BE:FIRST’s original podcast and self profile are now available on au Smart Pass Premium

29.November.2021 | MUSIC

au Smart Pass Premium,” which provides entertainment services such as videos, music, books, and live performances at any time on any mobile carrier including au, docomo, SoftBank, is now offering an original podcast and self-profile of BE:FIRST, who made their major label debut on November 3 with the single “Gifted.


JUNON, SHUNTO, and RYUHEI appeared in Part 1 of the original podcast and LEO, RYUHEI, SOTA, and MANATO appeared in Part 2, which was released on November 24.


Following Part 1, they have talked about their debut single Gifted, sharing many hidden stories about the recording and other valuable episodes that are only available here. To celebrate the release of the special content, an instax campaign to win a picture featuring all the members has also started, so please check it out!



  • BE:FIRST Song ‘Bye-Good-Bye’ Becomes Theme Song for Drama Series, Visuals Released

    11.February.2022 | MUSIC

    BE:FIRST just released a new song, Bye-Good-Bye. Not only is the song an instant hit–it has been chosen as the theme song for the morning drama series Sayonara no Sono Mae ni (Before I Say Goodbye). The series will air for 23 episodes from March 1 to March 23 during the ZIP morning program on Nippon TV. 


    A new pastel-toned visual featuring the members has also been released.


    The morning drama tells the story of a meteor headed towards Earth, and of five people’s last days. The show will switch perspectives in each episode Monday through Friday. Each morning, viewers will be greeted with eight minutes of joy and sadness that will surely make an impact. Bye-Good-Bye is packed with BE:FIRST charm and is the perfect way to start the series.


    BE:FIRST Member Comments


    Farewells and partings always happen for a reason, and even if they feel negative in the moment, these meaningful goodbyes are positive and meaningful. This song promises that things will be even more wonderful when we meet again.



    I feel like this song is the brightest of the BE:FIRST songs released so far. It’s catchy, and the lyrics can encourage and inspire anyone and everyone. This is also our first theme song, so I hope that people will enjoy the story and song together!



    I’ve been so excited for this song to be released. Our story and our origin from THE FIRST will never change. The ‘Goodbye’ in the title can feel like a sad word, but we wanted to take all of our emotions from our auditions and everyday life and inject them into this track. This is not goodbye–it’s a fresh start.



    Bye-Good-Bye is a song that tells us that while there are many ways to say goodbye, our goodbye is a positive thing. It means a new start. That’s what BE:FIRST is all about; trying new things. I hope everyone who listens to this song will understand the depth of the word ‘goodbye.’ 



    The song Bye-Good-Bye expresses the positive side of the word ‘goodbye.’ It tells you to say goodbye to your dreams, but only for a moment–as you grow and change, you’ll be able to reach those dreams more easily. Please listen to it!



    While the title may sound sad, this is a positive song. We may travel different paths in the future, but when we meet again after reaching our goals and achieving our dreams, we’ll be happier than ever before. I’m sure that there are parts of the drama that can be linked to our music, and I hope that this song will make the show more emotional for the viewers!



    I’m very happy that this song was chosen as the theme to this drama series. This song is about the goodbyes we all experience. While they are sad, they are also full of gratitude and memories. It’s a positive song that will help you start the day on a high note, so please listen as much as you can!

  • BE:FIRST Releases ‘Brave Generation’ from 2nd Single, Track Ranks #1 on Music Charts

    03.February.2022 | MUSIC

    Boy band BE:FIRST has announced the track Brave Generation to massive fanfare, with the song already taking the top spot on the iTunes General Song Ranking, the LINE MUSIC Real-Time Song Top 100, and the Amazon Digital New Music Ranking. 

    The alternative track produced by KM features distorted guitar riffs and plenty of synths. BE:FIRST intends this to be an emotional fight song that aims to inspire younger generations to overcome the many struggles born during this pandemic era.

    Brave Generation
    will serve as the theme song for ‘JFL presents FOR THE NEXT 2022,’ a joint project by JFL-affiliated radio stations from five cities across Japan (FM NORTH WAVE/J-WAVE/ZIP-FM/FM802/CROSS FM).



    Brave Generation – BE:FIRST Lyric Video

  • BE:FIRST Photo Exhibition “We Just Gifted.” Ver. 2 Opens at Shibuya PARCO

    19.January.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

    In October 2021, boy band BE:FIRST held their first photo exhibition at Shibuya PARCO. Now, a second version of the exhibition is triumphantly returning to the Tokyo venue!


    BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group created during THE FIRST boy band audition. Organized by BMSG, a company founded by popular rapper SKY-HI, the group immediately amassed an army of fans from around the world. The photo exhibition held in Tokyo, Nagoya, and online for three months starting in October attracted over 10,000 visitors. 


    In response to the large demand, the BE:FIRST Photo Exhibition “We Just Gifted.” recently visited Osaka, before returning to Tokyo. The first showing focused heavily on the member’s journey towards a major debut, but now, more than 80% of the photos have been replaced. Since BE:FIRST’s major debut on November 3, the boys have held their first solo concert and fan meetups. Over 200 photos of the members post-debut will be on display.


    The online photo exhibition, which was scheduled to end on January 31, will be extended to coincide with the new exhibition at Shibuya PARCO. Be sure to check it out!


  • BE:FIRST to Appear Regularly on J-Wave Radio Show ‘Spark’ Starting January 2022

    01.January.2022 | MUSIC

    Boy band BE:FIRST will serve as regular Monday hosts on the J-WAVE radio program ‘SPARK’ starting in January 2022. The seven-member dance and vocal group have been incredibly popular since their debut, with their debut song Gifted hitting #7 on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs weekly chart. This will mark the first time that all members of the group will have regular radio roles.


    SPARK is a late-night radio show based on the concept of ‘finding dreams and giving them shape.’ Listeners are invited to submit their artistic works, with hosts and guests giving feedback and helpful interviews to help those trying to achieve their dreams.


    The show also tackles a different project on each day of the week. As BE:FIRST is a singing and dance group, Monday’s show will introduce the member’s musical roots. Guests will also be invited to send in dance videos.

    Comments from BE:FIRST

    I’m extremely happy and nervous at the same time because this is the first time we’ll be starring in a regular radio show.
     I’ll do my best to make this the best show it can be!

    The members of BE:FIRST will be hosting SPARK each Monday starting in January! Thank you so much for the opportunity!
    I can’t wait to share more about our lives, our favorite songs, and our personal lives!

    I’m going to have so much fun hosting SPARK, and I hope that my feelings are contagious. Please tune in!

  • BE:FIRST to Hold Photo Exhibition at Umeda LOFT in Osaka

    13.December.2021 | MUSIC / SPOT

    BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group created during THE FIRST boy band audition. Organized by BMSG, a company founded by popular rapper SKY-HI, the group immediately amassed an army of fans who immediately fell in love with the suave members. The group’s first photo exhibition was held for three months in Tokyo, Nagoya, and online, with more than 10,000 people showing up. 


    Because of the incredible response to the event, a second version is coming to Osaka for a limited time from January 7 until January 23, 2022. The exhibition will feature about 200 photos highlighting their debut, their first solo concert, and other curious moments in their career. Those interested will be able to see the photos online as well!


  • BE:FIRST Photographed for Christmas Posters in New Episode of MUSIC ON! TV

    23.November.2021 | MUSIC

    Since September, the television variety series MUSIC ON! TV has been following the activities of the popular boy band BE:FIRST. This will continue for four consecutive months, and the long-awaited third installment will air on November 25, 2021, with reruns coming in December for those who miss it!


    The BE:FIRST x World Standard segment depicts BE:FIRST’s growth as artists through talks appearances with worldly and wise guests. In the new episode, the group’s members will attempt to pose for a Christmas poster while guided by a world-class photographer, Atsuko Tanaka. Over her career, she has photographed hip-hop artists and celebrities in New York City. 

  • Boy Band BE:FIRST Hits #4 on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs List with ‘Gifted.’

    19.November.2021 | MUSIC

    BE:FIRST, the 7-member boy band created from winners of SKY-HI’s 6-month “THE FIRST” audition, is making a splash around the world. Their debut track Gifted, released on November 3, has ranked #4 on the US Billboard Hot Trending Songs 24-hour chart, and #9 on the weekly chart.


    Gifted. – BE:FIRST Music Video



    The Hot Trending Songs chart is rather new, powered by Twitter and first announced starting October 22 by Billboard and sponsored by Remy Martin. The chart tracks global music trends and conversations on Twitter in real-time and announces the top tracks for both periods of 24 hours and the past seven days, from Friday to Thursday each week. The chart itself is unique, as it doesn’t track what people are listening to–it tracks what people are talking about. This means new releases, award shows, festival highlights, nostalgic songs, and more are included. 


    Gifted was ranked #1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, and #3 on the Weekly Streaming Number by Artist chart in Japan.


    BE:FIRST has made a spectacular debut, with each member showcasing incredible quality and potential in the realms of singing, dancing, and rapping, as well as songwriting, composition, and choreography. There’s no doubt that these guys can take over the world.


    *As measured by the U.S. Billboard Hot Trending Songs 24-hour chart (November 14) and the 7-day chart (November 15)

  • BE:FIRST First Solo Concert to Stream Exclusively on the Hulu Store

    01.November.2021 | MUSIC

    BE:FIRST, the 7-member boy’s group created from winners of SKY-HI’s 6-month “THE FIRST” audition, will make their debut on November 3 with the single Gifted. On November 5, the group will hold its first-ever solo concert. This milestone will be available to watch live exclusively on the Hulu Store and will be available for a week after the live stream. 


    The group is made up of members SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI, and LEO. The music video for their song Shining One has been viewed more than 10 million times in the past two weeks, making this one group to keep an eye on!



  • Boy Band BE:FIRST Celebrates Debut by Becoming the Managers of Shibuya’s Tsutaya

    28.October.2021 | MUSIC / SPOT

    BE:FIRST, scheduled to make their debut on November 3, will serve as the managers of Shibuya’s Tsutaya location for a limited time. Visitors can enjoy some exclusive privileges and see special videos only at this location during the event. 


    The group was assembled during BMSG’s ‘THE FIRST’ audition and will release their first single Gifted next month. The sales floor of Shibuya’s Tsutaya location will be decorated to celebrate, with huge panels of each member lining the aisles and a huge monitor showing videos of the band. 

    Those who purchase the Gifted single at this location will be given a special Store Manager member card (7 varieties) at random. Those who purchase the CD from the Shibuya Tsutaya official online store will also receive this special gift!



    28.October.2021 | MUSIC

    Members Sota, Manato, and Leo from the boy band BE:FIRST will make a special appearance on the radio/podcast program ‘TOPPAN INNOVATION WORLD ERA’ on October 31! The boys will talk about their experiences in the group, and discuss the future of BE:FIRST in the music world. 


    BE:FIRST previously performed at ‘J-WAVE INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2021 supported by CHINTAI,’ a festival of technology and music held on October 9 and 10, 2021. 


    On the October 31 broadcast, the three performers will also share stories from behind the scenes at the recent event, as well as the possibility of AR live events becoming normalized in the future. They will also share personal stories about their entry into the celebrity world. Their live performances from the event will be streamed during the show, and those overseas can listen on J-WAVE’s podcast site SPINEAR. Fans of the boy band won’t want to miss it!

  • Boy Band BE:FIRST to Hold First Photo Exhibition

    21.October.2021 | MUSIC / SPOT

    BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group created during THE FIRST boy band audition. Organized by BMSG, a company founded by popular rapper SKY-HI, the group immediately amassed an army of fans who immediately fell in love with the member’s incredible perseverance and passion during the audition program.


    Original Merchandise

    Long Sleeve T-Shirt: ¥5,800

    Hand Towel: ¥900

    Rubber Keychain: ¥700



    To commemorate the group’s major debut on November 3, PARCO will play host to the ‘BE:FIRST Photo Exhibition “We Just Gifted” event starting on October 22 in Shibuya and November 13 in Nagoya. The showing will feature unreleased photos and videos of the audition process, and original merchandise and materials will only be available at the event. There are plans for an online photo exhibition and regional tour in the future, so keep an eye out for details!


  • Winning Group of SKY-HI Audition BE:FIRST Releases Pre-Debut Track

    19.August.2021 | MUSIC

    BE:FIRST, the 7-member boy’s group created from winners of SKY-HI’s 6-month “THE FIRST” audition, has released their pre-debut song titled Shining One. Initially, the song was performed at the final screening of the audition process. 


    The group is made up of members SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI and LEO. Hip-hop group m-flo’s ☆Taku Takahashi, who initially produced the track, added some finishing touches to this official release. 


    The BE:FIRST version of Shining One hit #1 on iTunes, LINE Music, Rakuten Music, AWA’s trending list, mora, and mu-mo. The group credits the success of the track to a blend of incredible quality, creativity, and artistry. 


    The BE:FIRST version of the track and an accompanying music video were released on August 16. Performed against a white backdrop, the members perform impeccably, and the video has been a hot topic on social media since its release. Following their final audition, the members were tasked with learning a new dance in only 30 minutes, after which they were immediately filmed performing on stage. If you pay attention, you can see bits and pieces of this incredible choreography!



    BE:FIRST Shining One Music Video


    What do you think of this new group?