Osamu Tezuka×Isao Tomita×Hatsune Miku will collaborate together! “Hatsune Sings ‘Osamu Tezuka to Isao Tomita no Ongaku wo Namaenso de”will be released.

16.July.2017 | MUSIC


Time tested songs which were created by Isao Tomita (who passed away last year) for Osamu Tezuka’s animations will be sang by Hatsune Miku, a very famous Janapese virtual singer. The collaboration album “Hatsune Sings ‘Osamu Tezuka to Isao Tomita no Ongaku wo Namaenso de”will be released on the 6th of September from NIPPON COLUMBIA.



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The album was especially created because this year (90 years since the birth of Osamu Tezuka) is 85 years since the birth of Tomita and it is also the 10th anniversary of the release of Hatsune Miku’s voice combining software.


The music which Tomita created for Tezuka’s animations which were broadcast from 1960 to 1970 such as “Ribon no Kishi,” “Jungle Taitei” and “Dororo”will be sung by virtual singers such as Hatsune Miku and Juon Teto and real singers.


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Tezuka Production and Crypton Future Media which created Hatsune Miku will back up the creation of the album. The creation of the album was a challenge because the mixing of the technology which recreates the sound analyzation and harmonic structure and voices of voice actors and direction in order to make the virtual singers sing more smoothly and expressively was all necessary.

Also, Hatsune Miku will appear as a navigator not just as a singer and she will introduce the songs and talk with guests. It is the first time to record the voice of Hatsune Miku acting as a voice actress.


The sound of the album will be produced by the pianist Masahiko Sato who produced the music for Tezuka’s animation movie “Unico” and is also known as a maven in the field of jazz. He will produce the music for the back track and the talk scenes. Moreover, the story structure will be produced by Masaki Tsuji who is a mystery writer.


Tsuji is known as one of the main script writers of the TV animation, “Ribon no Kishi” broadcast in 1967 and will reflect the achievements made by Isao Tomita and Osamu Tezuka.



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The jacket which was released today is a new jacket created by Tezuka Production and Cripton and is a collaborative illustration which includes Tezuka styled Hatsune Miku, Juon Teto, Sappier, the main character of “Ribon no Kishi” and the characters of “Jungle Taitei.”


The collaborative event “Hatsune Miku×Tezuka Osamu Ten – Tomita Isao ga Tsunagu Sekai”is being held from the 1st of July to the 23rd of October at“Takarazukashi Tezuka Osamu Kinenkan” in Takarazukashi, Hyogo Prefecture.



“Tezuka Osamu to Tomita Isao no Ongaku wo Namaenso de”

Masahiko Sato meets Hatsune Miku to Utau Nakamatachi (w Juon Teto)

Release date:September 6th, 2017

※The album can be reserved from July 14th (Fri) at CD shops throughout Japan and online shops.

First edition (goods included): UHQ-CD●COCQ-85371 ¥4,800

Normal edition: UHQ‐CD●COCQ-85372 ¥3,000



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