Kawaii Totoro Figure Collection to go on Sale at Donguri Republic♡

25.July.2017 | FASHION

Donguri Republic, the shop selling all things Studio Ghibli, are introducing some new Totoro figures to their shelves in Japanese stores and online. They will go on sale from September 15th this year and come in all different kinds of poses.

This cute collection comes with 6 figures of everyone’s favourite Totoro, all in varying poses. Although, one of the poses is a secret. Each of them will make wherever you decide to put them that much livelier, whether at home or at work. You’ll feel safe and better knowing that your big friend Totoro is watching over you.

The figures will be available from September 15th. And if you buy all 6, including the secret Totoro, you’ll get an electric lamp figure (above), as seen in the movie, completely free to go with your Totoro.


Turn your home into a world of Ghibli with your best friend, Totoro!



Totoro Pose Collection (Standing / Raining / Napping / Umbrella Flying / Flying / *Secret*)
Price: ¥780 (tax excluded)
Material: PVC

Donguri Republic Store List: http://www.benelic.com/service/donguri.php
Donguri Republic Online Shop : http://www.donguri-sora.com


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