Global City of Culture MetaTokyo To Use NFT Tech to Create a Next-Generation Metaverse, Connecting Cultures in World First

03.August.2021 | BUSINESS

ASOBISYSTEM, ParadeALL, and Fracton Ventures will be working together and utilizing NFT technology to create Global City of Culture Tokyo, a next-generation Metaverse connecting creators and companies in Japan and overseas. The project, titled MetaTokyo, is the first of its kind.

MetaTokyo uses the new NFT technology and blockchains to distribute new culture and entertainment from around the world, aiming to realize the ideals of the Web 3.0 movement in order to create a new society where culture and cities are connected.
Decentraland will be the center of this next-generation Metaverse, with land purchased and construction preparations already in full swing.

● Creating a digital city of culture and area development
● Using NFT technology to share Japan’s digital culture with the world
● Boosting the global creator economy from Tokyo and fulfilling Web 3.0 ideals


This is just the beginning, so make sure to check out the various upcoming projects planned for MetaTokyo.