2, Johnny’s West, MISIA, and King & Prince again were certified Platinum. Check out the record-selling tracks below.


    Double Platinum Ranking

    King & Prince – “koi-wazurai” (Single)

    SixTONES – “Boku ga Boku Janai Mitai da” (Single)


     Platinum Ranking

    SKE48 – “Koiochi Flag” (Single)


    Kanjani Eight – “Kimi to Mitai Sekai” (Single)

    Kis-My-Ft2 – “Luv Bias” (Single)


    Johnny’s West – “Shuukan Umaku Iku Youbi” (Single)


    MISIA – “Super Best Records -15th Celebration-” (Album)


    King & Prince – “King & Prince CONCERT TOUR 2020 〜L&〜” (Video)


    Six records including two singles, three albums, and one video went Gold in January.

  • Concert Review: MISIA performs at Japan Night in New York

    15.May.2019 | MUSIC

    Japanese R&B, soul and pop singer-songwriter MISIA performed at the Sony Hall in New York on May 12 as part of “Japan 2019 presents Japan Night.” This was her first ever live performance in the Big Apple and she succeeded in serving the crowd an overwhelming show.

    Sony Hall and the PlayStation Theatre are two locations that are part of the Japan 2019 event where popular artists from Japan brought Japanese culture to foreign music lovers. Acts included big names such as PUFFY, HYDE of L’Arc-en-Ciel, Wagakki Band and more, not to mention MISIA. 3,000 people were spread across both venues―both of which sold out.

    MISIA’s 12-track set list spanned from her debut number Tsutsumi Komu Youni all the way to her latest song Ai no Katachi (feat. HIDE GReeeeN) for which she performed alongside a live band spearheaded by New York-based Japanese jazz trumpeter Takuya Kuroda.


    MISIA’s incredible vocals were bolstered by the unrivalled musicianship dished out by her stage band. Each of them played their instruments with expert grace and talent which rippled through the sold-out venue. As soon as the performance begun the audience showed heated excitement.

    At the end of the performance rock band PUFFY joined the stage as special guests. They sung their own hit songs such as Electric Beach Fever and True Asia alongside MISIA in their first-ever live performance together.

    MISIA released her thirteenth album Life Is Going On and On on December 26, 2018.


    Photography: Mayumi Nashida