INTERSECTION Member CAELAN Releases First Solo Single Internationally

15.October.2021 | MUSIC

CAELAN, a member of the Half-Japanese Half-American boy group INTERSECTION, released his first solo single ‘Forever With You’ on October 8 2021.


CAELAN first appeared on the popular audition show Produce101 in February 2021, gaining huge popularity for his inprsssive performance and adorable character as the show broadcast throughout China and Asia and garnered over 5 billion views.

He has modelled for a variety of major brands in China, becoming a fashion icon and appearing in many fashion magazines. He even won the grand prize at this year’s InStyle Icon Awards! He has quickly become one of China’s favorite idols.


His first single ‘Forever With You’ has been produced by Grammy award nominated producer J.Que, who has previously worked Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé, and wittten by David Arkwright, who has recently skyrocketed in popularity after writing Bella Poarch’s hit single ‘Build a Bitch.’ American writers Kinderrr and Theo Ross Rosenthal have teamed up to write the lyrics, while CAELAN has been busy writing Chinese lyrics and designing the cover artwork.


The cinematic music video is shot in large wide spaces, showing CAELAN singing in the wilderness and amongst fields of flowers, wearing vivid clothes that cause him to stand out amongst the scenery. The song tells the pain of growing up and becoming an adult, and the realization that the hard times will eventually become the past, allowing him to accept himself and start a new journey towards the future.


Forever With You Music Video


The video was released in China first, surpassing 10 million views and trending throughout social media within 24 hours! The video was highly anticipated throughout Asia, and upon it’s YouTube release at midnight, took over the first and second trending spots on Twitter in Vietnam. 


Keep a close eye on CAELAN, who is taking over the world in earnest with his long-awaited first single!



  • INTERSECTION’s Kaz Hits #1 on China Charts, MV Featuring Hikari Mitsushima Released

    23.September.2021 | MUSIC

    Chuang 2021, the Chinese version of the vocal audition show Produce 101, put vocalist Kaz (Kazuma Mitchell) on the map. A member of the boy band INTERSECTION, he’s been garnering massive attention for his sweet voice, good looks, and Harvard-grade intelligence. 


    The singer’s first EP, CODE LOVE, was released on September 13, 2021, and the music video for the track Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima has also been uploaded to YouTube!


    Kazuma himself produced the track, and as the title would suggest, the song will have listeners drowning in emotion. Hikari Mitsushima makes an appearance, and the video itself was directed by Takeshi Maruyama, who also directed MONDO GROSSO’s Labyrinth. The video itself expertly captures the moment when two people fall in love. 


    Kaz – Drown feat. Hikari Mitsushima MV



    On the day of the video’s release, it received over 500,000 views on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. CODE LOVE also ranked at #1 on the daily album ranking of NetEase, China’s major music streaming service, on release day. Upon the release of White Stallion, another song on the EP, Kaz set a NetEase record for most downloads for a Japanese artist.




  • INTERSECTION Post Compilation of Online Fan Meeting World Tour

    03.September.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese-American boy band INTERSECTION booted up their computers and chatted with fans throughout June for their “INTERSECTION Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020.” INTERSECTION wanted to bring some fun and joy to fans with the online meeting in response to the constant flurry of dark news surrounding the novel coronavirus.


    The online tour was held in 53 countries worldwide and saw over 2,000 sign up.

    The band were able to communicate with fans and even held a Q&A session, played games, and more. At the end of each meet-up, INTERSECTION performed live, which led some fans to tear up at hearing their raw singing voice for the first time. The band documented each meet-up with screenshots on their official Instagram page.


    ‘INTERCONNECTED’ was the keyword for INTERSECTION’s first ever international fan meeting. Many of the fans they were meeting for the first time, and doing it online allowed them to connect in an entirely new way and with more people. INTERSECTION also posted a compilation video on their YouTube channel which you can check out below.

    INTERSECTION have announced another live online talk which will take place within their fan club Fanicon on September 11, 2020. Details below.


    Kazuma Mitchell | Comment

    “Thank you to everyone who came to see us in our first world fan meeting. Getting to see all of you, talk with you, and perform for you made us super happy. It was a lot of fun! We have something in the works for us to communicate with you all again, so be sure to come along.”

    *Comment translated from Japanese by MMN

  • INTERSECTION Announces Release of ‘Falling’ Remix by Indonesian DJ Alffy Rev

    15.June.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese-American boy band INTERSECTION have announced the release of their remixed single Falling (Alffy Rev Remix) which will be released digitally on June 19, 2020. The song arrives as part of a series of six remixes of INTERSECTION’s tracks by different creators that are being released consecutively over a period of six weeks. Artists include Grammy-nominated producer starRo, young artist Tomggg, PSYQUI, and more.

    Falling (Alffy Rev Remix) is a remix of INTERSECTION’s second single Falling by young Indonesian music producer and DJ Alffy Rev who is garnering attention in his home country within the scene. The remix is described as having the same dance vibes as the original Falling while changing the sound with a suling, a Southeast Asian bamboo flute and part of the traditional Gamelan ensemble of instruments, which brings an oriental twist. This is elevated even more so during the chorus with the use of the saron, another Gamelan instrument, which is played quietly but adds excitement to the track.

    Alffy Rev is a music producer and DJ from Indonesia whose music chiefly centres on EDM. His YouTube channel has over 1.1 million subscribers and over 100 million overall views. His work as a producer takes him around Southeast Asia. He even launched his own apparel brand and has experience as a film director.


    INTERSECTION are currently connecting with their fans across the globe with their “Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020.” The band hopes to bring some fun and joy to fans with the online meeting in response to the constant flurry of dark news surrounding the novel coronavirus. Over 2,000 people from 53 countries around the world have signed up for the tour, and those lucky enough to be chosen have been able to experience the fan meeting.

  • INTERSECTION Announces Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020

    17.May.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese-American boy band INTERSECTION have announced that they will be connecting with their fans across the globe with their “Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020.”

    Those who register via the application form and win the drawing will be invited to the online fan meeting in the winning fan’s respective country. The meeting will include a Q&A, talking with fans, and an online session performance from the group.


    INTERSECTION have stayed connected with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic through their Instagram and social media pages where they have posted when they’ve been doing at home.


    INTERSECTION Online Fan Meeting World Tour 2020

    INTERSECTION hope to bring some fun and joy to fans with the online meeting in response to the constant flurry of dark news surrounding the novel coronavirus.


    Applications opened on May 15, 2020. Check out the links below.

  • Japanese Boy Band INTERSECTION Selected as One of Best Of Asia 2020’s SIXTY60

    17.March.2020 | MUSIC

    Half-Japanese half-American Japanese boy band INTERSECTION recently celebrated White Day with fans on their Instagram with their first ever live acoustic performance on March 14. They performed two songs with acoustic guitar played by the members themselves. The two songs were messages of positivity to those who have graduated and are starting their new lives out in the big wide world.


    INTERSECTION had several fan meetings lined up, however due to the ongoing situation surrounding the Coronavirus, they had to be cancelled. The live stream performance was a way for the m embers to still connect with their fans.

    INTERSECTION took questions from fans during the stream, and since they have a lot of overseas fans, each member was able to communicate with people from each of their countries.


    In the second half of the live stream, members Mika and William performed acoustic versions of One Step Closer and New Page. The former is the ending theme for the anime series Fruits Basket, which is a well-known song amongst anime fans both in Japan and overseas. The song sings of parting with friends and conjures up images of graduation and separation; a heartfelt message that was for sure felt by fans.


    Group member William Aoyama, who wrote and composed the song, said: “This is the time for us to connect with everyone through music, so we challenged ourselves to doing this acoustic live show.” *Translated from Japanese

    INTERSECTION were placed in the “Upcoming” category for BEST OF ASIA’s SIXTY60 project, which curates “60 creators and artists who dedicated their creativity and talented work to the industry from Asia to the world.”

  • Japanese-American Boy Band INTERSECTION Release Self-Produced Single ‘Twisted’

    26.January.2019 | MUSIC

    INTERSECTION is a Tokyo-based boy band whose name derives from its multicultural members. Each member was born and raised in the US but has Japanese heritage. The band made their debut with Heart of Gold on Ocotber 5 last year and released their latest song Twisted just yesterday (January 25).


    Their previous record Body Language was their first to hit Spotify and Apple music and was selected to feature on many big playlists. Its music video has over 800,000 views and their international following is growing, especially in the Asian region.

    The new track Twisted was self-produced by the band’s own William and Kazuma and talks of teenage broken hearts. Their personal friend directed the music video with each member having a say in the direction process.



    Band member William comments: “Twisted is about that sad feeling when it doesn’t go well with the girl you like because your feelings are different. It’s something I’ve experienced too. The music video was directed by my school friend Yuuhei. I often talk to him about fashion and art. He has a good sense of humour and is someone I respect so when I explained the framework to him he went ahead and directed it for us. Twisted questions if your heart is really getting through to the other person and discusses the insecure feelings and and misled mind of that situation in both the real world and a fantasy world. I of course hope people listen to the song but I would be happy if people watched the music video too. ” (*Translated from Japanese)